Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for Xbox 360

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for Xbox 360

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ


1) Gameplay Primer

Basic Controls (360)
A: Run/Jump
B: Stun
X: Attack
Y: Counter/Context Action
LT: Aim
LB: Detective Mode
RT: Crouch/Fire Gadget
RB: Grapple/Alternate Fire
LS: Movement
RS: Camera
D-Pad: Select Gadget

Basic Controls (PS3)
X: Run/Jump
O: Stun
Square: Attack
Triangle: Counter/Context Action
L1: Aim
L2: Detective Mode
R1: Crouch/Fire Gadget
R2: Grappling Hook/Alternate Fire
LS: Movement
RS: Camera
D-Pad: Select Gadget

2) Main Quest

2.1) Welcome to Arkham City

After a few opening scenes, you’ll begin the game as Bruce Wayne, tied up in a chair. Instead of just sitting here watching the telly, move the left stick back and forth to wobble the chair and free yourself. A guard will rush in. Press Y/Triangle to counter his attack (and get a little something for your trouble), before you are beaten into submission by the next guard, who pushes you into the next area.

As you pass through the next room, you’ll be threatened by some of the other prisoners, then ordered by the guard to go to the line on your left. Do as he says, and on your way you’ll get a glimpse of the villain Black Mask on your right. You’ll briefly encounter Dr. Strange again before being added to the party entering Arkham City.

When the door opens, you’ll have some thugs to fight while stuff handcuffed. You can still counter their attacks with Y / Triangle. When the others are down, go over to the thug attacking poor Jack Ryder and hit him with X / Square. (Note: The button commands are in the format Xbox/PS3. The X button on PS3 is not the attack button.) You’ll save the poor guy only to be unavoidably brought down by a thug.

When you awake, you’ll be face to face with the Penguin. He’ll throw a punch, which you can counter, causing his men to attack you. During one of your counters, Wayne will break free from his handcuffs, allowing you to fight at full strength. As you attack and counter, you will build up a FreeFlow multiplier that will increase with each hit. Once you’re in FreeFlow, your attacks will go further to home in on targets. If you stop attacking, miss with an attack or counter, or take a hit, the FreeFlow will end and the multiplier will reset.

The Penguin threatens you after you take out his goons, but you can take him down with a single punch. Now, press A / X to climb the nearby ladder. From up here, hold A/X to run and jump across the vent, allowing you to climb up to the roof. Bruce will contact Alfred from here.

New Objective: Reach the top of the ACE building

Jump to the building with a running start and you’ll catch the ledge. While you’re hanging there, shimmy over the right to reach an area you can climb up to. Next, there’ll be a space behind the sign you’ll need to crouch (RT / R1) to pass through. Now there’ll be a ledge you need to hang down from (RT+A / R1+X), so that you can shimmy around to the right and climb back up. Now you just have to runn and jump to clear the gap to the air vent, then climb the ladder to reach the roof. Here, approach the pod and “Suit Up.” This will unlock the achievement/trophy, I’m Batman (10G) . Now, using the decoder and select the orange area, holding A/X to decode the signal.

2.2) Save Catwoman from Two-Face

New Objective: Locate and enter Two-Face’s Courthouse

Glide down to the rooftop near the courthouse, where you can also find your first RIDDLER TROPHY . To open the case containing the trophy, simply press the nearby button and run over to grab the trophy within two seconds. Walk across the girder, and glide across to the balcony (by holding A / X after jumping) to avoid Two-Face’s henchmen on the ground below. Note that, as Batman, you can look toward nearly any ledge and press RB / R2 to grapple up to it.

Enter the courthouse and watch the scene unfolding below. Climb up the ladder at the end of this hall and press Y / Triangle to take out the guard silently. Move onto the tightrope to nimbly walk across it like Sly Cooper. Target an enemy, then press X / Square to perform a takedown from above. Now you’ll have to fight Two-Face’s goons while he shoots at you from above.

Now that you are Batman, your fighting moves have been greatly expanded. You can press a direction and double tap A / X to jump over an opponent in that direction. If you stun a target with B / O first, jumping over them will also knock them to the ground. Once an enemy has been knocked down but is not yet unconscious, you can hold RT / R1 and press Y / Triangle to finish him off. However, if you’re attacked while performing this coup de grace, you will be unable to counter and taking the hit will interrupt the move.

Finishing everyone off will earn you the Acid Bath (10G) achievement (or trophy).

2.3) Interrogate Joker

New Objective: Scan the crime scene for ballistic evidence.

Press LB to enter detective mode. First, scan the bullet in the center of the room. Next, scan the window with a bullet hole. This will allow you to determine where the shot originated from.

New Objective: Locate the source of the sniper shot.

Exit the courthouse through the top door. Eliminate these foes if you want a little experience, then grapple up to the building with someone standing on top. Throw a Batarang at this Mysterious Watcher, and he will catch it, earning you the Catch (5G) achievement/trophy. Approach him, and he will speak to you, then disappear and leave a mark on the ground. Scan this mark with LB to unlock Side Mission: Watcher in the Wings.

Head to the church door. You can use the nearby gargoyles to literally get the drop on the guards. Harley Quinn will attack you inside. Counter her hit, then wait and watch things play out. Once she leaves, press Y to drop a smoke pellet and RB to grapple up to the nearby gargoyle.

Now move by grappling from one gargoyle to the next. When Batman makes note of the goon with a hostage, grapple over to the closest gargoyle, then glide down to the platform above him. While standing directly above him, press Y for a silent takedown. Once he’s down, immediately grapple back up to the gargoyle. Go around the room by grappling to get behind the two men next to each other. Drop down and press Y / Triangle from behind them to take them both down at once. The final guy is in a box. You can locate him with LB / L2. Drop down behind the box and press Y (or Triangle) to take him down through the wood paneling. You’ll unlock the achievement/trophy, Savior (10G).

You will now have Smoke Pellet, which you can use like your other tools by holding LT (L1) and pressing RT (R1) to throw or RB to drop the smoke pellet. Y (Triangle) will allow you to quickly drop one while under fire. You’ll also now be able to purchase the upgrade, Batclaw Disarm, when you level up. Talk to Aaron Cash, who’ll be standing by the exit door. Afterward, enter the door with a “Bell Tower” sign next to it. Grapple up to the top of the tower and take the ladder to enter a separate area.

Use LB (L2) to investigate the rifle. After a brief conversation, run toward the window and double tap A (X) to fly out of it. (You’ll land near RIDDLER TROPHY 5.) Follow the Joker’s signal trace, or just head the Steel Mill in the industrial district. On the way, the AR Training sidequest will unlock. Follow the signal to the roof of the mill.

New Obective: Access the Sionis Steel Mill through the main chimney

Grapple up to the chimney to automatically dive into it and land on a tightrope. Glide over to the safe ground across from you. Slide under the break. Climb over the pipes. Enter detective mode, then use the Batclaw to pull open the valve and cool the furnace.

Hang from the ledge with RT+A (R2+X), shimmy around to the left, and climb up. Climb out on the railing like Sly Cooper, then jump across to the other rail by holding A (X) and pushing in that direction. Climb across this rail to the other side. Use explosive gel on the ground here to break through it, then drop down.

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Crouchwalk under the pipe in front of you. Use the Batarang to hit the button above you and to the right to turn off the steam. Climb up into the opening. This will earn you the Chimney Sweep (10G) achievement/trophy.

You’ll see a gathering of Joker’s goons through the fence ahead. Go around to the right, wait for the fire to abate (as it does every few seconds), then proceed past it. You come upon a steam vent blocking the way up to a RIDDLER TROPHY , but it can’t be reached yet. You can mark it on your map by holding RB (R2).

To your right, you’ll come to a fork. The left path leads to three buttons that you need to press by quickthrowing Batarangs with LT (L1) in quick succession. This will open up the right path.

From here, you can perform a takedown on a thug from below, then fight the rest.Some will try to throw furniture at you. Press Y (Triangle) while the furniture is in the air to catch it and throw it back. Doing this three times is one of the Riddler Challenges.

New Objective: Save the doctor from Joker’s thugs

Go through the door with “Death Ride” sloppily written above it.Here, there’ll be a RIDDLER TROPHY you can’t get yet. Mark it by holding RB (R2) and come back to it later. There’s also a CATWOMAN TROPHY next to it, which you can mark if you have the Catwoman DLC. Go through the next door.

Instead of going through the door ahead, hit the button on the conveyer belt and crawl under the door that opens. Grapple up from here and walk out to a room with three thugs. Grapple up to a vantage point to avoid detection.

You can move to the vantage point behind them, then take out the one on the right with a Silent Takedown and the two on the left with a Double Takedown. Enter the next room behind these thugs, either through the door or by jumping through the window. Your choice.

Open the next double door and go through.You can take down the two ahead with a Double Takedown. Head to the left and either take the guy downstairs out with a Silent Takedown or do it from the grate beneath him. You can take out the fifth guy from above without the hostage-holder seeing you. To get to the hostage, use the air vent outside the room and take him down from behind. Rescue Dr. Baker and talk to her. You’ll receive the Remote Electrical Charge.

New Objective: Break into Joker’s office in the Loading Bay

Shoot the generators above the indicated doors to open them. Grapple up and enter the air vent. Take these four guys out. You can now use the Remote Electric Charge in battle as a stun weapon (LT+B to quickfire, or L1+O on PS3). Head back through the next few areas until you reach the area where Joker locked himself up.

Shoot the generator here. Alternate between RB and RT (R1 and R2) to change the direction the hook is pulled in. Get it moving in a pendulum motion with enough momentum, and it’ll crash through the door, allowing you to then pull the door off its hinges by shooting the generator with RT (R2).

Grapple up to the door. Now you’ll have to fight Mister Hammer, a mini-boss clown with a hammer and one arm. Stun him with the Remote Electric Charge to make him vulnerable to attack while causing him to spin wildly and hit the other enemies around him.

Be careful not to stun him when you’re too close, though, as his dizzy spin can hit you too. While he’s dizzy, you can unleash a flurry of punches on him, but be sure to stop and counter if another enemy attacks you. Beating him earns you an achievement for hammering the point home, One-Armed Bandit (10G). Now grapple up to Joker and Harley.You’ll end up back in the city after a scene.

2.4) Rescue Mr. Freeze

New Objective: Track Freeze’s location by identifying the coldest point in Arkham City

You’ll have to use the Climate Analyzer to find Mr. Freeze, or you could just head to the old GCPD building, which is where that would lead you anyway. Use the REC to hit the generator and open the metal door, then slide under it. There’s a RIDDLER TROPHY (#24) that you can get downstairs. Grab the radio here and hack Penguin’s radio frequency, then enter the door to the GCPD proper. You can enter the room on the left via the grate, but there’s nothing in there you can use at the moment.

Up in the catwalks, there’s a RIDDLER TROPHY . Another one in the second cell, but you need the municipal codes first. There’s also a vent you can use to stealthily access the next area. The enemies here have heartbeat monitors, so when you take one out, the rest will be on alert. The last goon will surrender. Walk up and press Y (Triangle) to interrogate him.

New Objective: Rescue Mr. Freeze from Penguin in the Museum

When you try to leave, you will be locked in, and you will need to download the city municipal codes. You can now go through the floor panel into the next room and use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the terminal to open the door. To use the sequencer, simply rotate the left stick to the point where part of the message locks into place, then do the same with the right stick. Yay, the door is now hacked. You can also get a RIDDLER TROPHY in a cell.

Now head to the museum. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the door. When you get inside, you’ll be facing enemies with swords. New move: when a target attacks with a yellow counter indicator, press away on the Left Stick and Y (Triangle) AND HOLD to perform a blade dodge. Following the battle, going forward will bring down a cage door that bars progress. Behind the wooden wall on the left, there’s a RIDDLER TROPHY here that you can get by quickfiring a Batarang at each switch. Break through the window on the right and try hack the terminal

New Objective: Disable Penguin’s communication disrupters

Head outside and go to the locations of the disrupters indicated by your Disruptor Signal Tracker. It’s on top of the museum. There’s a gun case on the left that the guards will try to access once alerted. Don’t let them reach it, obviously. When they’re all down, disable the signal tracker by destroying all three of its terminals.

The next tracker is on a rooftop north of the Bowery. There are four gun-toting guards, so be careful. Again, be sure to destroy all three terminals on the tracker.

New Objective: Disable Penguin’s Final Communications Disruptor underground

To reach this jammer, you’ll have to enter the subway system east of the museum. The first two guys talking about the jammer are facing away, making for an easy double takedown. There’s a RIDDLER TROPHY in this area that you can hack to get to, but you need to disable the jammer first. There’s also a CATWOMAN TROPHY to mark and return for as Catwoman, and a vent nearby that leads to an area with a floor that can be destroyed with explosive gel to reach a RIDDLER TROPHY . When you go down the stairs that the two thugs were guarding, take a right.

In the next room, there’s a RIDDLER TROPHY under the grates (use first person to see it). Now head to the left (either by ground or through the grates) and climb up to the nearby ledge. To enter this area, you’ll need to slide under one pipe and jump over the next. Break through the wooden wall on the right. From there, take a left to pick up a RIDDLER TROPHY , which will unlock Subway concept art.

Now head back and take a left instead after breaking the wooden wall. Go down into the subway cars and look around in Detective Mode for a question mark to line up, which you can scan for the solution to the riddle, “This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?” Then climb up onto the subway car and duck under the pipes. You may notice a few guards on the right guarding a TITAN container, which you need to destroy for the Fragile Alliance sidequest. There’s also a mural here that will answer a Riddler riddle: “Coming back from the dead is cheating any day of the week,” and unlock an Arkham City story: Buried on a Sunday (1 of 2).

There’s also a destructible concrete wall opposite the mural, leading to a RIDDLER TROPHY that’s a bit tricky to get, as you’ll have to stay on the button and hit all three switches in the ceiling of the nearby subway car within 8 seconds. The first trick to this is hitting the furthest one first, and the second trick is to use boost to approach the switch and then slow down to hit it. The trophy will unlock the Battle in the Subway concept art. There’s also a Riddler puzzle room with 3 RIDDLER TROPHIES unlocked by hacking a terminal. However, the floor will become electrified once the terminal is hacked and the cases are opened. To outsmart the Riddler this time, you’ll need to come back with the Line Launcher Tightrope upgrade, and stay up on the tightrope until the electrification subsides, so mark these until then. When you’re done in that area, return to the room with the mural and use the REC to raise the door on the left.

When you enter this room, mark the CATWOMAN TROPHY above you for collection later. Use the vent and then grapple up to the vantage point above so that you can get the drop on these guys, but still be careful, as they’re all armed. Try taking them down one by one with stealth before the battle starts, and throw a smoke ball to escape if you’re seen. You can also interrogate a Riddler crony here for some Subway secrets. Finally, destroy the jammer’s three terminals. You’ll get Communication Breakdown.

There’s a RIDDLER TROPHY in a vent under the stairs that you can get while sneaking around, and another RIDDLER TROPHY reachable by a grate upstairs (or by breaking a wooden wall). There’s a wooden wall on the west wall concealing another RIDDLER TROPHY , which will unlock the Subway Terminal concept art. There’s also a platform just next to this wall, leading to a room with a terminal you can hack to unlock a fourth RIDDLER TROPHY . A fifth trophy is on the ceiling in one of the subway cars, which you can reach with the Batclaw. There’s one more RIDDLER TROPHY behind a fence that you’ll just have to mark and return for. The poster for Santa Prisca will solve the riddle “It’s vacation time. Where should I go? Somewhere venomous?” and unlock the TITAN on the Streets Arkham City story.

There’s a door in this room leading to a few extras you might want to make note of. Inside and on the right, there’s REC door with one RIDDLER TROPHY . On the left is a gap and a RIDDLER TROPHY you can only get if you have the Cryptographic Range Amplifier. If you do have the amplifier, hack the box and grab the trophy with the Batclaw. Otherwise, mark it and come back for it later.

On the way out, don’t forget to hack the terminal you couldn’t earlier and get the trophy it protects. You’ll also get the Identity Theft subquest if you head to the latest batcomputer update. Now head back to the museum and hack the terminal you couldn’t hack before.

Now you can enter the museum, and be sure to destroy any penguins you see with Batarangs for Riddler Challenges. Ignore the dinosaur that attacks you; it’s harmless. Head left from the dinosaur to a room with a RIDDLER TROPHY on a stack of boxes. Ascend to the RIDDLER TROPHY on the platform far above the dinosaur, then descend to take down the three blade-wielding foes on the lower level. One is armored, so you’ll have to talk him down by stunning him (with your cape or the REC) and then pressing X (Square) repeatedly for a beatdown. Alternatively, if you purchased Blade Dodge Takedown, you can bring them all down in one hit with that move. When they’re finished, scan The Ventriloquist’s puppet in the case for the answer to the riddle, “Who’s in control here? The puppet or the puppeteer?” and an Arkham City story: Scarface (1 of 2). There’s also a vent above the case, leading to a RIDDLER TROPHY you can’t acquire until you return with the Disruptor to disable this turret (it unlocks the Solomon Grundy trophy). Speak to their hostage, Officer Jones, for an addition to your mission.

New Objective: Rescue the remaining undercover GCPD officers in the Museum

Through the next corridor, slide under the gate to your left and use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the panel behind the bars ahead. This will allow you to collect a RIDDLER TROPHY . Now head back and go through the door to the next area.

Ignore the sign saying “New Recruits This Way” for now and head the other way, to the left. Use the REC to open the gate here for a RIDDLER TROPHY . There’s also another RIDDLER TROPHY above you that you’ll need the Line Launcher to get, and a CATWOMAN TROPHY right next to it. Now follow the sign, and Batman will basically tell you the answer to this puzzle: use a Remote-Controlled Batarang to fly over this barrier and hit the button on the opposite side to grant you passage. Ahead, scan the picture for the answer to the riddle, “Was he framed, or does it run in the family?” and the Arkham City story, The Cobblepot Feud (4 of 5). Continue to the Gladiator Pit and watch a cutscene.

Now you’ll be forced to fight a room full of thugs. Fortunately, you’ll be able to counter pretty much constantly and work up a good combo, so it’s not as hard as it looks. When they’re all down, there’ll be another scene, and you’ll have to fight a much larger TITAN enemy. Like with the hammer foe before, you can’t counter his hits. To beat him, hit with stun attacks three times to inflict a super stun. Now beat him down with punches until Batman jumps on the TITAN’s back. At this point, a lot of normal enemies will flood in, but you’ll temporarily have control of the TITAN. The TITAN has a normal attack (X / Square), a charge attack (A / X), and a shockwave attack (B / O). After a while, you’ll be thrown off, and you’ll have to perform another super stun and beatdown on the TITAN to get back on. Repeat this until the TITAN goes down for good, earning you the Gladiator (10G) achievement (or trophy).

You can tag a RIDDLER TROPHY through one of the gates, but you can’t get it yet. Instead, throw a Remote-Controlled Batarang up to where Penguin was standing and then curve to the left, back down the stairs, to hit a button that will open one of the gates. As you go through, note a hackable terminal on your right. This will allow you to access the elevator. Get on the elevator and use the REC to make it go up, then use explosive gel to destroy the ceiling and climb up.

Blow through the next wall with your gel and you’ll be on the upper level. Use the Batclaw to pull open the hatch on the wall for a RIDDLER TROPHY . Then hack the terminal by the balcony to turn off the electric fences. Head through the door up here with the green “EXIT” sign. Break through the ice with gel for another scene.

CATWOMAN TROPHY to mark on your right. Drop down onto the ice and enter Detective Mode. From here, try to align the two parts of the question mark to complete the riddle, “This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?” Walk out slowly onto the ice and turn around to open another hatch with your Batclaw to get a RIDDLER TROPHY . Now, slowly approach Officer Forrester and free him. After talking to him, head back to where he was frozen and use Detective Mode to identify his two comrades on your right. To reach them, knock the hanging platform down with a Batarang, then pull it to you with the Batclaw. Stand on the floating platform and use the Batclaw to pull yourself to a hook near Officer Whitman so that you can free him. Do the same for Officer Strickland. Climb up the ladder to the entrance to another room.

Before entering this room, open the gate behind it with the REC to access a room with a RIDDLER TROPHY . To open the trophy case, simply watch the pattern of flashing switches and shoot one while its lit up. This unlocks the Natural Selection challenge map. In the next room, there are guards with thermal imaging headsets, who will be able to spot you even if you’re hiding in a vantage point. If you save the Riddler henchman for last, you can interrogate him for the locations of secrets in the Museum area. Talk to Officer Miller.

If you break the wooden wall on the upper level, there’s a RIDDLER TROPHY behind it. You can then drop down and take out one lone guard, then disappear into the grates underneath, where there is a RIDDLER TROPHY at the end. This trophy unlocks the Penguin Thugs character trophy. Above the trophy, there’s a vent cover you can pull down with the Batclaw and enter. There’s a RIDDLER TROPHY behind a steam vent for you to mark until you get the Freeze Blast (it unlocks the New Penguin’s Henchmen concept art). There’s also a RIDDLER TROPHY on the underside of the bridge, next to a terminal you need to hack to get it. This will get you Cyrus Pinkey National Institute for History: Main Exhibition Hall concept art. In the corner, there’s another RIDDLER TROPHY behind a caged door you need to hack to open, which gives you the Undercover Cops character trophy. Finally, scan the case with three skeletons covering their sensory organs to get the answer to the riddle, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, or there will be explosive consequences,” and The Cobblepot Feud (5 of 5).

Now head south across the ice and grapple up to the ledge there. Hack the terminal here to reach the three morons hiding behind the security system ahead, then enter the war room.

The last exhibit on the left wall is a hyena exhibit that is also the answer to the Riddler’s riddle for the area: “Have Joker’s pets laughed themselves to death, or just eaten too much?” Answering the riddle will unlock the Arkham City Story, “Holding Grudges (1 of 3).” Slide under the gate and attempt to put gel on the stone wall, only for another one-armed foreign man with a sickle to punch through the wall and attack you. (Note that one of the one-armed men has a hammer, and the other has a sickle.) This fight is basically the same as the Mr. Hammer fight: you can hurt him by stunning him first with the REC and then beating him down. He’ll even hit other enemies with a spin, but this can be a double-edged sword, as one of these guys is working for the Riddler and you’ll want to save him for last so you can get some Museum secrets on your map.

Behind the stone wall is another RIDDLER TROPHY blocked by a steam vent, so mark it (it holds the Ra’s al Ghul character trophy). There’s also a TITAN container back here to blow up for Bane’s sidequest. Scan the poster of the hammer and sickle brothers for a riddle answer and the Abromovichi Twins (2 of 2) Arkham City story. Hack the terminal for a scene with Mr. Freeze. In the case where he was held, there’s a RIDDLER TROPHY that will get you Mr. Freeze’s character trophy as well.

New Objective: Collect the security override from Freeze’s suit to disable the Freeze Gun

Head back to the area with Mr. Freezes’s suit and get Disruptor: Freeze Override. Note that directly on top of the suit case is a CATWOMAN TROPHY .

New Objective: Confront Penguin in the Iceberg Lounge

You can finally head to the Iceberg Lounge. The ice will have melted, so you’ll have to pull your platform across. At one point, Tiny the shark will attack you. Simply beat him down a little to put him in his place. Now grapple up and note the RIDDLER TROPHY in the water on the left (unlocks Two-Face and his Crew concept art), then enter the Iceberg Lounge proper. Penguin will fire ice blasts at you, but just avoid them and circle around behind him. Approach as far as he’ll let you, then aim the disruptor at him and hold down the fire button while you walk toward him. When you reach him, knock him down with a good punch. This will trigger a scene.

Afterward, you’ll have to battle Solomon Grundy. Thing about this guy is, he’s immortal. To beat him, you’ll need to plant explosive gel (LT+X / L1+Square) on each of the three generators to destroy them, weakening Grundy and allowing you to get a beatdown attack in on him. Penguin won’t give up, however, and will supercharge the generators to make Grundy even uglier and stronger. Destroy them again, this time making sure their open when you detonate them so you can damage them. When all three are destroyed, go in for another beatdown on Grundy, then press X (Square) to finish him. For this, you’ll get an achievement/trophy, Wrecking Ball (25G)

It’s not over yet! You have to destroy all three generators one last time. Grundy now has a shockwave attack that you’ll need to jump over, and electric bugs will attack you that you’ll need to kill with Batarangs (tap LT / L1). When the generators are destroyed, you can beat down Grundy and finish him off for good. Now you’ll have to fight Penguin, and he’s wielding a grenade launcher. Avoid the grenades while approaching Penguin, then beat him down.

2.5) Locate Ra’s al Ghul

New Objective: Scan the assassin’s blood to create a forensics trail to track her down

Enter Detective Mode and scan the bloodstain on the floor. Exit the museum and enter Detective Mode again, following the traces of blood to your left. The blood trail will ultimately lead you to a rooftop just south of the “P” in “Park Row” on your map, so you can just head there. Try to use the evidence scan on the bandages left here, and you’ll be attacked.

Now you’ll have the obligatory rooftop chase scene. Stay on the assassin’s heels and don’t let her out of your sight, or it’s game over. You won’t need to chase her for more than a minute or two before she turns around and tries to fight you. At this point, press Y to plant the tracking device. After a brief cutscene, you will receive a new gadget: the Line Launcher.

New Objective: Follow assassin using tracker device to locate Ra’s al Ghul.

You’ll have to head all the way around the map to the location of the tracking device, a big hole in the ground right outside the Steel Mill. Drop down and go through the sewer system. Note that there are several Joker teeth in this area, which you can destroy with Batarangs to complete Riddler Challenges.

Jump over the first hole and go through the gate in front of you. Ahead, there’s an unreachable RIDDLER TROPHY to tag. To the right, there’s a button you can hit with a Remote-Controlled Boomerang through a gap in the bars, causing Killer Croc to appear and speak to you, but nothing will happen. To the left, glide over the room and grapple up to the opposite side for a RIDDLER TROPHY you can actually collect. Now drop down to fight two regular goons and one with armor. Remember, you’ll need to stun him first to hurt him with punches.

Proceed through the sewer, and the path will be divided between left and right. To your left are three RIDDLER TROPHIES, but if you stand on the button and hit the switch, you’ll be trapped in the chamber as it fills with deadly gas. Instead, mark these trophies and go to the right path, which you can now cross using the Line Launcher. You need to turn to the left and fire the Line Launcher a second time as you pass the exit on your left, or you’ll be delivered to a dead end. There’s also a RIDDLER TROPHY across from here and a CATWOMAN TROPHY to tag on the ceiling.

Continue and you’ll find a wood section of the floor that you can perform a takedown through, though you’ll end up surrounded by enemies once you drop down. There’s a gun box that you’ll want to keep the enemies away from. You’ll also want to be ready to blade dodge, as some of the guys here are armed with broken glass bottles. If you save the Riddler henchman for last, you can interrogate him for the locations of more secrets in the sewer area. To open the bulkheads here, hack the nearby terminal. Doing so seems to also unlock the Line Launcher Tightrope upgrade for purchase, which will allow you to reach many of the Riddler Trophies you’ve had to pass up so far. Hopefully you marked them!

You’ll now find yourself in a familiar-looking area: it’s the subway station where you destroyed one of the penguin’s transmitters. Go through the door on the north wall of the lower floor to reach an area you couldn’t pass before, as it was a gap you couldn’t traverse. Things are different now, though, thanks to the Line Launcher, which allows you to easily pass this minor obstacle. If you turn around after crossing the water, you’ll see a RIDDLER TROPHY in the water, but its frozen and impossible to grab with the Batclaw, so you’ll have to tag it. Grapple up to the ledge and go through the door (once you’ve destroyed the pair of Joker teeth clattering about up here, of course).

In the next room, if you look for a room high above you on the left, there’s a RIDDLER TROPHY that unlocks the Hell’s Gate challenge. Continue through the hall, and you reach a point where there’s a large gap on your left and a window ahead. Bust through the window and look on the wall behind you for a RIDDLER TROPHY . Here’s the problem: the cage only opens when you’re not in the room, so you’ll have to approach this problem from a different angle. Blow through the concrete wall with gel, though you can’t go through because of the fencing. Instead, head back and cross the gap outside the window with the Line Launcher.

These guards are so dense, they haven’t noticed the destruction of the concrete wall, nor do they seem to ever notice when you zip right past them on the Line Launcher. Two of them have guns, so if you have the Firearm Jammer upgrade for the disruptor, you can take cover around the corner and disable both the guards’ guns before the fight even starts. The only other concern during the fight is the lightly armored foe, as you’ll have to stun him before you can hurt him with your attacks. After the fight, zip across from where the guards were to another RIDDLER TROPHY in an isolated room. This will unlock the Rooftop Rumble challenge map.

Now for the solution to the previous Riddler puzzle. Instead of zipping back to the room where you fought the enemies, zip straight across to an isolated platform. If you blew through the concrete wall in the window before, you should be able to fire the Batclaw through that window from here to get the trophy, which will also unlock the Street Justice campaign. Now you can head back to the main path, the double doors in the room with the thugs you fought. There’s also a hacking terminal over by the bulkhead, but you can’t hack it yet.

Through the doors, you’ll be above a room with several armed foes. If you enter Detective Mode, you’ll notice that you can’t scan the room for targets the way you normally can. Detective Mode will still indicate the location of the guy with the jammer, whom you can approach from above and eliminate to remove this annoying restriction. If you save the Riddler henchman for last, you can interrogate him for secret locations in Wonder City. Then you can rescue Fiona Wilson and talk to her. Behind the door in the same area where you took her is a room with a RIDDLER TROPHY , but you need to come through from the other side of this area to get it, so just mark it for now.

Back in the room where you rescued the doctor, there’s a concrete wall on the east side with a RIDDLER TROPHY behind it. There’s another RIDDLER TROPHY sitting on the bottom floor, in the southeast corner. There’s a RIDDLER TROPHY you can’t get yet on the south wall because you don’t have the TYGER encryption protocols, so tag that one. Finally, a TITAN container needs blowing up if you’re helping Bane with his sidequest. Scan the globe in the center of the room for the solution to the riddle, “Crime is a global issue. You’ll never stop it, Batman.” Now you can take the door to the north, leading to Wonder City.

After a brief first-person scene, use the REC to open the bulkhead doors. After the second one, you will be attacked by three ninjas! Some of their hits can be countered, while others can be evaded with blade dodge. They will be easy to defeat if you have mastered the Blade Dodge Takedown, as you can finish each of them quickly this way. You can open this door by destroying the concrete on the floor, then using the REC on the generator beneath it. When you pass through, you’ll receive the achievement Lost and Found (10G) for reaching Wonder City.

There’s a RIDDLER TROPHY in a crib with a skeleton leaning over it, creepily enough. There’s also a RIDDLER TROPHY in an upper level room here. To get it, you must use the Line Launcher to zip between the three buttons connected to the case without landing on the ground. Now approach the main door, and Batman will prompt you to scan the nearby robot. Now you’ll have to go around and scan all the robots in this area, using Detective Mode to find them. When you scan the one in the glass case, two ninjas will appear and attack you. The same thing happens when you scan the robot in the room above the RIDDLER TROPHY room.

When you’ve assembled the data from all the robots, you’ll have a video showing you the location of the secret entrance, a brick wall just to the left of the sealed door. Approach it and activate the secret panel. A convenient assassin will attack you, so counter her blow to knock her out and open the secret door. Ahead, there’s a concrete wall blocking a RIDDLER TROPHY . To get it, run back through Wonder City to the Riddler switch on the opposite side of the wall and plant explosive gel on it, then denotate it from the trophy case’s location to pick it up, netting you the League of Assassins concept art.

There’s another RIDDLER TROPHY further along, but the only way to it is to slide under a doorway with a mine, so mark it for now and come back when you get the Mine Detonator upgrade from the Remote Hideaway sidequest. Continue to the ladder, and when you reach the top, you’ll see a scene. Walk through the doorway to reach the Chamber of the Demon, where another cutscene will commence. Follow Tania into the tunnel below, where the so-called Demon Trial awaits you. Drink from the chalice to begin.

The test simply requires you to glide from here to the crystal platform, using dive bomb and then pulling up to extend your glide distance, without landing on anything else in the environment. You’ll then need to do the same to reach the second platform, where you’ll be attacked by two assassins. After the fight, you’ll need to glide again, and descend into the orange nexus below, where you’ll land on a rooftop. Glide from here to the next crystal platform, using dive bomb to go under obstacles and then pulling up to regain your height. You’ll need to glide yet again from here to the final platform, where you’ll have to fight four asssassins. From here, glide into the orange nexus to end the challenge. Exit the door and ascend the stairs to talk to Tania.

Now you’ll have to fight Ra’s al Ghul. At first, he’ll dive at you, and you’ll have to dodge out of the way. Then he’ll split into multiple assassins that you must fight, while one of them will occassionally turn back into Ra’s and use the unblockable dive attack. When the assassins are reduced to only the real Ra’s al Ghul, the real boss fight begins. Ra’s will throw shuriken at you and shoot swords through the ground, which you can easily dodge to avoid. To hurt him, shoot him with the REC quickfire through the gaps in the wall of assassins surrounding him. When his health is reduced to zero, he will leap out of the ground and slash you repeatedly with his sword. Tap Y repeatedly to counter the blows.

Ra’s will now split up into assassins again, and all twenty of them will attack you at once. Guess you’ll just have to mash the counter button and counter all twenty attacks at once, like a boss. You’ll have to fight the assassins as you did at the beginning of the battle, with Ra’s occassionally revealing himself and attacking with his unblockable blade rush that you need to dodge. They’ll also occassionally repeat their simultaneous attack, but countering all of them will only get easier as you thin their numbers.

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When all of the assassins go down again, Ra’s will get another health bar and you’ll have to shoot him with the REC to whittle him down again. The difference from last time is that he now has a sword slash attack in addiction to his ground blades and shuriken, and his wall of assassins is more dense. You’ll need to rapidly tap again to counter all of his blows, then perform a beatdown attack to finish Ra’s al Ghul.

Ra’s will pull a fast one on you after the battle, but Batman suddenly has a new trick up his sleeve: the Reverse Batarang, which will automatically invert itself to hit an unsuspecting enemy from behind. Simply follow the onscreen prompt to lock on to Ra’s al Ghul and then throw the Batarang to incapacitate him. This will initiate a scene and earn you the achievement (or trophy, or whatever), Sandstorm (25G) .

2.6) Manufacture the Cure

New Objective: Return to the GCPD lab to deliver the blood of Ra’s al Ghul to Mister Freeze

Exit the palace of Ra’s al Ghul and Wonder City. Head back up the way you came in and follow your path back to the subway station. It’s a shame that there’s no fast travel in this game. The station is now full of Joker’s goons, and they’re all armed, so you’ll need to take them out with stealth. Note that one has a jammer and another is wearing thermal goggles.

The way back through the sewers is blocked, forcing you to go through the subway (to the west). You’ll also find more Joker teeth to break. In the very next room, two of the three guards will have shields. The best way to beat these guys (and the one suggested by the on-screen prompt) is to stun them and then perform an aerial attack with A A (X X) to bring them down. Their shield bash attacks (indicated by red alarm effects around their heads) cannot be countered.

Continue through to the room with the new Joker initiates. You can take out a lightly armored foe from below, then fight the rest hand-to-hand, avoiding unblockable shield attacks that screw up your hard-earned FreeFlow multiplier. As always, try to save the Riddler henchman for last to interrogate him and learn the locations of secrets in the subway area. Head upstairs to receive a new objective.

New Objective: Interrogate Quincy Sharp for information on Hugo Strange

Follow the map marker to where Mayor Sharp is being beset by armed thugs. You’ll have fight these guys and save him, even if this whole mess is kind of his fault. When all the enemies are dead, interrogate Sharp for information.

When that’s done, you can return to your original objective at the GCPD. Joker’s goons will be patrolling the area, so you should probably try to take out the ones with guns overlooking the area first. Then you can jump down and fight the rest of the goons hand-to-hand. Note that their ranks include one armored foe and two with shields, so make frequent use of stun attacks. After the fight, use the REC to open the side door like before.

Note that a previously unobtainable RIDDLER TROPHY in the ceiling can now be acquired by using the Line Launcher to land on each button without touching anything else, though you’ll still have to do some tricky direction switching in the air as well as careful landing. After you get it, go see Mister Freeze in the main room.

Now, you’ll have to fight him for the cure. Is anyone really surrpised? Mister Freeze will shoot you with his ice beam for significant damage if he sees you, and follow your footprints if you loses sight of you. If he cannot find you, he’ll shoot seekers up into the air that will look around for you and shoot at you if they see you. These seekers can be destroyed with Batarangs. If you try to aproach Freeze normally, the energy field on his suit will repel you.

With his suit, Freeze is way too tough to enage head-on, so you’ll need to fight him with stealth instead. Find different ways to disable him, as he won’t fall for any one trick twice. Once disabled, Freeze will be open to a beatdown that will lower his health. After receiving the attack, Freeze will adapt his equipment to circumvent the mehod you used to disable him. Then he’ll emit a damaging energy burst, so get away from him.

Here are the various methods of making Mr. Freeze vulnerable:
1. Use the Disruptor on him
2. Perform a Drop Attack on him, or a Silent Takedown from above the doorway
3. Sneak up on him and perform a Silent Takedown from behind
4. Lure him onto a planted explosive gel and detonate it
5. Lure him into the pool of water in the center, then hit the nearby button to electrify him

Beating Mister Freeze earns you Hide and Seek (25G) . Freeze will also give you the Freeze Blast gadget, which will allow you to freeze water solid. You can’t exit through the normal door any more, as it’s been frozen solid. Instead, head to the corridor that was blocked by steam and use the Freeze Blast to freeze the pipes, cutting off that bothersome steam flow. Ahead, in a room on your left, there is a RIDDLER TROPHY , which will unlock Mister Freeze’s lab in the GCPD concept art. After collecting it, go up the stairs and out the door.

New Objective: Rescue Vicki Vale from the chopper crash site

The event you witness as you exit prompts a change of plans, and you’ll need to head to the new map marker. However, don’t approach it yet, as there are snipers surrounding the position with laser sights. Follow the laser sights back to their owners and perform Silent Takedowns to take them down without a fight. Once all four snipers are eliminated, head down and rescue Vicki.

New Objective: Retrieve the cure from Joker

Now back to the business at hand. Head back to the Steel Mill for round two with Joker. Watch out for snipers, as Joker’s security has been significantly beefed up since the beginning of the game. You can’t go in through the chimney this time, so you’ll have to go in the door like a normal person. This means taking out two gun-wielding guards by the door and sneaking in before their heartbeat monitors alert the nearby foes to your presence.

Once you get in, there’ll be three enemies around the corner to fight. The game will prompt you to try out your new Freeze Blast on them. More importantly, there’s a TITAN container nearby to blow up, and if you’ve been destroying them as they became available, this will be the last one. There’s also a concrete wall you can grapple up to, with a RIDDLER TROPHY behind it.

Drop down into the next area, where there’s rushing water between you and your destination. Use the Line Launcher to cross the water and hack the terminal for the RIDDLER TROPHY on the other side, which will unlock the Harley Quinn Intercom concept art. Next, use the Freeze Blast to create an ice platform to stand on. You will slowly float down, but you can accelerate the process by pulling yourself to anchor points with your Batclaw. Duck under the gap as the platform passes under it, then grapple up to the short wall and put down another Freeze Blast on the other side to continue. Pull yourself by the anchor points to circumvent the turbine in the middle of the waterway, then grapple up to the floor above when you reach the edge of the water.

Enter the next area through the adjacent air vent. From here, use the Line Launcher to cross over to the opposite ledge and grab a RIDDLER TROPHY in the vent there. Back on the first ledge, you can perform a Glide Kick to enter the next room with style: by smashing through the window. This’ll be a fairly simple battle: there’s just one armored foe and a lockbox the enemies can get guns from if you let them. After the fight, go through the next door and enter Cooling Tunnel D.

There’s a Two-Face henchman  to save in the next room. You can take one of the guards down with stealth, then beat the other down easily. If you rescue the Two-Face henchman, knock him out so he doesn’t try to fight you as soon as he recovers. Also, pull open the hatch next to where he drops using the Batclaw, to enable you to later collect the nearby RIDDLER TROPHY . Once you blow through the concrete wall, create an ice platform and pull yourself to the opposite side to dodge the first turbines. Now float down the waterway and duck under the bulkhead, then pull yourself to the path on the right to avoid the turbines ahead.

The ice will get stuck here, so use the Line Launcher to progress. Use the Freeze Blast to block the steam so you can crawl past it, then do the same to the next and climb over the pipes. Use an ice platform to climb up to the next platform. Here, you’ll need to throw a Remote-Controlled Batarang through the gap ahead and into the electricity to pick up a charge, then turn around and enter the adjacent space to hit the fuse box, causing it to overload and open the path ahead.

To get the trophy we passed up earlier, throw your Remote Controlled Batarang through the electric field, then turn it around and fly it all the way back through the area to the torture room, through the ope pipe, and into the fusebox to overload it. You’ll have a chance to recover it in a minute. Use an ice platform again and head straight for the turbines this time, but grapple up to a ledge on the right when you reach it. Across from this ledge is a CATWOMAN TROPHY on the wall. Hack the terminal here to lower the drawbridge and gain entry. This will also open a door leading back to the location of the trophy we just unlocked, which will also get you the Mayor Quincy Sharp character trophy.

On the other end of the bridge, hit the generator to pull the mine cart out of the way and grab the RIDDLER TROPHY under it. As you head down the hall, you’ll be attacked, and a scene will ensue. Afterward, enter the next room.

Locate Joker in the Steel Mill

You’ll enter into a room booby trapped with mines. From the vantage points, Batman will point out a certain enemy with proximity mines. All the enemies are armed, so take them out with stealth. Open a hatch on the wall with the Batclaw to reveal a RIDDLER TROPHY , which you can grab with the same tool. There’s another under a platform, so slide under the beams and press A as you pass to grab the RIDDLER TROPHY . In the conveyor belt room accessible by a vent, you can grapple up to a ledge for another RIDDLER TROPHY . Head out the double doors.

The next room is being watched through the windows by a sniper. Escape by grappling up through the ceiling and enter room to the west. You will see a conveyor belt with empty boxes. (Metal Gear Solid anyone?!) Crouch into one and ride until you are behind sniper for an easy sneak attack. Harley Quinn is tied to a beam at the end of the conveyor belt. Speaking to her will unlock the side mission Hot and Cold. Jump down behind her onto the conveyor belt and open to door to the next room. There are one RIDDLER TROPHY and one CATWOMAN TROPHY in the elevator, which you can now open by hacking the nearby terminal.

When you reach the next room, lure the three unarmed guys away so the snipers can’t shoot you. And then you’ll be able to grapple up to them. There is a RIDDLER TROPHY that you couldn’t get earlier in the game that is now easily acessable through the grates in the center of the room, using the Freeze Blast to block the steam vent. The answer to the riddle “The more things change, the more they stay the same. What dummy said that?” is in the room with the snipers: Harley Quinn’s Arkham Asylum outfit. It unlocks Arkham City Story: a Sick Plan (2 of 3). Follow the arrows to the door.

Wow this boss is easy–OH WAIT! A train full of guys for you to beat up appears, and once it drops them off, it’ll run along the tracks through the level, hitting anyone unfortunate enough to stand in the way. The arrows will turn red before the train runs through. Accompanying the run-of-the-mill grunts are a TITAN-infected henchman and our old friend, the one-armed man with a hammer. Joker will be impossible to knock out until everyone else goes down first, so don’t waste your time trying to finish him off during the fight. Focus on group attacks like explosive gel to damage a lot of enemies at once, and use the REC to turn the hammer guy’s swings against his own allies. You can really dish out some pain if you super stun the TITAN and jump up on his back to take control of him. When all’s said and done, you’ll earn Ghost Train (25G) . If you have the Catwoman DLC, the third episode will begin at this time.

2.7) Stop Protocol Ten

New Objective: Scan the TYGER helicopters to locate the Master Control Program

Climb up out of this hole and start scanning every helicopter you see. One of them has the TYGER encryption protocols. When you get a positive result, grapple up to the helicopter without it noticing you and download the codes. If a helicopter does notice you, drop a smoke and get out of there quick, as they will now shoot you with chainguns when they spot you. Once you’ve acquired the codes, head to Wonder Tower.

New Objective: Gain access to Wonder Tower

Go to the map marker and take out the snipers. Hack the gate. Shoot the generator with the RAC to open the second gate. Drop down to the platform below, then throw a Freeze Blast into the water below and drop down onto the ice platform that is created. Use the Batclaw to open the nearby hatch, then again to grab the RIDDLER TROPHY inside, unlocking the Protocol Ten in Effect concept art. Once you’ve got that, grapple back up to the platform above and use the REC to open the gate ahead. Go through the next door.

You’ll encounter a new enemy weapon: stun sticks. To safely hit an enemy with a stun stick, you need to get behind them (by dodging over their heads) before you attack. Like shield attacks, stun sticks are unblockable. Out of the three guards below, you can eliminate one with an easy Silent Takedown from behind. After the fight, you’ll be surrounded. After watching a brief scene, you’ll be able to fight again, and you’ll want to disarm the guy with the gun first. You’ll be more outnumbered than ever before, but that makes this an excellent time to use explosive gel on enemies that are grouped together, or the REC to make them attack one another. The rest of your playstyle really depends on what you’ve been putting points into when you level up, but in general, AoE (area of effect) attacks will get you a lot of bang for your buck in this situation.

After the enemies are knocked out, use the manhole to climb down into the sewers. Drop down into the hole ahead to reach a familiar area, near the entrance to Wonder City. Through a damaged wall, you can grab a RIDDLER TROPHY from here if you fire the Batclaw at the right angle, unlocking the Offensive Maneuvers campaign. Drop an ice platform below the room you started in and land on it to grab yet another RIDDLER TROPHY that you can reach with the Batclaw from down here, which will unlock the Prison Riot challenge map.

You can reach the platform where the first trophy was with the Line Launcher, by changing direction in midair. From here, you can hack the distant terminal and unlock a cage with another RIDDLER TROPHY with the Experience Antarctic Dining concept art. You can also use the Line Launcher again with a midair direction switch to reach a room at the very back with a riddler switch on the ceiling. Blow through the ceiling to find the RIDDLER TROPHY the switch unlocks, and the door leading further toward Wonder Tower.

Talk to the doctor, then go to eliminate the TYGER guards in the room below. Note that snipers can spot your from a distance if you get near their laser sights, so avoid their red lasers if you want to maintain your element of surprise. Many guards here can be defeated by hanging from vantage points and performing Inverted Takedowns. Hack the terminal on the south wall that previously required TYGER encryption protocols to access a RIDDLER TROPHY that you were previously forced to skip. Now hack two more terminals so you can take the elevator up to Wonder Tower.

The elevator will stop halfway up, and some guards will be outside preparing to breach. Grapple up through the top of the elevator and you’ll be able to drop through the glass to take one down from above. A couple of the soldiers will have guns, so disarm them quickly, but other than that, this is an easy battle compared to the increasingly difficult ones you’ve been fighting. Scan the area below to answer the riddle, “Where can you get a wonderful view of the past?” and unlock the Arkham City story, Wonder City (1 of 3). Next, hack the terminal out here to open the nearby gate so that you can ascend the tower.

This will require a skill you might have forgotten since the beginning of the game: drop down and shimmy along the ledge to progress. All the way on the other side, there”ll be a RIDDLER TROPHY that will unlock the Lost City challenge map. After collecting that, head back and drop down on the platform in the middle of the ledge, then grapple up to the platform directly above. Jump to the pipe on the left, then climb up and walk along it. Grapple up to one pipe, then turn around and grapple up to the next. Take the ladder up, then glide down through the elevator to the ledge on the opposite side. Follow around the ledge behind the bars, then walk out on the pipe and follow the tightrope attached to it. Grapple up on top of the caging to acquire a RIDDLER TROPHY , then grapple up again to the top of the elevator shaft. Hack the terminal here, then grapple up to the hatch that opens to reach the Security Control Center.

Walk along the platform here until you reach a vent to climb up into. If you go left first, you can pop out of a grate inside the tower and perhaps grab one of the armed guards as you do so. If you go right, you can then assault the tower from the outside, swinging by vantage points and dropping in on the enemies through windows. Between the grates, vantage points, and windows, you have a variety of tools at your disposal to perform Silent Takedowns. Beware not only of the guards, but of Dr. Strange in the central room, as he will reveal your location should he spot you. When all the guards are down, approach Strange’s chamber and hack the door. After a scene, you will unlock Freefall (25G) .

New Objective: Get the cure from Joker and stop him from becoming immortal

After falling from Wonder Tower, you’ll need to go save Talia right away, or she’ll die and it’ll be game over. Joker’s in the movie theater, which is surrounded by snipers. The snipers will try to cover each other, so don’t attack while a target is painted by another sniper’s laser sight. Uncovered snipers can be easily taken out with Silent Takedowns and Ledge Takedowns. When you’ve cleared your way to the building, enter the theater.

After a scene (with an awesome twist, I might add), it’s time to fight the final boss battle: Clayface. Clayface has a sweep attack along the ground that you’ll have to avoid by dodging over it. At close or long range, he can perform a punch attack that you must avoid by countering it. He can also leap up and perform a ground pound, which you’ll simply have to avoid. His strongest attack is to transform into a ball and roll straight at you, so dodge to the side for that one.

Hit him with as many Freeze Blasts as you can in order to chip away at his health. Then, when he rolls into a ball, try to lure him into rolling straight into one of the piles of explosives near the room’s walls. Once you’ve depleted his HP and frozen him solid, approach him and grab the sword out of his body, then slash him with it until the sword gets stuck in his body again.

Now he’ll have a new attack: he can spin around and shoot clay in all directions, requiring some careful dodging. He’ll also turn his hands into hammers and bring them into to smash you from the side. Repeat the previous method of whittling him down to freeze him again. This time, take the sword and chop him into a bunch of little frozen clay bits.

Now for a different sort of battle altogether. You’ll have the sword the whole time, and Clayface will be spawning miniature clay monsters that you’ll need to destroy, with their total health being an orange segment added on to his. When the orange part of his health is gone, Clayface will emerge from the muck on the ground and spit a projectile at you. Dodge it, then throw a Freeze Blast at him to lower his blue health (his permanent HP). The orange part of his health will regenerate with every new wave of enemies he creates. Repeat this four times, then approach Clayface to finish this fight, earning the achievement Exit Stage Right (50G) . In this achievement’s description, by the way, is a reference to Shakespeare’s famous quote, “All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Just something you might not have noticed otherwise. Anyway, stop reading this guide for a moment and enjoy the ending of the game!

3) Side Quests

3.1) Watcher in the Wings

You’ll first meet this guy on the roof of the building across from the courthouse. Throw a Remote-Controlled Batarang at him for the Catch (5G) achievement/trophy. Then approach him and he’ll speak to you, then disappear. He leaves a mark where he was standing for you to scan.

You can also find him at the top of the Ferris wheel. Again, he will speak cryptically, then disappear and leave a mark. Scan this one too.

You’ll find him again on a roof just in front of the GCPD Building. Remember to scan the sigil he leaves as usual.

The fourth appearance of the Watcher will be on a roof in the Bowery, east of the museum. Once you have scanned all four sigils, a puzzle on your map will ensue. Match up the four marked points on your map (the locations where you found the sigils) with the four points on the sigil to discover a new location. Head to this marker to find a giant sigil on a wall in a graveyard. Scan it to speak to the Watcher, who reveals himself to be Azrael and gives you a vague prophecy. When the scen’s done, you’ll get Mystery Stalker (15G) .

3.2) AR Training

Once this sidequest is unlocked, red bat symbols will appear at certain locations shown on the map. Touching these symbols will begin an Augmented Reality training mission where you must glide through a number of rings without touching the ground. Completing the first four AR missions, which are relatively simple, is required to receive the Grapnel Boost.

AR 1 – This one is the simplest course. Simply glide through the five rings, steering with the left stick.

AR 2 – This is where a bit of skill is required. Glide through the first two rings, then dive bomb (RT/R1) through the remaining two.

AR 3 – This is a bit tricky. Glide through ring 1, dive bomb through the next two, and pull up by releasing RT/R1 and moving the left stick down to glide through the remaining two.

AR 4 – Glide through the first ring, dive through the second, pull up through the third, dive through the fourth, pull up and glide to the fifth. Not as hard as it sounds.

When all four basic mission are complete, Batman will call in a capsule with a Grapnel Boost Upgrade, allowing you to double tap and hold A to increase the speed at which you grapple to a ledge. When grappling over long distance, continue holding A after reaching your destination to propel yourself into the air and continue gliding.

After acquiring the Grapnel Boost, some advanced AR training courses are unlocked. These are not nearly as easy as the originals:

Advanced AR 1 – Glide through ring 1, then dive bomb through rings 2 and 3, pull up for ring 4, and carefully hover above the ground as you glide through the tunnel to ring 5. You may have to favor your right a bit to touch ring 1, and the most difficult part after that is timing when to pull up so you’ll hover just above the ground.

Advanced AR 2 – Glide and dive bomb through ring 1, then pull up just as you pass through ring 2, turn left as you approach ring 3, and glide through ring 4. The easiest mistake to make is to pull up too late or too soon, and the second easiest mistake is to overcompensate on the turn and run into the wall.

Advanced AR 3 – Dive through ring 1, then pull up before hitting the water to zoom through rings 2 and 3. This is one of the easier advanced challenges, and may also get you a Riddler Challenge for hovering over the water. Again, you just have to get the timing down as far as when you should pull up.

Advanced AR 4 – Glide and dive bomb through the first two rings, then turn around during the dive bomb and pull up at exactly the right moment to pass through the ring behind you and fly through the next one. The tricky maneuver is turning around. Simply rotate Batman around during the dive so that when he comes out of it, he’s facing backward, toward the next ring. It’s easy to overcompensate when trying to do this, so time the rotation just right.

If you manage to complete all of the advanced AR sessions, you’ll earn the achievement (or trophy), AR Knight (25G) . You’ll also get the Batwing character trophy.

3.3) Acts of Violence

As you move around Arhkam City, you’ll hear the less resourceful citizens of Arkham City being attacked by the various gangs that rule the streets. The location of the assaults will be indicated by a flashing hexagon on the map. Take out the attackers and save the victim to progress this side quest. The first victim you’ll most likely encounter will be Jack Ryder, the reporter from the beginning of the game. Afterwards, the victims will just be unlucky political prisoners.

Stopping every last assault taking place in the city will earn you Aggravated Assault (10G) .

3.4) Cold Call Killer

Occassionally, when you’re near a payphone, it’ll start ringing. To locate a ringing phone, you can follow the on-screen direction indicator, or use Detective Mode. Answering the phone will earn you the Ring Ring (5G) achievement and a conversation with Zsasz. After you answer a phone for the second time, you will have about 2 minutes to run to the next phone (by following the indicator arrow) before Zsasz kills an innocent citizen of Arkham. Answer the phone, and Zsasz will talk to you about his past. To trace the call, you’ll have to keep the cursor on the moving icon for as long as possible during the conversation. You’ll have to wait for another call to continue the game, until you can fill the bar and locate Zsasz.

Once you’ve filled the bar and the last cold call is over, Zsasz’s hideout will be revealed on your map. Head there and enter the doorway to confront him. Instead of entering his room by the main entrance, remove the vent cover on the wall with the Batclaw and climb in to enter through an alternate route. The water will raise and lower every few seconds, so wait for the platform to come up and you can walk on it. Drop a Freeze Blast on your right and stand on it to grab a RIDDLER TROPHY with the Batclaw, unlocking the Lazarus Pit concept art. The next gap, you’ll just have to jump. Next is a tricky one: you’ll have to slide under a pipe onto the water. A Freeze Bomb thrown under the pipe will create something for you to land on, provided that the water is up, and then you can grapple up to the net platform when the water lowers. To jump across to the following platform, you’ll have to wait for the water to be low again. Create an ice platform in the next waterway and pull yourself along by anchor points until you reach the door to Zsasz’s room. Take him down through the window. This will get you Dial Z for Murder (25G) and Zsasz’s character trophy.

You may have noticed a RIDDLER TROPHY near the vent when you first popped out. To get this, use Zsasz’s phone to create an electrical current under the bridge. Throw a Remote-Controlled Batarang under the bridge when the water is low and direct it into the vent, then take a sharp right turn to hit the fusebox and open the case. This trophy will unlock the Combat Expert campaign.

3.5) Fragile Alliance

Go to the signal flare on the building south of the GCPD Building and talk to Bane. This alone will earn you the achievement Distress Flare (5G) . There’s also a RIDDLER TROPHY in the next room, which you can grab through the window with the Batclaw. At Bane’s request, go to the designated crate locations on your map. Fight any enemies guarding them, then destroy the containers with explosive gel. Of the six, you can only reach two at first.

You’ll need the city’s municipal codes for the one in the museum, which you can get during the Penguin arc of the story after visiting the GCPD. One is in the subway system. Get this one during the Penguin chapter as well, when you go to disable the last jammer. The next one is below Wonder Tower, and you’ll be able to obtain it once you have the Line Launcher and pursue Ra’s al Ghul’s assassins into the sewers. The final one is in the Steel Mill on your second visit, once you have the Freeze Blast.

After all of the canisters are destroyed, return to Bane at the toy factory. When you speak to him, you’ll be attacked by TYGER guards, and you’ll have to fight them together with Bane. Don’t get in Bane’s way, though, as his attacks can still hurt you. After the battle, destroy the TITAN containers that Bane rounded up. You’ll get an achievement, Broken Toys (25G) , and Bane’s character trophy.

3.6) Shot in the Dark

After completing the Steel Mill for the first time, a man on a rooftop will ask for your help, but before he can tell you anything, he will be sniped. Use the Evidence Scanner to scan the bullethole in the environment, then follow the orange trail back to the shooter. When you get there, scan for a casing on the ground to identify the killer as Deadshot.

Later on, you’ll receive news of another Deadshot victim somewhere east of the courthouse. More specifically, the victim can be found on the broken part of the highway above the camp of political prisoners, in the north part of the search area. Scan the bullethole to discover its trajectory. Follow the orange path, through the water tower, to a rooftop with a tripod. Scan the tripod for the next clue toward Deadshot’s location.

Once you hear news of Deadshot’s third victim, head to the western part of the search area to find a body behind a car. Scan the bullethole and follow the bullet path to the killer’s location to another crime scene, where you’ll need to scan the bullet mark to continue following the path back to the shooter. Scan the mark in the middle of the impression of Deadshot’s body to uncover the final clue and get the achievement, Forensics Expert (10G) .

Of the three substations that are revealed, head to the one near the GCPD. Here, remove the substation access plate to uncover Deadshot’s PDA. Hack the PDA with the sequencer to uncover Deadshot’s next target. You now have three minutes to reach Ryder before he dies. Reach him in time to interrupt Deadshot’s assassination attempt. You’ll then have to fight Deadshot. Deadshot can kill you in one hit, so don’t let him see you or it’s game over. Approach by hiding behind the low walls, then get into the vent system beneath him and take him down from below. Defeating Deadshot will earn you the Contract Terminated (25G) achievement and the Deadshot character trophy.

3.7) Enigma Conundrum

After getting the municipal codes, you’ll get an alert about a missing medical team, so head to the church. Once inside, after listening to the Riddler, go to the organ at the front of the room and scan it for the achievement, IQ Test (10G) and an Arkham City Story: Arkham City Medical Team. When you leave, you’ll have to take everyone down except the Riddler henchman who’s glowing green. My advice: stun him with your cape or the REC, and dodge his attacks with A A instead of countering. When he’s the only one left, press Y to interrogate him for the locations of trophies and riddle answers.

Now go to the courthouse. You can interrogate one of the thugs guarding it for map info on Solomon Wayne Courthouse and Park Row. There are some enemies inside guarding a hostage. Again, you can interrogate one for secrets on Park Row. Free the prisoner, Eddie Burlow. You’ll get a radio frequency from him. In your decoder, set the horizontal tracker to the first number and the vertical tracker to the second number, then decode the signal.

Use the Enigma Machine you receive to answer the riddle, “If you know me, you’ll want to share me, but if you share me, I’ll be gone. What am I?” by aligning the left and right halves of the word. If you can’t figure it out, the answer is “secret”. You’ll receive the location of the next hostage and the Enigma Machine concept art.

Now head to the location on your map marked “Riddler Hostage.” Tap the “brick” wall and smash through it. Now open the door. Once inside, the first challenge is opening the door in front of you. You must turn around and shoot the button on the question mark above the entrance to unlock the next door.

Directly across from you is a question mark switch. Hit its button to temporarily clear a path to the next safe platform. Now turn around and shoot the switch against the wall where you started to clear the next path. Shoot the first switch again to clear the next path. Shoot both the first and second switches to clear the next path. Finally, shoot the other switch in the room (on the left from your current perspective) to raise the elevator while you’re standing on it. From here you can glide down to poor Adam Hamasaki. You’ll get the achievement Conundrum (20G) .

Again, tune the horizontal value in your decoder to 625 and the vertical to 925 to access the next broadcast. However, you must uncover a certain number of the Riddler’s secrets to proceed. Once you’ve uncovered enough Riddler secrets, the Engima Machine will pose a new riddle. “The more there is, the less you see. What could I be?” The answer is darkness.

Once the second riddle on the Enigma Machine is solved, you’ll be able to go save the second hostage. Follow the map marker and small through the fake wall to enter the chamber. Step on the button to begin the “game.” The riddler will shuffle around three cages, and you’ll have to keep track of which contains the hostage. Then you’ll have to hit the switch corresponding to the container with the hostage. However, no matter how good you think you are at the game, you will alway lose, even if you do what I did and mark the correct container with a Sonic Batarang at the beginning.

The reason for this quickly becomes evident: the Riddler is cheating! You’ll just have to cheat as well, by using your Detective Vision to track the hostage being secretly moved between containers. With this, picking the right container is easy. Once you’ve chosen correctly, glide over and rescue William North for Mastermind (20G) . On your sequencer, set your horizontal value to 860 and your vertical value to 120 to find the next signal.

When you’ve gathered enough of the Riddler’s secrets, the Enigma Machine will present the following riddle: “I have a head, and a tail, but never any legs. Do you know what I am?” The answer is “penny.” Head for the next hostage location and enter by smashing the “brick wall” as before.

This room requires you to place an ice platform with the Freeze Blast and pull it across the water by the various anchor points while avoiding the spinning turbines. Next you’ll need a few switches, but they’re blocked by waterfalls, so use the REC on the generators above to move the magnetic block to obstruct the waterfalls, so that you can then use Remote-Controlled Batarangs to hit the switches. Next use the Line Launcher to go through the bladed rings, then use it again in midair to turn right.

Now you’ll need to move a box to press this button while you save the hostage. You have three generators: one for horizontal movement, one for vertical movement, and one for depth. Attract the box with the horizontal. Pull it up with the vertical and attracted it with the horizontal to jump the low wall blocking it, then repel it horizontally and repel it toward you to cover the button. For rescuing the doctor, you’ll get Puzzler (30G) , Riddler Tape #1, and coordinates. Input the coordinates 606 (horizontal) by 120 (vertical) for the next signal.

When you have enough secrets, here’s the next riddle: “I’ll be right under your feet, in the midday sun. You cannot lose me, no matter how you run. What am I?” The answer is “shadow.” Head to the map marker for the next puzzle room.

When you enter the room, ignore the spinning blades ahead of you and hack the terminal behind you. The path ahead will become available for twenty seconds; wait for the blades to pass before crossing. While on the next platform, you can avoid the blades as they pass by crouching. From here, hit the switch on the far side of the room with a Batarang, which will give you another twenty seconds to cross at the ideal time. Climb up to the upper level.

Run and jump across the bridge, ducking under the blades at a safe point as they pass. From the end, use the Line Launcher to reach an alcove on the right. You’ll see a projection of Riddler, right on a concrete wall you need to blow up. Hit the generator with the REC to bring out the block, then throw a Remote-Controlled Batarang in and use it to hit the switch. Now, go out and stand on the button, then zip forward with the Line Launcher, only to turn to the right in midair and grab the hostage for the achievement Intellectual (30G) and Riddler tape (2/4). Input his codes as usual.

The next riddle will be “Hit me hard and I will crack, but you’ll never stop me from staring back. What am I?” The answer is “mirror.” Head to the next location and bust in as usual. Slide under the gate to your right and jump the hurdle in your way, then use the REC to open the blast door, allowing you to slide under the gate. You’ll need to time your run as the smashing blocks ahead are pulling up, then slide under the next gate before you’re crushed.

Continue to the electrified floor, and hit each switch with your Batarang as it lights up. When all the switches are hit, the floor will become safe to cross. Throw a Remote-Controlled Batarang over the next barrier to hit the first switch, then repeat to hit the second and remove the barrier. Jump the gap and climb the ladder. You’ll come across another electrified floor. Fire the Line Launcher across, then redirect yourself to the right in midair to pass through the ring of spinning blades. Hack the terminal here, then zip back out on the Line Launcher and turn right. Zip up to the now-unobstructed ledge above.

You’ll come across another electrified floor. Grapple up to the ledge on the opposite side, then turn around and hit the generator below with the REC to eject the boxes from the case. Repel the boxes to bring them below you, then drop down onto them and climb the ledge behind you to reach a new platform. Zip across with the Line Launcher, but do not land on the red buttons; instead, turn around to the left in midair. As you zip, turn around again to the left to zip to the platform with the hostage. Rescue this guard for Brainteaser (40G) and the Riddler tape (3/4).

Once you have every secret in the game (which is quite possible if you interrogate enough Riddler henchmen), you’ll find the Riddler’s hideout location. To reach it, you’ll have to glide over the electric fence from above. Once you’re in, the door is covered in dynamite, so you’ll have to find another route. Grapple up to the platform above and go in through the vent. When you drop down, you’ll discover that the patrolling guards are actually hostages. Don’t get in their way, because they’ll explode if they stop moving in the path set for them by the Riddler. To get to the Riddler, follow behind the “guards” and make your way to the walkway beneath his location, then take him down through the wooden platform below him. With the Riddler neutralized and facing a fitting punishment for his actions, you’ll get the ultimate Riddler achievement, Genius (50G), the last Riddler tape, and the Riddler character trophy (your 401st RIDDLER TROPHY ).

3.8) Identity Theft

After disabling Penguin’s final jammer and returning from the Subway, you’ll get a report of an unidentified body. Scan the victim’s face and the blood next to him. Using Detective Mode, follow the trail of blood to a political prisoner and talk to him.

The next victim can be found in Park Row. The exact location is in an alley on the opposite side of a building located on the east side of the street that leads up to the courthouse door. Scan the knife next to the victim for the next clue. Also scan the body’s face.

The next victim isn’t far away. Specifically, if you head straight south from the courthouse, its on the other side of the first building you encounter. Scan the face and the bleach on the ground, then follow the bleach trail. It’ll lead you to a criminal, whom you should interrogate. Head to the map marker to resolve this mystery.

Enter the door and listen to the journal. After the scene, hack the terminal to escape. You’ll receive Serial Killer (25G) and the Hush character trophy.

3.9) Remote Hideaway

After interrogating Sharp, you’ll unlock this sidequest. Head back to the Iceberg Lounge map marker to begin, taking down the guards outside (and possibly interrogating a Riddler henchman while you’re at it). Next, knock at the door to speak to one of the officers, then enter. The nice officer will give you the Mine Detonator upgrade for the Disruptor. And, believe it or not, that’s it to this sidequest. If only they were all so simple.

As an additional note, there’s a RIDDLER TROPHY right here in the Iceberg Lounge that you can get with this upgrade. Simply detonate the two mines and slide under the gate to reach it. Scan the top hat hanging nearby to answer a riddle and get The Cobblepot Feud (3 of 5). Scan the glass floor in the center of the room for another riddle and The Cobblepot Feud (2 of 5).

3.10) The Tea Party

After rescuing Vicki, Alfred will contact you will wonderful news: he’s managed to pinpoint the cure to the TITAN infection ravaging your body, and he’s sent the cure to you via the Batwing. All you have to do is go pick it up! When you go get the cure and use it, you’ll discover that this news really is too good to be true.

You’ll awaken in a dream world and be forced to fight numerous enemies with rabbit masks. Every once in a while, the Mad Hatter will appear and start charging up. When you see this, get over to his position and punch him before he can complete the charge. Note that this is a great time to rack up an easy combo, as you’ll be fighting an infinite supply of easy enemies, making this an ideal situation to earn 50x Combo (5G) . After you interrupt the Hatter three times, you’ll knock him down, and you can perform a Ground Takedown to end the fight. Doing this will net you Stop the Clock (15G) and complete the sidequest.

3.11) Heart of Ice

After rescuing Vicki (and possibly completing The Tea Party), you’ll be able to help Freeze find his wife, Nora. Freeze knows that she’s somewhere near the GCPD Building, but he doesn’t give you a specific destination. In the upper left area of the search region is a building occupied by the Joker’s henchmen. There’s a door you can knock on, but the hoodlum on the other side will refuse you access. To get in, you’ll need to blow through a concrete wall on the edge of the water, on the north side of the building. To do this, throw a Freeze Blast into the water to create an ice platform, then pull it to the handle above the concrete wall with the Batclaw and set the explosive gel. You can then pull your ice platform in to dock and enter the nearby door.

When you first enter, mark the CATWOMAN TROPHY above you, then grapple up to the vent. Take down the armored foe from below to gain the advantage in the battle. There will be another armored guy and another two with shields, so stunning attacks are a must. Also, don’t let the enemies get to the gun lockbox behind them. When the enemies are defeated, hack the door and return to Freeze at the GCPD Building to inform him of his wife’s location. This will get you Bargaining Chip (15G) , plus the Mister Freeze (Armored) character trophy.

3.12) Hot and Cold

You’ll get this sidequest when you find Harley Quinn tied up in the Steel Mill and talk to her. You’ll need to find Mr. Freeze’s stolen equipment hidden in the Steel Mill. From the loading bay, use the REC to open the blast door on the east side of the room. First, open the hatch and grab the RIDDLER TROPHY inside using the Batclaw. This will unlock the Natural Selection (Extreme) challenge map. Hack the elevator to open the doors, then jump down. Use the REC to move the elevator with the henchmen up, then jump down from the other elevator. From the bottom, use explosive gel to blow through the concrete on the floor and pick up a RIDDLER TROPHY , unlocking the Kidnapped Doctor character trophy. There’s also a RIDDLER TROPHY in one of the elevators, which you can enter from below to gain the Hell’s Gate (Extreme) challenge.. Grapple up to the boiler room entrance and take out the two guards with a Double Takedown. Then enter the boiler room.

The boiler room contains a mix of armed and unarmed hostiles. Perform a Takedown on one (or possibly two), then disable the rest of the armed thugs for a fair fight. As usual, save the Riddler henchman for last if possible so you can interrogate him. There’s a concrete wall on the right to blow up for a RIDDLER TROPHY , which unlocks the Joker Thugs character trophy. Then approach the bin to collect the Freeze technology: the Freeze Cluster Grenade, which can freeze multiple enemies to the ground at once, though they’ll still be able to attack even if they can’t move.

4) Catwoman Episodes

If you have the Catwoman DLC, you’ll be able to play these missions after completing a certain amount of Batman’s story mode. Catwoman plays similarly to Batman, but beginning with Episode Two, there are some significant difference in their playstyles.

4.1) Episode One

In this first episode, you’ll have to fight Two-Face’s guards. At this point, Catwoman’s controls will be essentially the same as Batman’s. Attack with X (Square), counter with Y (Triangle), and so forth. When these few enemies are down, walk up to the safe and access its contents. After a brief scene, this disappointingly short episode will come to an end.

4.2) Episode Two

New Objective: Retreive equipment from Catwoman’s hideout

Now for the second episode, where you can finally appreciate the differences between playing as Catwoman and Batman. Catwoman cannot glide, but she can still attack enemies from above with her pounce attack, which works the same way as Batman’s drop kick. Catwoman can grapple using her whip, which works slightly differently from Batman’s grappling hook. Once you grapple, Catwoman will climb up to the grapple point, and you’ll have to press RB (R2) each time the onscreen ring fills to scale the wall.

It seems that you can’t yet collect Catwoman’s Riddler Trophies (they simply don’t appear in this episode), so just head to Catwoman’s apartment while getting accustomed to her new movement mechanics. When you reach the apartment, there’ll be some thugs outside, but you can get the drop on them by using the ceiling hatch on the roof. Catwoman can use these ceiling hatches to climb on the ceiling just as Batman can move through grates under the ground. From here, you can perform a Combat Takedown to drop from above and immediately finish one of the enemies. During the fight, note that you can use Catwoman’s whip to knock enemies down with LT (L1).

After the fight, use Thief Vision (Catwoman’s version of Detective Mode) to locate Catwoman’s apartment. It has glowing kitty pawprints leading up to it. Here you’ll acquire Catwoman’s exclusive gadgets. The first is the Caltrops, spikes you can leave on the ground as a trap for patrolling enemies. The second is the Bolas, projectiles weapon that you can throw like Batarangs to knock enemies down.

New Objective: Break into Poison Ivy’s Lair

Follow the map marker to Poison Ivy’s lair. There’s a bridge patrolled by a guard leading to the entrance, but you can get past him by climbing on the underside of this bridge and popping out of the hatch right outside the door. There’ll will be a brief scene between Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

Beat up Poison Ivy’s mind-controlled henchmen. When the last foe goes down, press RB (R2) to jump up to the ceiling, as the level where you just fought will quickly fill with poisonous spores. Head to the ledge and press A (X) to climb up. Fight the next wave of enemies that appear here, then quickly jump up to the ceiling again to avoid the gas. Climb up for the final fight, in which you will be attacked not only by henchman but by Ivy’s plants, which will spit projectiles at you. When all of the henchmen are defeated, there’ll be a cutscene, and you’ll receive the achievement, Arkham City Sirens (25G) .

4.3) Episode Three

There’s a CATWOMAN TROPHY under the bridge right outside. Yay! You can now collect all the other trophies you’ve been marking to pick up as Catwoman too. Head to the map marker and fight the TYGER guards (who have between them one gun, one set of armor, and one shield), then open the manhole to descend into the sewers. Follow the sewer path to access the Confiscated Goods Vault, then enter the door and check the computers.

New Objective: Break into the main vault to collect the loot

You’ll need to pick the pockets of three TYGER guards without being seen or heard. This is fairly easy to do: just travel along the ceiling, wait for a guard to be isolated from the rest. You can easily get two from the guards at the door if no one is looking. However, you must not be seen, or the mission will end. Once you have the keys, go back to the computer room to use them. The guards will come out, so get up on the ceiling and take them down one-by-one with Silent Takedowns from above. When they’re taken care of, you can enter the vault.

Don’t forget to smash Ivy’s plant before opening the briefcase. When you do so, you’ll be attacked by guards, whom you’ll need to dispatch and then open the briefcase again to get the Pick Pocket (25G) achievement. Now you have a choice that can actually lead to multiple possible endings: you can either go back the way you came and save Batman, or you can follow the red arrow to the door and leave him to die. Assuming you chose the first option, head back up to the sewers, and you’ll find Batman crushed under a stone, where we last left him.

4.4) Episode Four

New Objective: Retrieve Catwoman’s loot from her hideout and leave Arkham City

You must beat the game as Batman before this mission is unlocked. Now’s your chance to explore all of Arkham City as Catwoman before she leaves the city for good. It’s the perfect opportunity to go around collecting Catwoman trophies. After you reach her apartment, you’ll be attacked by four Two-Face henchmen, and Catwoman will automatically interrogate one of them for the location of her belongings.

New Objective: Retrieve Catwoman’s loot from Two-Face in the Museum

Head to the museum, taking out the unarmed guards outside. Inside the museum, you can grapple up to the left ledge to pounce on one of the henchmen standing in a circle, then finish off the rest and continue in. Follow the sign for new recruits, then slide under the gate to enter the Gladiator Pit, where you’ll have to fight an entire crowd. Take advantage of Catwoman’s speed to build up insane combos and execute her FreeFlow combo attacks. Batman’s blade dodge and critical strike upgrades carry over to Catwoman, so if you have those, use them in this battle. Finally, the last thug will fall. The cage is no longer electrified, so you can open it and ascend the stairs, taking the door with the green “EXIT” sign to the next area.

Here, you’ll notice a familiar CATWOMAN TROPHY on your right. Climb over the edge and under the platform to reach a hatch, allowing you to retrieve it. From this location, jump up to the ceiling and follow it to another CATWOMAN TROPHY . Follow the ceiling to the end to reach a platform. Take out the three guards around the corner from here, then head for the door.

Now you’ll have to fight Two-Face and a bunch of armed goons. First thing’s first: go around to the right, take out a guard, jump up on the ceiling, and grab a CATWOMAN TROPHY . There’s another CATWOMAN TROPHY on the case where Freeze’s suit was. You can take out Two-Face’s guards, but they will be replenished with reinforcements, so you’ll want to focus on bringing Two-Face down. Use hit-and-run tactics, dealing a melee combo to Two-Face and then running away before the guards come to back him up. Watch out for Two-Face’s grenade launcher, which he’ll use if he sees you before you knock him down. You’ll be outside after the battle, so pick up the trophies before you finish Two-Face.

From now on, you’ll beable to switch between Catwoman and Batman at certain locations. As Catwoman, you’ll now be able to identify enemies carrying your loot and defeat them. Once you get all 16 pieces of loot, you’ll earn the last achievement in Catwoman’s story, Family Jewels (40G) .

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