Dead Effect 2


Infinite money

Talk to Minikin and buy a high damage weapon with a fast burst rate and large magazine, such as the Oblivion-Arc 1. Play the "Space Plumber" mission. Quickly run through the mission collecting all the money packs and killing the zombies. Sometimes the zombies will drop money. It takes approximately two minutes to complete the mission and collect all the money. You will get around $20k per run. Keep replying the mission and collecting the money as many times as desired.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Dead Effect 2 (Platinum): All trophies acquired.
    Hell at the End - Grand finale (Gold): Finish the mission on any difficulty.
    Biohazard - No wave can kill me (Silver): 50 Biohazard missions finished.
    Survival - Survivalist (Silver): 50 Survive mission finished.
    Awakening - Cat person (Bronze): Kill every dog in the level without getting hit.
    Awakening - Hood in space (Bronze): Finish the mission with accuracy higher than 70 %.
    Awakening - Somebody wants to be rich (Bronze): Collect every credit in the level.
    Base defense1 - Can't touch me (Bronze): Do not get hit for 1 minute.
    Base defense1 - Die right now (Bronze): Use any special ability to kill 5 enemies.
    Base defense1 - Planner (Bronze): Kill 3 enemies with explosives.
    Biotech device - I can do better (Bronze): Finish the mission in less than 5 minutes with accuracy higner than 70%
    Biotech device - Ordinary person (Bronze): Finish the mission without using any special ability.
    Biotech device - Secondary fan (Bronze): Finish the mission using only the secondary weapon.
    Drone chip - Credits everywhere (Bronze): Find all credits in the mission.
    Drone chip - Drone buster (Bronze): Kill the drone in less than 60 seconds.
    Drone chip - Untouchable (Bronze): Finish the mission without taking any damage.
    Find way out - Bullet saver (Bronze): Kill 5 enemies with one magazine.
    Find way out - Doctor is in (Bronze): Successfully remove 10 zombie parts.
    Find way out - Tablet lover (Bronze): Collect every tablet in the level.
    Game general - Gravedigger (Bronze): Kill 10,000 enemies.
    Get connected - Elektrician (Bronze): Finish the mission using only the paralyzer.
    Get connected - Headman (Bronze): Kill every enemy using headshots.
    Get connected - Nope it won't work (Bronze): Shoot the forcefield 10 times.
    Get Minikin - Dodged that! (Bronze): Do not get hit by the boss's ultrasound wave.
    Get Minikin - Old-fashioned (Bronze): Finish the mission without using abilities or the paralyzer.
    Get Minikin - Who needs GPS? (Bronze): Find an elevator card without being told.
    Hangar sabotage - Glass half full (Bronze): Finish the mission with more than 50 % of health.
    Hangar sabotage - Suck it Grim reaper (Bronze): Use the medikit or medibag with 3 % left
    Hangar sabotage - Who needs ammo (Bronze): Do not collect any ammo boxes in the level.
    Hell at the End - Glass half empty (Bronze): Finish the mission with less than 50 % of health.
    Hell at the End - Out of breath (Bronze): Finish the mission in 3 minutes.
    Life Experiment - Better stock them up (Bronze): Collect every ammo box in the level.
    Life Experiment - Fast and accurate (Bronze): Finish the mission in less than 4 minutes with accuracy higher than 80 %.
    Life Experiment - Steady aiming (Bronze): Kill 5 enemies while crouching.
    Missing components - I can haz no deathz (Bronze): Finish the mission without dying.
    Missing components - No door unturned (Bronze): Open all the lockers in the level.
    Missing components - Primary fan (Bronze): Finish the mission using only the primary weapon.
    Oxygen fix - Close to the edge (Bronze): Your health dropped under 15 % three times.
    Oxygen fix - Orb lover (Bronze): Collect every orb in the level.
    Oxygen fix - Precision aiming (Bronze): Kill an enemy in the air.
    Reactor Battery - Everybody on board (Bronze): Kill all the enemies in the level.
    Reactor Battery - Machine Killer (Bronze): Finish the mission with accuracy higher than 90 %.
    Reactor Battery - Mathemathician (Bronze): Disable the force field before you are told to.
    Revive Razor - Clear (Bronze): Deal the final blow to the boss with the paralyzer.
    Revive Razor - Devil's number (Bronze): Fire only six bullets from a gun and than switch. Repeat the process for the duration of the mission.
    Revive Razor - Gunman (Bronze): Do not use the iron sight for the duration of the mission.
    Server takeover - Home prison (Bronze): Do not leave the center room.
    Server takeover - Slow agony (Bronze): Kill every enemy in the mission without a headshot.
    Server takeover - Switching is for cowards (Bronze): Finish the mission using only one type of weapon.
    Supersoldier - Control yourself (Bronze): Finish the mission without using any special abilities.
    Supersoldier - Eye of a bull (Bronze): Kill at least 5 enemies with headshots without reloading.
    Supersoldier - What explosives? (Bronze): Do not use explosives for the duration of the mission.
    Train escape - Getting faster (Bronze): Kill 5 enemies in 10 seconds.
    Train escape - Good old shootout (Bronze): Do not use the mounted weapon.
    Train escape - Hat-trick (Bronze): Kill 3 enemies with headshots with one magazine.
    Wagner lab walk - Cleaner (Bronze): Kill every enemy in the level.
    Wagner lab walk - Maze runner (Bronze): Finish the level in 2 minutes.
    Wagner lab walk - Too slow (Bronze): Do not get hit by the anomaly .
    Wagner port - I am out (Bronze): Finish the mission with no ammunition left.
    Wagner port - Peekaboo (Bronze): Hide from the boss for 1 minute in total.
    Wagner port - Teleportphobia (Bronze): Do not use more teleports than you have to.
    Water suply - Never too careful (Bronze): Use every healing chamber in the level.
    Water suply - Not in a hurry (Bronze): Finish the mission without using the stamina.
    Water suply - Sneaky is my middle name (Bronze): Do not alert the drone.
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