Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae (Platinum): All the trophies unlocked.
    Kenshi (Bronze): Watch the tutorial.
    Kenkaku (Bronze): Clear Easy difficulty.
    Kengo (Silver): Clear Normal difficulty.
    Kensei (Gold): Clear Hard difficulty.
    Ten Lives (Bronze): Defeat 10 enemies.
    Hundred Lives (Bronze): Defeat 100 enemies.
    Thousand Lives (Silver): Defeat 1000 enemies.
    Your Life is Mine (Bronze): Use Zanshin to defeat an enemy.
    Prepare Yourself (Bronze): Use Zanshin to defeat 50 enemies.
    All Must Fall (Silver): Use Zanshin to defeat 100 enemies.
    50 Hit Combo (Bronze): String 50 hits.
    100 Hit Combo (Bronze): String 100 hits.
    Gleaming Edge (Bronze): Perform the holy technique "Celestial Judgement".
    Raging Edge (Bronze): Perform the holy technique "Divine Wind".
    Insight (Bronze): Perform a Just Guard.
    Mind's Eye (Silver): Perform 10 Just Guards.
    Unmatched (Bronze): Perform a Counter.
    Untouchable (Silver): Perform 10 Counters.
    Flash of Light (Bronze): Perform a Flourish.
    Ultimate Light (Silver): Perform 10 Flourishes.
    Divine (Bronze): Reach "Mitsurugi" zeal level.
    Ready for Anything (Gold): Complete all upgrades.
    Provident (Silver): Collect 100,000 SP.
    Toughness (Silver): Max out Life Gauge.
    Diligence (Silver): Max out Katana Gauge.

Additionally, there are eight secret trophies:

    Mitsurugi (Gold): Clear Very Hard difficulty.
    Kaina (Bronze): Defeat stage 1 boss "Kaina".
    Kaiser (Silver): Defeat stage 2 boss "Kaiser".
    Suzuka (Silver): Defeat stage 3 boss "Suzuka".
    Magatsu Kaina (Silver): Defeat stage 4 boss "Magatsu Kaina".
    Magatsu Suzuka (Silver): Defeat stage 5 boss "Magatsu Suzuka".
    Magatsu Hino Tsurugi (Silver): Defeat stage 6 boss "Magatsu Hino Tsurugi".
    Top of Her Class (Gold): Clear Inferno difficulty.
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