NBA Ballers: Rebound


  • Cheat mode

    Select the "Inside Stuff" option, then choose the "Phrase-ology" selection. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

      All alternate gear, players, and movies

      Enter "NBA BALLERS TRUE PLAYA" as a code to unlock all alternate gear, players, and movies.

      Allen Iverson's Recording Studio

      Enter "THE ANSWER" as a code to unlock Allen Iverson's Recording Studio.

      Chris Weber's alternate gear

      Enter "24 SECONDS" as a code to unlock Chris Weber's alternate gear.

      Clyde Drexler's alternate gear

      Enter "CLYDE THE GLIDE" as a code to unlock Clyde Drexler's alternate gear.

      Julius Erving's alternate gear

      Enter "ONE ON ONE" as a code to unlock Julius Erving's alternate gear.

      Karl Malone's Winter Chalet

      Enter "ICE HOUSE" as a code to unlock Karl Malone's Winter Chalet.

      Lebron James' alternate gear

      Enter "KING JAMES" as a code to unlock Lebron James' alternate gear.

      Scottie Pippen's Yacht

      Enter "NICE YACHT" as a code to unlock Scottie Pippen's Yacht.

      Steve Francis' alternate gear

      Enter "RISING STAR" or "ANKLE BREAKER" as a code to unlock Steve Francis' alternate gear.

      Wilt Chamberlain's alternate gear

      Enter "WILT THE STILT" as a code to unlock Wilt Chamberlain's alternate gear.

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