Patapon 3

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Hoshipon Shop

    Achieve a team goal to unlock the Hoshipon Shop.

  • Meden Mart

    Successfully complete the Cave Of Valour to unlock the Meden Mart.

  • Completion unlockables

    Successfully complete the game to be presented with three options for unlockables. Option 1 is Dark Uber Heroes playable in VS mode, Option 2 is Extra Labyrinth in Multi mode, and Option 3 is unfreeze Priestess.

  • Music select

    Unlock all three endings. Then, any music purchased from Hoshipon's shop will be played instead of the normal background music when selected.

  • Gaining Fever faster

    Stop to "Party" to fill your fever bar faster than walking, attacking, or defending. Note: This is helpful before a Boss fight.

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