Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe


  • Play as New Goblin

    While standing on the Helicarrier, press Left, Down, Right(2), Down, Left to unlock New Goblin.

  • Play as Sandman

    While standing on the Helicarrier, press Right(3), Up, Down, Left to unlock Sandman.

  • Play as Venom

    While standing on the Helicarrier, press Left(2), Right, Up, Down(2) to unlock Venom.

  • 5,000 upgrade points

    While standing on the Helicarrier, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right to get 5,000 extra upgrade points. Note: This code can only be enabled one time.

  • Hero Concepts

    Successfully complete the game. Then, continue on the cleared saved game file, and successfully complete Tokyo: Area 1 to unlock the Hero Concepts.

  • Villain Concepts

    Play a game in Memorable Battle mode to unlock the Villain Concepts.

  • Play as Carnage

    Play through Co-op mode to unlock Carnage.

  • Bonus characters

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

      Black Cat: Successfully complete Toyko level 1.
      Blade: Successfully complete Transylvania level 2.
      Doc Ock: Defeat him in Tokyo level 2.
      Green goblin: Defeat him in Tokyo level 4.
      Iron Fist: Successfully complete Tangaroa island Level 3.
      Lizard: Successfully complete Cairo level 2.
      New Goblin: Successfully complete the game.
      Rhino: Defeat him in Tangaroa Island level 4.
      Sandman: Defeat him in Cairo level 4.
      Scorpion: Defeat him in Tangaroa island level 2.
      Venom: Defeat him in Transylvania level 4.

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