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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Chess: I have the solution! (Bronze): Succeed at a challenge.
    Chess: Strategist (Silver): Succeed at all of the challenges.
    Chess: & Mate! (Silver): Finish Adventure mode.
    Chess: Just the beginning (Bronze): Win an on-line match.
    Mah-jong: Tiles, done! (Bronze): Finish a board.
    Mah-jong: Next! (Bronze): Finish an Adventure mode world.
    Mah-jong: Eagle eye (Silver): Finish all of the Adventure mode worlds.
    Mah-jong: Cupid (Silver): Make up more than 5,000 pairs.
    Solitaire: End of the road (Silver): Finish Adventure mode.
    Solitaire: Crossing the desert (Bronze): Score 50,000 points.
    Solitaire: Solitaire King (Silver): Get a score of 100,000.
    Solitaire: Centenarian (Bronze): Win 100 matches in all of the games.
    Solitaire: Patience... (Bronze): Win a game of each of the 5 games.
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