Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational



Note: This game is also titled Everybody's Golf: World Invitational and Minna No Golf 6.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      All our thanks to Everybody's Golfers! (Platinum): Get every trophy.
      Overwhelming Power (Bronze): Hit a drive over 350 yards in an official round.
      Putting Pro (Bronze): Sink a putt over 15m long in an official round.
      Watery Wonder (Bronze): Skip the ball across water three or more times in a row in an official round.
      My First Chip-In (Bronze): Perform a chip-in in an official round.
      My First Birdie (Bronze): Score a birdie in an official round.
      Rockin' Score (Bronze): Score an eagle in an official round.
      It's a Miracle! (Silver): Score an albatross in an official round.
      Go for the Ace! (Silver): Score an hole-in-one in an official round.
      Greased Lightning (Silver): Perform a rising shot in an official round.
      Perfect Spiral (Silver): Perform a spiral shot in an official round.
      Chaser of the Flame (Silver): Perform a homing shot in an official round.
      Daily Participant (Bronze): Enter a Daily Int'l Tournament and complete the round.
      Fancy Dresser (Bronze): Purchase a costume.
      Absolute Class (Bronze): Purchase a Lv3 club or ball.
      Gear Master (Silver): Purchase Lv3 versions of every ball with levels.
      True Dedication (Bronze): Raise one character's loyalty to max.
      I Love Everybody! (Gold): Raise all characters' loyalty to max.
      Courses Complete! (Bronze): Gain membership to every course.
      Audiophile (Bronze): Purchase every Music track.
      Gear Collector (Bronze): Purchase every type of ball and club.
      Art Fancier (Bronze): Purchase every piece of concept art.
      SOLD OUT (Gold): Purchase every item in the shop.
      Starry Night (Silver): Collect every star in Challenge Mode.
      King of Kings (Gold): Collect every crown in Challenge Mode.
      Lobby Character Part Collector (Bronze): Collect over 50% of the normal parts.
      Lobby Character Part Lover (Silver): Collect over 50% of the special parts.
      Lobby Character Part Maniac (Gold): Collect over 50% of the deluxe parts.

    Additionally, there are nine secret trophies:

      Shot Type Selector (Bronze): Use every shot type in an official round.
      Fear the Receptionist! (Bronze): Gain access to Amy as a playable character.
      The Challenge Begins (Bronze): Win VS Isabelle on Beginner Rank.
      So Long, Amateur League (Bronze): Win VS Pancho on Amateur Rank.
      A True Hot Shots Golfer (Bronze): Win VS Grace on Pro Rank.
      Chewing Up Challenges (Bronze): Win VS Stuart on Bronze Rank.
      The Climax! (Bronze): Win VS Max on Silver Rank.
      Journey's End...? (Silver): Win VS Pandora on Gold Rank.
      The Real Ending! (Gold): Win VS Izzak on Platinum Rank.

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