Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe In Peril


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Your Fabulous No-Prize! (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
      Not So Secret War (Bronze): Finish Sand Central Station.
      Walter wouldn't like that (Bronze): Finish Baxter Building.
      One True Goblin (Bronze): Finish Oscorp.
      Maximum-Maximum Security (Bronze): Finish The Raft.
      Give Yourself 12% of the Credit (Bronze): Finish Stark Tower.
      Welcome to the secret Hydra Base (Bronze): Finish Hydra Base.
      We're Not in Oklahoma Anymore (Bronze): Finish Asgard.
      1407 Graymalkin Lane (Bronze): Finish X-Mansion.
      Diplomatic Immunity (Bronze): Finish Castle Doom.
      Victor Von Doomed (Bronze): Finish Doctor Doom's Tanker.
      Children of the Atoms (Bronze): Finish New York Power Station.
      Welcome to Mutant Nation (Bronze): Finish Island M.
      Carbon nano tubes for the win (Bronze): Finish Asteroid M: Space.
      I do not recognize your authority (Bronze): Finish Asteroid M: Showdown.
      Ultimate Nullifier? Pah! (Bronze): Finish Heroes vs. Galactus.
      Better than an Infinity Gauntlet (Silver): Collect all Red Bricks.
      Avengers (and the Rest) Assembled (Silver): Collect all characters.
      Bagged and Boarded (Gold): 100% the game.
      Hey, Don't I Know You? (Bronze): Have Captain America and Human Torch on the same screen.
      Not Such a Puny Human (Bronze): Finish a level as Banner.
      Agent X??? (Bronze): Walk past Deadpool as Deadpool.
      The First Family (Silver): Unlock the Future Foundation characters.
      The Best There Is at What You Do (Silver): Unlock all Wolverine variants.
      End of Phase 1? (Silver): Finish all levels.
      Role Reversal (Bronze): Defeat the Green Goblin as Gwen Stacy.
      Coulson Lives (Bronze): Beat Loki as Agent Coulson in Asgard.
      Hero (Bronze): Complete all challenges in one level.
      Heroic (Bronze): Complete all challenges in 20 levels.
      Super Hero (Silver): Complete all Challenges.
      Never-Ending Battle Between Good and Evil (Bronze): Beat the Red Skull as Captain America and Captain America (WW2).
      Super, Super Hero (Silver): Unlock the Creator.
      I Could Really Use a Sidekick (Bronze): Tag in War Machine while playing as Iron Man.
      I Got You (Bronze): Tag in Pepper Potts (Rescue) while playing as Tony Stark.
      This Looks Like a Marriage to Me (Bronze): Beat Doctor Octopus as Aunt May.
      Clone Saga (Bronze): Beat the Green Goblin as Scarlet Spider (Classic).
      Well, at Least It Ended for You Better this Time (Bronze): Beat Abomination as Red Hulk.
      Damon Ryder! Is that you? (Bronze): Beat a Raptor as Scarlet Spider (Classic).
      Are You Ever Not Going to Fall for That? (Bronze): Beat the 3 Loki holograms as Thor in Galactus B.
      I'm Not Overly Fond of What Follows (Bronze): Tag in Thor to battle Loki.
      Hall of Armour (Silver): Unlock all Iron Man suits.
      Spider Wars (Silver): Unlock all Spider-Man suits.
      And Now....the Wolverine! (Bronze): Tag in Wolverine to finish the Abomination.
      The Punisher Strikes Twice (Bronze): Tag in the Punisher twice while playing as Spider-Man.
      Prisoners of Doctor Doom (Bronze): Defeat Doctor Doom with every member of the Fantastic Four.
      Hawkeye, the Marksman! (Bronze): Complete Stark Tower A, B and C with Hawkeye as a tag partner.
      Oh, My Stars and Garters... (Bronze): Team up Beast and Star-Lord.
      Give the Daredevil His Due (Bronze): Call in Daredevil with only one heart remaining.
      The Coming of Galactus (Bronze): Complete Heroes vs. Galactus A with the Thing.
      If This Be Doomsday... (Bronze): Complete Heroes vs. Galactus B with the Human Torch.
      The Startling Saga of the Silver Surfer (Bronze): Complete Heroes vs. Galactus C with the Silver Surfer.
      Green Politics (Bronze): Beat Iron Man (Hulkbuster) with the Hulk.
      Just Like Doc Ock's First Appearance... (Bronze): Beat Doctor Octopus with Human Torch in your team.

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