Men's Room Mayhem


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      One Down... (Bronze): Serve Your First Patron.
      Get Your Hands Dirty (Bronze): First full cleanup (all toilets and sinks cleaned).
      Bronze Award (Bronze): Complete All Bronze Objectives.
      Silver Award (Silver): Complete All Silver Objectives.
      Gold Award (Gold): Complete All Gold Objectives.
      Care in the Community (Bronze): Serve the Old Man in the Hotel.
      Intruder Alert! (Bronze): Serve the Woman in the Nightclub.
      Drunk and Disorderly (Bronze): Serve the Drunk in the Biker Bar.
      Peace and Love (Bronze): Serve the Hippie at the Festival.
      The Tinkle Twins (Bronze): Serve the Clown Twins at the Circus.
      Sand in the Face (Bronze): Serve the Bully at the Beach.
      Hygiene Award (Bronze): Survive 3 waves with everyone washing their hands.
      Mayhem Master (Bronze): Survive 3 waves with a full mayhem meter.
      Toilet Trouble (Silver): Have 12 patrons on screen at once in Blitz Mode.

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