Rayman Legends



  • Bonus costumes

    Collect the indicated number of Lums to unlock the corresponding costume in the Heroes Gallery:

      Flaming Teensy: 440,000 Lums
      Globolk: 350,000 Lums
      GlobTeen: 20,000 Lums
      Glombrox: 75,000 Lums
      Ninja Teensy: 280,000 Lums
      Poglox: 500,000 Lums
      Raybox: 40,000 Lums
      Raymesis: 130,000 Lums
      Raymolk: 220,000 Lums
      Rayomz: 1,000,000 Lums
      Red Globox: 14,000 Lums
      Sir Rayelot: 2,000 Lums
      Teensy Hermit: 170,000 Lums
      Teensy Queen: 55,000 Lums
      Teensy Ray: 5,000 Lums
      Teensy Wizard: 100,000 Lums
      The First King: 750,000 Lums

  • All Gold and Diamond cups and hidden Teensies locations

    The following video shows you how to get all Gold and Diamond cups, and the location of all hidden Teensies in the "Teensies In Trouble" level.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      True legend! (Platinum): Win all trophies in the game!
      Welcome the Barbarian Princess (Bronze): Rescue Barbara.
      Princess savior! (Silver): Rescue the 10 princesses.
      Journey to the moon (Silver): Get rid of the five Dark Teensies.
      The Coop (Bronze): Win all the creatures.
      Nostalgic (Bronze): Finish your first "Back to Origins" painting.
      Historian (Silver): Finish all the "Back to Origins" paintings.
      Teensies' friend (Bronze): Free 100 Teensies.
      Teensies' hero (Silver): Free 300 Teensies.
      The Shining (Gold): Unlock the Golden Teensy.
      Swiped clean! (Bronze): Save all the Teensies in one world to win a Diamond Cup.
      Legendary (Silver): Get All Legends Adventure Diamond Cups.
      Back to the roots (Silver): Get All Origins Adventure Diamond Cups.
      Challenger! (Bronze): Win a cup at the end of a Challenge.
      That's the spirit! (Silver): Unlock all the Challenge paintings.
      Champion! (Gold): Win a diamond cup at the end of a Challenge.
      Perfect Touch! (Bronze): Complete one Murfy Challenge painting without taking a hit.
      Millionnaire! (Gold): Gather 1 million Lums to unlock the final Hero.
      Lucky! (Bronze): Scratch 10 Lucky Tickets
      We could be heroes (Bronze): Collect enough Lums to unlock 10 Heroes paintings in the Heroes Gallery.
      Wataaaa! (Bronze): Pull a turnip out of the ground with a crush attack, then hit it with a jump kick.
      Killer Turnips (Silver): Kill 10 enemies with turnips.
      Dragon Slayer (Silver): Shoot all the dragons in the "How to Shoot your Dragon" painting using the slingshot.
      Terminator! (Silver): Kill All Toad Boss Minions.
      Axe skater (Bronze): Perform an Axe Glide for 30 meters.
      Shadow Man (Bronze): Complete any "20 000 Lums under the sea" painting without being spotted by the lights.
      Tickle Tickle! (Bronze): Tickle 50 enemies.
      Bad joke (Bronze): Destroy the parachutes of 5 enemies to make them fall.
      Golden Finger (Bronze): Score 5000 Lums with Murfy.
      Talk to the hand! (Bronze): Squeeze 20 Creatures in the scenery using Murfy.
      Aweso me! (Gold): Reach the final level of Awesomeness.
      Face the Darkness (Silver): Punch a Dark Creature in the "Olympus Maximus" world.
      Road kill (Silver): In one run of "Lucha Libre Get Away", let the Luchador kill 10 enemies for you.
      Friendly Fire (Bronze): kill a Toad using his magnetic projectile.
      Fire with Fire (Bronze): Counter 10 Toad's FireBalls with the Flying Punch.
      Perfect! (Bronze): Get the 3 Lums cups and the 3 Teensy cups of a painting.
      Shoot them up! (Bronze): Get rid of 100 enemies with the Flying Punch.
      Rubber Ducks (Bronze): Destroy 5 Rubber Ducks sent by Sharkmen.

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