Soul Sacrifice



  • Black Rites

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Black Rite:

      Excalibur: Increase your Magic to Level 40.
      Gleipnir: Increase your Magic to Level 20.
      Gorgon: Increase your Life to Level 20.
      Gungir: Increase both your Life and Magic to Level 40 (same time).
      Vulcan: Increase your Life to Level 40.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Epic Tale of Sorcerers (Platinum): Acquired all trophies.
      Foreshadowing of Despair (Bronze): Fulfilled pacts of Chapter I of The Sorcerer's Ordeal.
      Unavoidable Fate (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for The Sorcerer's Ordeal.
      Greed Incarnate Knows Money (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for The Wicked Sorcerer.
      Rightful Form (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Child of a Monster.
      Dark Mirror (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Ballad of a Werewolf.
      The Unwavering Will (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for The Knight of Vengeance.
      Sorcerer's Calling (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Several Years Later.
      Cursed Past (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Destinies Past.
      Mad Feast (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Fading Humanity.
      Puppet Holiday (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Beginning of the End.
      The Fate of the World (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Only Memories Remain.
      Bucking Fate (Gold): Read through all Magusar chapters and staff credits.
      A Brave New World (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Innocence.
      Power of Covetousness (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Desire.
      Something Lost, Something Gained (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Reparation.
      Atonement (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Atonement.
      To Win at all Costs (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Envy.
      My Power Rules All (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Pride.
      Waypoint (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Judgment.
      The Road Traveled (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Remorse.
      The Jury's Perspective (Bronze): Fulfilled all pacts for Penitence.
      A Better Tomorrow (Silver): Fulfilled all pacts for Recursion.
      Commanding Awe (Gold): Completed all Avalon Pacts.
      Fully-Fledged Sorcerer (Bronze): Defeated 10 archfiends.
      Path of a Great Sorcerer (Bronze): Defeated 20 archfiends.
      Elementary Sorcerer (Bronze): Acquired 100 Offerings.
      Gradual Gain of Power (Bronze): Acquired 500 Offerings.
      To be Known for Greatness (Bronze): Acquired 1000 Offerings.
      Caring for your Wares (Bronze): Repaired 50 Offerings.
      Humble Beginnings (Bronze): Acquired one selectable raiment.
      Stylish Sorcerer (Bronze): Acquired 60 selectable raiments.
      Forbidden for a Reason (Bronze): Learned a new Black Rite.
      Last Resort, Secret Technique (Bronze): Learned 5 Black Rites.
      Thoughts Flow in the Arm (Bronze): Acquired 100 soul/life essences.
      Emotions Swirl in the Arm (Bronze): Acquired 1000 soul/life essences.
      Elementary Offering Fusing (Bronze): Fused Offerings.
      To be a Better Sorcerer (Bronze): Acquired 50 Offerings by fusing.
      Without a Scratch (Bronze): Earn the "Unscathed Kill" award in an Avalon pact.
      Boundless Strength (Silver): Score 450 points or more in one pact.
      Boil, Torch, and Torment (Bronze): Inflict 5 ailments on an archfiend.
      Light-footed Sorcerer (Silver): Killed archfiend in single player mode with 1 Offering.
      Spinner of Legends (Silver): Achieve the rank of “Legendary Sorcerer” 50 times.
      The Path of Cooperation (Bronze): Relived a pact in multiplayer.
      What it Means to Fight Together (Bronze): Relived 20 pacts in multiplayer.
      Sorcerer with a Swift Arm (Bronze): Relived 100 pacts in multiplayer.
      Magical Milestones (Bronze): Visited many places on pacts.
      Taboos should be Challenged (Bronze): Used a Black Rite.
      I Decide Who Lives and Who Dies (Bronze): Life level or magic level reached 20.
      Thy Strength Runneth Over (Silver): Life level or magic level reached 99.

    Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

      More Power, More Courage (Bronze): Held 30 of one Offering.
      Sorrow of Solitude (Bronze): Teased Librom in 3 different ways.
      From Cover to Cover (Bronze): Opened all pages of Librom.
      Pure and Straight (Bronze): Started pact with 6 identical Offerings.
      Use What You Can (Bronze): Unleashed 4 spells with no offerings equipped in one pact.
      The Offering Offers Power (Bronze): Used a Chest of Fortune in pact.

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