Jaws Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES, Windows, and More


Jaws Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES, Windows, and More

Jaws Summary

Yes, it was a book before it was a movie, and before it was a game.

Jaws is a Nintendo Entertainment System game first released in 1987. Based upon the movie, and the book of the same name. A great white shark, named Bruce in the movie and books, and simply Jaws in the game, has been eating people off the coast of Amity Island. This great white is big, quite tough, and most importantly, vicious. Great whites normally don’t attack people, but this shark is an exception to the rule. This game features a 2D side-scrolling element, where the player must dive into the water to gather various upgrades and avoid the titular shark.


Upon release, the game saw mixed reviews. With some praising the game’s faithfulness to the source materials, and others calling it a dull and repetitive side scroller. It was also released around the time of the various Jaws sequels, which, due to poor reception, only further eroded interest in this game.

Jaws Premise

Following roughly the same plot as the movie, Jaws sees a great white shark attacking a beach. The player, a boat captain, and experienced diver, is tasked with slaying the titular Jaws and returning peace to the cove once again. The only problem is that Jaws is remarkably tough, and you can’t take him on right away. Instead, the boat captain sails back and forth between two ports, collecting loot from the sea floor. As he does, he grows more powerful, and hopefully, strong enough to take on Jaws himself…

To become strong enough to actually kill Jaws, the shark, not the franchise, the player has to collect various items. These range from sea life like crabs (which increase the player’s movement speed), to stars, which increase points, and conches. To buy and sell equipment, there are two ports on the map. The first of which gives you the game’s most crucial item, a receiver, which tracks the location of Jaws. As one might expect, you’re going to be paying attention to this device, a lot. The faster it beeps, the closer this hungry great white is. And it would be in your best interest to be as far from him as possible. Unless, of course, you’re feeling brave.

Interestingly, there is one last twist. Once Jaw’s health has been reduced, you’ll get to see what it was like for the men in the boat. And, perhaps, get a chance to drive the boat itself through Jaw’s heart.

Have fun!

Jaws Main Characters 

  • Jaws. Yes, that is the name of the shark. Jaws here is the most dangerous foe in the game. While it is unknown if he is Bruce from Jaws Proper, it doesn’t change the fact this shark can kill you fairly easily. As such, it is up to the player to avoid him in the opening stages of the game.
  •  The Player. Whether or not the player is the same Brody from the Jaws film is unknown, but since there’s nothing to indicate either way, we’re going with a no. The player’s job is to kill Jaws in a variety of levels.
  •  The Ports. These are where you’ll buy and sell equipment, gaining new items to help combat Jaws and underwater enemies. At the first port, you’ll get a receiver, which acts as an alarm for when Jaws gets a bit too close.

Jaws Titles of Video Games in the Series 

  • Jaws (1987)
  •  Jaws: The Computer Game (1989)
  •  Jaws (1989)
  •  Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure (2001)
  •  Jaws Unleashed (2006)
  •  Jaws: Ultimate Predator (2011)
  •  Pinball FX 3 (2017)

Jaws Cheat Codes 

Alright, let’s cover some cheats!

Sound Test

On Player 2’s controller, hold Up, Left, and B, then reset the console to find a sound test at the title screen.

Cheat Mode

Exit divingA (Diving Mode)
Instant “You’ve hit Jaws!”A (Map Mode)
Extra nine livesA+B (Diving Mode)
Instant killing of Jaws; proceed to boss fightB (Diving Mode)
Instant “You’ve hit something!”B (Map Mode)

Jaws Cheat Code FAQs

Alright, let’s cover some FAQs!

  • How do you beat Jaws in NES? Hit A when Jaws, the shark, is in front of the boat to make him jump. Wait until Jaws is about at the black line just off the boat, then press A. Then press B to stab him with the front of the boat. Jaws rotates around when he jumps, exposing his white belly for a second. Then, hit him!
  •  When did the Jaws game come out? 1987.
  •  What is the arcade game in Jaws? An unrelated arcade game called Killer Shark. 

And that’s all for now folks, stay safe!

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