Super Mario Land Cheats & Cheat Codes

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Super Mario Land Cheats & Cheat Codes

Super Mario Land is another installment in the iconic Super Mario Bros. series. This platformer was developed by the gaming titans at Nintendo and released on April 21, 1989. Super Mario Land was actually a launch game for the Game Boy when it was released. Super Mario Land is the very first Mario platformer for the handheld console.

The phenomenal success of the Game Boy resulted in Super Mario Land being a very popular game. Critics and fans fell in love with the game, resulting in more than 18 million copies sold worldwide. Although Super Mario Land is one of the smaller Mario games, it is still a fan-favorite game in the series.

Super Mario Land Premise

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Super Mario Land follows the classic Mario platformer formula. Players will jump their way through levels to save a princess from an evil tyrant. This time, things are a little different, though. Players aren’t in the Mushroom Kingdom, they aren’t saving Princess Peach, and Bowser isn’t their enemy.

In Super Mario Land players will explore the brand-new Sarasaland. Their mission is to save Princess Daisy from an evil spaceman known as Tatanga. This is the first game in which Daisy appears. In order to save Daisy, players will have to beat twelve levels and pilot airplanes and submarines equipped with weapons.

Super Mario Land Main Characters

As expected, players will control Nintendo’s number one mascot and the titular character, Mario. Although Mario is the same as everSuper Mario Land introduced a lot of new elements to the series. Princess Daisy would become a mainstay in the series and is loved by fans to this day. These new elements also made Super Mario Land stand out among other games in the series. The spacemen, UFOs, and empty white voids gave Super Mario Land a unique sci-fi feel.

Super Mario Land Series

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The Super Mario series is arguably one of the most well-known gaming franchises to exist. Almost every gamer in the world has played at least one of the games in the series. Although the very first Super Mario game came out in 1985, the series is still going strong to this day. The last Super Mario game to be released was Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which was nominated for Game of the Year. Here is a list of every Super Mario game that has been released.

Year of ReleaseTitle
1985Super Mario Bros.
1986Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
1988Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
1989Super Mario Land
1990Super Mario World
1992Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
1995Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
1996Super Mario 64
2002Super Mario Sunshine
2006New Super Mario Bros.
2007Super Mario Galaxy
2009New Super Mario Bros. Wii
2010Super Mario Galaxy 2
2011Super Mario 3D Land
2012New Super Mario Bros. 2
New Super Mario Bros. U
2013Super Mario 3D World
2015Super Mario Maker
2016Super Mario Run
2017Super Mario Odyssey
2019Super Mario Maker 2
2021Bowser’s Fury
2023Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Land Cheat Codes

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Super Mario Land does not have any in game cheat codes, but it does have multiple secrets and exploits. With these secrets players will be able to quickly breeze through the game and dominate any obstacle that stands in their way.

Continue After DeathAfter receiving a “game over” while in the Easter Island level, keep pushing start when the words “game over” appear. Doing this will bypass the game over function. You can continue to play without having to start over.
The Egyptian ElevatorYou must be Big Mario for this cheat! On the third level beat the first lion and then destroy the second to last block. After that jump up into the space where the block was. That should result in an elevator that will bring you up to a platform which is at the end has a pipe.
Easy Win Against HiyoihoiYou must be Big Mario for this cheat! When you get to Hiyoihoi, Let him hit you with ONE of his Ganchans. While you are blinking, run through him and jump on the goal.
Bonus Coins on Level 2When you start the second level, go left and jump to reveal an elevator. Ride the elevator to access several coins.
Mario Can Fly!In the fourth level travel to the second pipe. Underneath the exit pipe are two breakable blocks. You must break the block closest to the wall and jump into the gap that you created. Simultaneously push and hold the control pad left. This will cause Mario to do the splits in the air and fly through the wall. You can also do this trick on level 5 with the fourth pipe.
Harder Game and Level SelectAfter you beat the game wait for the title screen. The Mushroom icon to the left of “Start” will have changed into Mario’s head. Once this happens you have entered the game’s hard mode. After you beat the game in hard mode, on the title screen is a Level Select.

Although Super Mario Land does not have any in-game cheat codes, there is still a way to add cheats to the game. For players that own a GameShark, there are multiple codes that can be used to alter the game. For convenience, we’ve broken down each GameShark code in the list below.

  • Character Modifier
    • Airplane: 01??03C20D
    • Bug: 01??03C221
    • Cloud: 01??03C22A
    • Mario’s Hand?: 01??03C20F
    • Submarine: 01??03C20A
  • Enemies Disabled: 01FF00D1
  • First Item Modifier
    • Extra Life: 01??1FC92A
    • Fire Flower: 01??1FC92D
    • Instant Extra Life: 01??1FC92B
    • Instant Fire Flower: 01??1FC92E
    • Mushroom: 01??1FC928
    • Star: 01??1FC92C
  • Infinite Continues: 010902C0
  • Infinite Lives: 010315DA
  • Infinite Time: 019961DA
  • Invincibility: 01ECD3C0 or 01F5D3C0
  • Multi Jump: 01070AC2
  • Music Modifier: 01??E8DF
  • Pause Modifier: 01??B2FF (00-0F)
  • Play as Daisy: 012203C2
  • Play Behind the Scenery: 018F04C2
  • White Mario: 011004C2

Super Mario Land Cheat Code FAQ

Unfortunately, Super Mario Land does not have any in-game cheat codes. Thankfully there are a bunch of unique and interesting secrets and exploits in the game that players can use. With these secrets, players will be able to easily beat bosses and skip levels.

Players that own a GameShark can also add cheats with a number of codes. These codes can unlock new features in the game, like allowing players to control Daisy or remove the enemies from the level.

What are cheat codes?

Cheat codes are exploits that change the game’s behavior and give players an advantage. They may help solve a puzzle, make the player invincible, or do some other action that would not take place without them.

They can also make the game more accessible to casual gamers or those who find its current state inaccessible.

What is a GameShark?

A GameShark is a cheat device allowing players to input different cheats and passwords for multiple consoles like the SNES, Game Cube, Commodore 64, GameBoy, and so much more. They manipulate the memory of the game code itself to allow cheats like infinite health, more powerful weapons, and even saving the game when it is not intended to have a save mechanic.

How long does it take to beat Super Mario Land?

According to HowLongtoBeat.com, Super Mario Land takes about an hour to beat. Most players should be able to beat the game in one sitting. For players planning to do absolutely everything in the game it will take on average an hour and a half.

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