Backyard Soccer

Game Shark Codes

Player 1 Codes
Always Have Bowling Ball300BD43E 0003
300BD442 00FF
Always Have Cannonball300BD43E 0004
300BD442 00FF
Always Have Twister300BD43E 0001
300BD442 00FF
Always Have Underground300BD43E 0002
300BD442 00FF
Scores 0300BD428 0000
Scores 25300BD428 0019
Score Modifier300BD428 00??
Player 2 Codes
Always Have Bowling Ball300BDA9A 0003
300BDA9E 00FF
Always Have Cannonball300BDA9A 0004
300BDA9E 00FF
Always Have Twister300BDA9A 0001
300BDA9E 00FF
Always Have Underground300BDA9A 0002
300BDA9E 00FF
Scores 0300BDA84 0000
Scores 25300BDA84 0019
Score Modifier300BDA84 00??

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