Buster Brothers Collection

Strategy Guide

  • Bonus levels (Buster Buddies)

    While selecting a normal game, press X on both controllers. Now there will be ten extra stages available for game play.

  • Level select (Super Buster Brothers and Buster Buddies)

    While selecting a normal game, press Down + X.

    Game Shark Codes

    Buster Brothers
    Infinite Lives P1800C5940 0003
    Infinite Lives P2800C59C0 0003
    Infinite Credits (Both Players)800C7012 0403
    Infinite Time800FB31C 0063
    Invincibility P1800C5938 0108
    Invincibility P2800C59B8 0108
    Super Buster Brothers
    Infinite Lives P1800A4A10 0403
    Infinite Lives P2800A4A90 0403
    Infinite Time800A4970 9900
    Infinite Credits (Both Players)800A6492 0304
    Buster Buddies
    Infinite Lives P130171226 0003
    Infinite Lives P230171227 0003
    Infinite Time80171220 6300
    Invincibility P18008F348 0001
    Invincibility P28008F408 0001

  • X
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