Strategy Guide

  • Unlimited gold

    Start a game in multiplayer mode and give all gold to one character. Then, save the game for the character with the gold, but not the other character. Restart the game, and the player that was not saved will have the same amount of gold present before giving it to the other character. Now repeat this process to build an unlimited amount of gold. Note: This may also be done with elixers after they appear in the game to allow a character with enhanced attributes to be built. -From: bighairydog@webtv.net

    Game Shark Codes

    Joker CommandD00B68B8 ????
    Must Enter Before Entering Any Codes
    Master CodeD000E218 0000
    Code Protection Breaker300005F4 0002
    Player 1 Codes
    Infinite Life800D9354 FFFF
    800D9356 0001
    Infinite Mana800D9368 FFFF
    800D936A 0001
    Quick Level Up800D937A 5FFF
    Infinite Gold80070150 0000
    800D9388 FFFF
    800D938A 02FF
    Infinite Distribution Points800D9340 029B
    Infinite AC800DABD0 FFFF
    Max Strength800D9332 00FF
    Max Magic800D9336 00FF
    Max Dexterity800D933A 00FF
    Max Vitality800D933E 00FF
    Max Damage800D9374 0064
    Max Life800D934E 0002
    800D9352 0002
    Max Mana800D9362 0002
    800D9366 0002
    Max Magic Protection300D9385 0064
    Max Fire Protection300D9386 0064
    Max Lightning Protection300D9387 0064
    Have All Spells800D92F0 FFFF
    800D92F2 FFFF
    800D92F4 FFFF
    Active & Max Levels for all Spells800D92AA 0F0F
    800D92AC 0F0F
    800D92AE 0F0F
    800D92B0 0F0F
    800D92B2 0F0F
    800D92B4 0F0F
    800D92B6 0F0F
    800D92B8 0F0F
    800D92BA 0F0F
    800D92BC 0F0F
    800D92BE 0F0F
    800D92C0 0F0F
    800D92C6 0F0F
    800D92C8 0F0F
    800D92CA 0F0F
    Weapon Type Mod800D95EC ?? ??
    Weapon Picture Mod800DAB94 0???
    Item Name Mod800DAB6E ????
    Player 2 Codes
    Infinite Life800DAD3C FFFF
    800DAD3E 0001
    Infinite Mana800DAD50 FFFF
    800DAD52 0001
    Quick Level Up800DAD62 5FFF
    Infinite Gold80070150 0000
    800DAD70 FFFF
    800DAD72 02FF
    Infinite Distribution Points800DAD28 029B
    Infinite AC800DC5B8 FFFF
    Max Strength800DAD1A 00FF
    Max Magic800DAD1E 00FF
    Max Dexterity800DAD22 00FF
    Max Vitality800DAD26 00FF
    Max Damage800DAD5C 0064
    Max Life800DAD36 0002
    800DAD3A 0002
    Max Mana800DAD4A 0002
    800DAD4E 0002
    Max Magic Protection300DAD6D 0064
    Max Fire Protection300DAD6E 0064
    Max Lightning Protection300DAD6F 0064
    Have All Spells800DACD8 FFFF
    Active & Max Levels for all Spells800DAC92 0F0F
    800DAC94 0F0F
    800DAC96 0F0F
    800DAC98 0F0F
    800DAC9A 0F0F
    800DAC9C 0F0F
    800DAC9E 0F0F
    800DACA0 0F0F
    800DACA2 0F0F
    800DACA4 0F0F
    800DACA6 0F0F
    800DACA8 0F0F
    800DACAE 0F0F
    800DACB0 0F0F
    800DACB2 0F0F
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Type Mod Part 1 Code
    00 - Item
    01 - Weapon
    02 - Armor
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Type Mod Part 2 Code
    00 - Item
    01 - One Handed Weapon
    02 - Two Handed Weapon
    03 - Armor
    04 - Head Gear
    05 - Arm Gear
    06 - Neck Gear
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Picture Mod Code
    00 - Full Mana Potion
    01 - Scroll?
    02 - Scroll?
    03 - Scroll?
    42 - Club
    76 - Short Bow
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Name Mod Code
    00BF - Club
    03C4 - Short Bow

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