Dragon Valor

  • Cheat mode

    Begin a game and defeat the first Boss. Go to the trader's home and sell as many items as possible. Then, pause the game and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Select. Press Start to resume the game with more swords and FMV sequences unlocked.

    Game Shark Codes

    North American Version

    Max HP8008A5AE 0064
    8008A5B0 0064
    Max MP8008A5B2 0064
    8008A5B4 0064
    Max Val800A2DD0 2700
    Max Heal Magic300A2E06 0003
    Max Defense Magic300A2E07 0003
    Max Fire Magic300A2E08 0003
    Max Ice Magic300A2E09 0003
    Max Thunder Magic300A2E0A 0003
    Max Mine Magic300A2E0B 0003
    Max Stealth Magic300A2E0C 0003
    Max Vortex Magic300A2E0D 0003
    Max All Magic800A2E06 0303
    800A2E06 0303
    800A2E06 0303
    800A2E06 0303

    European and Australian (PAL) Version

    Infinite HP8008A8CE 001E
    Infinite MP8008A8D2 0014
    Max Val800A30F0 0FFF

    Japanese Version

    Max HP80089A6E 03E7
    80089A70 03E7
    Max MP80089A72 03E7
    80089A74 03E7
    Max Val800A2180 270F
    800A2182 0000

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