NBA Live 2001

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Creation Points801386EC 03E7
Home Team Infinite Time Outs300A8818 0009
Home Team Scores 0800A8810 0000
Home Team Scores 200800A8810 00C8
Home Team Score Modifier800A8810 00??
Home Team Starts With 100D00A8810 0000
800A8810 0064
Away Team Infinite Time Outs300A8E6C 0009
Away Team Scores 0800A8E64 0000
Away Team Scores 200800A8E64 00C8
Away Team Score Modifier800A8E64 00??
Away Team Starts With 100D00A8E64 0000
800A8E64 0064
Start in 4th QuarterD00B0514 0000
800B0514 0003
Start in OvertimeD00B0514 0000
800B0514 0004
Hold R2 For Infinite Shot TimeD00B34BA FDFF
800B0568 01F1

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