NFL GameDay 2001

  • Bonus teams

    At the team selection screen, press Circle for the Super Bowl teams. Press Circle(2) at the team selection screen for the All-Star teams.

  • NFL GameDay '99 music

    Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two to hear music from the opening of NFL GameDay '99.

  • Cheat Codes

    Enter the options screen and choose the "Easter Eggs" selection. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    All Bobo teamsALL BOBO
    All players have equal abilitiesALL EVEN
    Super speed burstsROCKET MAN
    Harder and longer passesSHOOTERS
    Receivers catch betterSTICKEM
    Better running backSUPER FOOT
    Better defensive lineLINE BUSTER
    CPU cannot kick ball farAIR CPU
    CPU plays badlyCHEATERS
    Harder tacklesCRUNCH
    More hitsJACKHAMMER
    Players have more enduranceENDURANCE
    Players fatigue easierFATIGUE
    Players named after U.S. presidentsOVAL OFFICE
    Players named after basketball starsBASKETBALL
    Players named after European league starsEURO LEAGUE
    Players named after programmersRED ZONE
    Play on bonus GameDay fieldGD FIELD
    989 Studios players989SPORTS
    Faster playersBOOSTER
    Tall, skinny playersSTICK MEN
    Small, fast playersPOP WARNER
    Tiny playersFLEA CIRCUS
    Large playersGIANTS
    Large footballBIG PIG
    Flat playersTWO D
    Cycle through cheerleaders after gameFASHION SHOW
    Frame by frame movementSTROBE LIGHT
    More injuriesHAM INJURY
    Expert modeSMARTER CPU
    Unbeatable teamUNBEATABLE

    -Some codes from:,,,,,,,,, and

    Game Shark Codes

    Allows Game to Play in a Mod-Chip System [Note]D0100094 023A
    80100096 1000
    D010000C 000A
    8010000E 1000
    Home Team Infinite Time Outs80101082 0063
    Home Team No Time Outs80101082 0000
    Home Team Always Has Ball8010105C 0000
    80101060 0001
    Home Team Scores 080101064 0000
    Home Team Scores 10080101064 0064
    Home Team Score Modifier80101064 00??
    Home Team Touch Down's Modifier8006996C 00??
    Home Team Field Goal's Modifier80069648 00??
    Home Team Safety's Modifier80069274 00??
    Home Team Extra Point's ModifierD010105C 0000
    80067C78 00??
    D010105C 0001
    80067C78 0001
    Home Team 2-Point Conversion's ModifierD010105C 0000
    80067B50 00??
    D010105C 0001
    80067B50 0002
    Away Team Infinite Time Outs80101084 0063
    Away Team No Time Outs80101084 0000
    Away Team Always Has Ball8010105C 0001
    80101060 0000
    Away Team Scores 080101068 0000
    Away Team Scores 10080101068 0064
    Away Team Score Modifier80101068 00??
    Away Team Touch Down's Modifier800699B4 00??
    Away Team Field Goal's Modifier8006968C 00??
    Away Team Safety's Modifier800691A0 00??
    Away Team Extra Point's ModifierD010105C 0001
    80067C78 00??
    D010105C 0000
    80067C78 0001
    Away Team 2-Point Conversion's ModifierD010105C 0001
    80067B50 00??
    D010105C 0000
    80067B50 0002
    Always 1st Down8010116C 0001
    Always 4th Down8010116C 0004
    Press L1 + L2 For 1st Down P180101110 0005
    8010116C 0001
    Press R1 + R2 For 4th Down P180101110 000A
    8010116C 0004
    Press L1 + L2 For 1st Down P280101120 0005
    8010116C 0001
    Press R1 + R2 For 4th Down P280101120 000A
    8010116C 0004
    Three Downs Per PossessionD010116C 0001
    8010116C 0002
    Two Downs Per PossessionD010116C 0001
    8010116C 0003
    One Down Per PossessionD010116C 0001
    8010116C 0004
    Character Creation Codes
    Max Throwing3013AC30 00FF
    Max Durability3013AC34 00FF
    Max Endurance3013AC36 00FF
    Max Vertical3013AC38 00FF
    Max Blocking3013AC3A 00FF
    Max Tackling3013AC3C 00FF
    Max Hands3013AC3E 00FF
    Max Accuracy3013AC40 00FF
    Max Break Tackles3013AC42 00FF

    Note: You must have a 2.41 or higher version of the Game Shark to use this code. If your version of the Game Shark meets that requirement, and the code still doesn't work, then add "C1000000 0000" to the code.

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