PaRappa The Rapper

Strategy Guide

  • Change Parappa's voice

    Complete the first two levels with a "Cool" rating. Then, press X(3), Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square(2), Right, Left, Square, X and finish the next level as usual. On the level 4, press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X to allow Parappa's voice to be changed. Hold R1 and press Circle or Triangle to cycle through the voices of the other characters in the game.

  • Play as a Beetle

    To play as the beetle that you face on the last stage, beat the first board on Cool!, The second board on Good! The third board on Good! The Fourth board on Cool! The Fifth board on Cool! Finally beat the last stage on Good!, But the Cool! Word has to be blinking. If you do all of these directions, there should be a new game that you can choose called, the Beetle Rappa!

  • Bonus level

    Complete each level with a "Cool" rating. A bonus level with Sunny Funny and Katy Kat dancing on a table will be accessible.

    Game Shark Codes

    Always Score 999 Points801C3670 03E7
    Rappin Modifier801C368E 000?
    Quantity Digits to Accompany
    Rappin Modifier Code
    00 - Cool
    01 - Good
    02 - Bad
    03 - Awful

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