Road Rash

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    Stop your bike until your speed is 0 MPH. Then, press L1 + R1 + Up. Now your racer will dismount from the motorcycle, enabling you to explore the scenery.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infintie Cash800DAD40 FFFF
    Infintie Nitros800837EC 000A
    Infinite Bike Energy801DD048 0080
    Infinite Energy For Yourself800831C0 0BB0
    All Tracks Qualified800DAD3C 001F
    Invulnerable80023180 0000
    80023182 0000
    800231C4 0000
    800231C6 0000
    800231C8 0000
    800231CA 0000
    No Energy for Your Bike801DD048 0000
    No Energy for Yourself800831C0 0000
    Negative Infinite Cash800DAD42 FFFF
    Race Music is On800A5BEC 0000
    Race Music is Off800A5BEC 0001
    Start on Level 1D00DAD3A 0000
    800DAD3A 0000
    Start on Level 2D00DAD3A 0000
    800DAD3A 0100
    Start on Level 3D00DAD3A 0000
    800DAD3A 0200
    Start on Level 4D00DAD3A 0000
    800DAD3A 0300
    Start on Level 5D00DAD3A 0000
    800DAD3A 0400
    Your Speed is Always ???? [Note]801D642C ????
    The Mystery Code801D60DC 105D

    Note: With this code, if you fall of your bike, your bike will keep going. So turn the Game Shark off after a wreck.

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