Ridge Racer Type 4

Strategy Guide

  • Bonus vehicles

    Unlock all 320 cars in the game. Then the Pac-Man character, which can run at 252 km/h, and the Sony Eat'em Up car will be selectable in time attack mode.

  • Extra Trial mode

    Successfully complete Gran Prix mode.

  • Bonus tracks, cars, and music (Ridge Racer High Spec Demo)

    Finish in first place in all time trial tracks and beat the time in all time attack tracks to unlock four reversed tracks, eight new cars, and a bonus song. This will also unlock another ending after the replay and other music.

  • Rage Racer information

    Use a memory card with a saved game file from Rage Racer to place your old team information on the cars in Ridge Racer Type 4.

  • Four player mode

    Connect two PlayStations via a link cable. Then a "Link Battle" mode that allows a simultaneous four player game will appear.

  • Game music

    Play track two and higher of either game disc in an audio CD player to hear music from the game.

    Game Shark Codes

    North American Version

    Unlock Extra Trial Mode800F3B24 0001
    Complete Extra Trial Mode800F3B2C 0101
    800F3B2E 0101
    Infinite Tries800AD698 0303
    Speed ModifierD00F3BEA 0100
    800AC288 ????
    Start on Last Race of Season [Note]D00F3BEA 0004
    800AD6A6 0700
    Lap 1 Time is 0:00:00800F4D58 0000
    Lap 2 Time is 0:00:00800F4D5C 0000
    Lap 3 Time is 0:00:00800F4D60 0000
    Lap 4 Time is 0:00:00800F4D64 0000
    Lap 5 Time is 0:00:00800F4D68 0000
    Lap 6 Time is 0:00:00800F4D6C 0000
    Unlock All Tracks800F3ADC FFFF
    300F3B24 0001
    800F3B28 0101
    800F3B2C 0101
    Unlock All Cars (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50002002 0000
    800F3AE0 FFFF
    Unlock All Team DRT Cars800F3AE0 FFFF
    800F3AE2 FFFF
    800F3AE4 FFFF
    800F3AE6 FFFF
    800F3AE8 FFFF
    800F3AEA FFFF
    800F3AEC FFFF
    800F3AEE FFFF
    Unlock All Team MMM Cars800F3AF0 FFFF
    800F3AF2 FFFF
    800F3AF4 FFFF
    800F3AF6 FFFF
    800F3AF8 FFFF
    800F3AFA FFFF
    800F3AFC FFFF
    800F3AFE FFFF
    Unlock All Team PRC Cars800F3B00 FFFF
    800F3B02 FFFF
    800F3B04 FFFF
    800F3B06 FFFF
    800F3B08 FFFF
    800F3B0A FFFF
    800F3B0C FFFF
    800F3B0E FFFF
    Unlock All Team Solvalou Cars800F3B10 FFFF
    800F3B12 FFFF
    800F3B14 FFFF
    800F3B16 FFFF
    800F3B18 FFFF
    800F3B1A FFFF
    800F3B1C FFFF
    800F3B1E FFFF
    Included Bonus Disc
    Ridge Racer HI REZ
    Always Place First80088948 0001
    Infinite Checkpoint Time80088488 06C5
    Lap Time is Always 0:00:0080088958 0000
    8008895C 0000
    80088960 0000
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Speed Modifier Code
    05B5 - 200MPH
    0890 - 300MPH
    0B68 - 400MPH
    0E47 - 500MPH

    Note: At the yellow screen that displays the heat, press L1. You will start on the first track, however the game will think it is the last race.

    Japanese Version

    Unlock Extra Trial Mode800F3754 0001
    Complete Extra Trial Mode800F375C 0101
    800F375E 0101
    Press L2 + Select For Speed ModifierD00F381A 0101
    800ABEB8 ????
    Unlock All Tracks800F370C FFFF
    300F3754 0001
    800F3758 0101
    800F375A 0101
    Unlock All Team DRT Cars800F3710 FFFF
    800F3712 FFFF
    800F3714 FFFF
    800F3716 FFFF
    800F3718 FFFF
    800F371A FFFF
    800F371C FFFF
    800F371E FFFF
    Unlock All Team MMM Cars800F3720 FFFF
    800F3722 FFFF
    800F3724 FFFF
    800F3726 FFFF
    800F3728 FFFF
    800F372A FFFF
    800F372C FFFF
    800F372E FFFF
    Unlock All Team PRC Cars800F3730 FFFF
    800F3732 FFFF
    800F3734 FFFF
    800F3736 FFFF
    800F3738 FFFF
    800F373A FFFF
    800F373C FFFF
    800F373E FFFF
    Unlock All Team Solvalou Cars800F3740 FFFF
    800F3742 FFFF
    800F3744 FFFF
    800F3746 FFFF
    800F3748 FFFF
    800F374A FFFF
    800F374C FFFF
    800F374E FFFF
    Included Bonus Disc
    Ridge Racer HI REZ
    Unlock Bonus Cars800822A4 0001
    Unlock White Angel Car800822B0-0001
    Libero Grande
    Freeze Demo Timer8012155C 0E10
    Klonoa: Door To Phantomile
    Infinite Health8010CEE0 0006
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Speed Modifier Code
    05B5 - 200MPH
    0890 - 300MPH
    0B68 - 400MPH
    0E47 - 500MPH

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