Riven: The Sequel To Myst

Strategy Guide

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    When the Cyan screen appears when the game starts, quickly tap L2(5), R2(2). Note: If using the mouse, quickly click the Left Mouse Button five times, then the Right Mouse Button two times.

    Game Shark Codes

    Disc 1
    Telescope, Has Power800100D6 0001
    Spinning Room, Both Grids Open80010082 0001
    8001007A 0001
    Spinning Room, NorthEast Door,Open80010080 0001
    Both Stairways, Have Power80010020 0001
    800100E4 0001
    Inside Big-Dome, Bridge Open80010084 0001
    Stairway To Big-Dome Puzzle, Up800100D0 0001
    Dots In Place, On Big-Dome Puzzle [Note 1]8001014E 0008
    8001015A 0010
    80010150 0005
    8001015C 0015
    80010154 000F
    80010160 0000
    80010156 0015
    80010162 0000
    80010158 0001
    80010164 0003
    Code Entered, In Small-Dome [Note 2]800621C0 0400
    800621C2 0F05
    800621C4 1714
    Door To Image Chair, Open8001007E 0001
    Disc 2
    Touch Last Animal Stone, To Solve [Note 3]80010190 0917
    80010192 0B10
    8006610A 8016
    801B244A 8016
    Ladder Above Village Dock, Down80010122 0001
    The Lake Train, Is Down In Water80010100 0001
    All Lake Docks, Extended80010104 0001
    80010106 0001
    80010108 0001
    8001010A 0001
    8001010C 0001
    Stairs To Forest Elevator, Open8001012A 0001
    Disc 3
    Manhole On Balcony, Open80010052 0001
    Door To Ghen's Office, Open80010028 0001
    Code On Prison Island, Entered [Note 4]8001008C 0005
    Disc 4
    Have Trap Book, Journal, and Letter8006C77C 0007
    Disc 5
    Books In Ghen's World, Have Power80010074 0001
    Cage In Ghen's World, Open80010072 0001

    Note 1: Just lower the compressor and press the button.

    Note 2: Go to the code on the dome, then turn the Game Shark on and move any pin. Then, turn the Game Shark off and press the button.

    Note 3: Walk into the animal stones room (don't turn), then turn the Game Shark on and then off. Then, hit the stone directly in the middle.

    Note 4: Just press the switch to solve.

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