Dragon Spirit Cheats & Cheat Codes for Arcade, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, and more

Title Screen Of Dragon Spirit

Dragon Spirit Cheats & Cheat Codes for Arcade, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, and more

The 1980s was the era of vertical shoot-em-ups and Dragon Spirit is no different from other games in the genre. Released in 1987, Dragon Spirit is a shoot-em-up where you control the dragon Amur. The player has to complete the game’s levels to rescue Princess Alicia from the demon Zawell. The game is available on several home consoles and in multiple Namco compilations. Dragon Spirit was met with a positive response from critics, who praised its graphics, music, and Paleozoic setting, and for standing out among other similar games during the time. It received multiple awards for things such as Best Ending and Player Popularity.

Dragon Spirit gameplay

The Premise Of Dragon Spirit

In Dragon Spirit, Amur can move in eight directions and has access to two weapons—a flame projectile for flying enemies and a bomb for those stationed on the ground. The player can take two hits before dying. The game has nine levels each with different environments such as rivers, volcanoes, glaciers, and jungles. If you die halfway through a level you’ll restart from a checkpoint. Amur must fight to progress to the next stage. Amur can sometimes find special orbs throughout the game that can grant him additional abilities, such as a homing shot, a multi-shot, and the ability to shrink down in size to evade bullets.

The Main Characters Of Dragon Spirit

  • Amul – The main character from Dragon Spirit. Amul is a captain from the kingdom of Mitgult. When Zawell captured Princess Alicia to be used as a sacrifice, the goddess Arlia transformed Amul into a Blue Dragon to be able to rescue Alicia.
  • Alicia – Alicia is the princess from the kingdom of Mitgult. When the demon of darkness Zawell resurfaced, he captured Alicia to use her as a sacrifice, but Amul defeated Zawell and saved her.
  • Arlia – In ancient times she fought against the demon of darkness Zawell and defeated him. When Zawell resurfaced, she transformed Amul into a powerful Blue Dragon so he could save Princess Alicia from Zawell.
  • Zawell – Zawell is a large demon of darkness with a serpent-like body that fought against the goddess Arlia in ancient times and was defeated.

Other Titles In The Series

Dragon Spirit has two sequels entitled Dragon Spirit: The New Legend and Dragon Saber.

Dragon Spirit Cheats

100 ContinuesPress Down, Right, Select, Down, II, Down, I, Left, Select, Up, I, II, I at the title screen
Arcade Mode ScreenHold Select and press Run 57 times to reset the game for a narrow screen.
Sound TestLeft, Right, Down, Up, Select, Left at the title screen
Special ModeUp, Down, Right, Left, Left, Right, Up, 2, 1, Run.
Two ContinuesHold I and press II at the title screen.
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