Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return

Strategy Guide

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    At the main menu with the "New game" and "Load game" options, hold L1 + R1 and press Circle, Triangle, Square, X. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. "Level select" and "All weapons" selections will be unlocked at the options screen.

    Game Shark Codes

    Reverse Joker CommandD00ECF54 ????
    Allows Game to Play in a Mod-Chip System [Note]D0011A10 FF52
    80011A1A 1000
    Infinite Health800E7FEE 0010
    Max AP800BF874 E0FF
    800BF876 05F5
    Overall Time is 0:00:00800BF878 0000
    Have Weapons/Outfits
    Blackjack300BFAB4 0001
    Grapple300BFAB5 0001
    Doka Pin300BFAB6 0001
    Boomerang300BFAB7 0001
    Ice Boomerang300BFAB8 0001
    Glacier Boomerang300BFAB9 0001
    Hammer300BFABA 0001
    Fire Hammer300BFABB 0001
    Torch Hammer300BFABC 0001
    Pig Ball300BFABD 0001
    Green Pants300BFABE 0001
    Fast Pants300BFABF 0001
    Have All Weapons/Outfits (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50000602 0000
    800BFAB4 0101
    Have All Outfits (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)300BFAC0 0001
    50000402 0000
    800BFAC2 0101
    300BFACA 0001
    Have Events Completed
    Find Tabby300BF8B5 00FF
    Go to The Burning House300BF8B6 00FF
    Pour The Water In300BF8B7 00FF
    Save The Crab!300BF8B8 00FF
    Wind it Up300BF8B9 00FF
    The Crab Basket300BF8BA 00FF
    Collect The Golden Crabs300BF8BB 00FF
    Win's Windmill300BF8BC 00FF
    Cools Off & Disappears300BF8BD 00FF
    Remove All The Cappers300BF8BE 00FF
    Pull & Open300BF8BF 00FF
    Bury it in The Sand300BF8C0 00FF
    Let's Go to Tabby's House300BF8C1 00FF
    Wash The Strange Lump300BF8C2 00FF
    Look for The Hammer300BF8C3 00FF
    Blast The Rock300BF8C4 00FF
    Get Bombs300BF8C5 00FF
    Deliver to Gran300BF8C6 00FF
    Capture Evil Flame Pig300BF8C7 00FF
    Bring The Big Sack300BF8C8 00FF
    Melt The Giant Ice300BF8C9 00FF
    Let's Take The Lift300BF8CA 00FF
    Kujara's Favorite300BF8CB 00FF
    The Hidden Diary300BF8CC 00FF
    Static Explosion300BF8CD 00FF
    Raise The Ladder300BF8CE 00FF
    Capture Evil Ice Pig300BF8CF 00FF
    Put in The Spirit's Eye300BF8D0 00FF
    Kill The Guards300BF8D1 00FF
    Take The Grapple300BF8D2 00FF
    More Blue for The Picture300BF8D3 00FF
    Device Guards The Treasure300BF8D4 00FF
    Use Rock Crabs for Balance300BF8D5 00FF
    Capture Evil Ghost Pig300BF8D6 00FF
    Use Pig Suit to Talk300BF8D7 00FF
    Use The Seesaw300BF8D8 00FF
    Let's See The Clown Circus300BF8D9 00FF
    Let's Help The Clown300BF8DA 00FF
    Lift The Lid on The Well300BF8DB 00FF
    A Pig Tribe Clown Statue300BF8DC 00FF
    Capture Evil Earth Pig300BF8DD 00FF
    A Mermaid in a Water Tank300BF8DE 00FF
    Open The Water Gate300BF8DF 00FF
    The Broken-Up Mermaid Harp300BF8E0 00FF
    Sink The White Platform300BF8E1 00FF
    Wake Up The Giant Fish300BF8E2 00FF
    Find Another Reflector300BF8E3 00FF
    Capture Evil Water Pig300BF8E4 00FF
    Look for The Last Evil Pig300BF8E5 00FF
    The Evil Flame Pig Plate300BF8E6 00FF
    The Evil Ice Pig Plate300BF8E7 00FF
    The Evil Ghost Pig Plate300BF8E8 00FF
    The Evil Earth Pig Plate300BF8E9 00FF
    The Evil Water Pig Plate300BF8EA 00FF
    Capture The Last Evil Pig300BF8EB 00FF
    A Red Treasure Chest300BF8EC 00FF
    Adventurer's Chest300BF8ED 00FF
    Adventurer's Clue300BF8EE 00FF
    Golden Tower300BF8EF 00FF
    Chick from an Egg300BF8F0 00FF
    Where is The Bird's Nest300BF8F1 00FF
    Feed The Chicks300BF8F2 00FF
    With The Nishiki Bird300BF8F4 00FF
    Other Side of The Waterfall300BF8F5 00FF
    The Stuck Fishhook Line300BF8F6 00FF
    Lost & Found300BF8F7 00FF
    Closed Clamshell300BF8F8 00FF
    The Tiny Mouse House300BF8F9 00FF
    Tiny Mouse's Berry Nuts300BF8FA 00FF
    Annoying Mushroom300BF8FB 00FF
    Berry Nut's Harvest300BF8FC 00FF
    Let's Make a Pot300BF8FD 00FF
    Lost Clay Spatula300BF8FE 00FF
    Get Clay from The Mud300BF8FF 00FF
    What's Inside The Mud300BF900 00FF
    The Fuel that Burns Well300BF901 00FF
    Let's Make Dried Fish300BF902 00FF
    Cooking with Tomba300BF903 00FF
    The Best Hash Potatoes300BF904 00FF
    The Cook's Special Menu300BF905 00FF
    Trolley Ticket300BF906 00FF
    Quick! The Trolley300BF907 00FF
    Make a Light Alloy300BF908 00FF
    Turbo Trolley300BF909 00FF
    The Laughing Door300BF90A 00FF
    The Crying Door300BF90B 00FF
    Strange Fruit300BF90C 00FF
    Normal Fruit300BF90D 00FF
    Where's My Son300BF90E 00FF
    Getwell Plant Heals Wounds300BF90F 00FF
    I'm Thirsty300BF910 00FF
    Oil-Smeared Traveler300BF911 00FF
    Laughing Traveler300BF912 00FF
    Invisible Traveler300BF913 00FF
    Straving Traveler300BF914 00FF
    Forgotten Rucksack300BF915 00FF
    Mythical Tower of Courage300BF916 00FF
    Mythical Tower of Strength300BF917 00FF
    Mythical Tower of Wisdom300BF918 00FF
    Sea Anemone's Burning Dregs300BF919 00FF
    Sea Anemone's Ice300BF91A 00FF
    Witch's Concoction300BF91B 00FF
    Starving Charles300BF91C 00FF
    Itchy Charles300BF91D 00FF
    Wormy Charles300BF91E 00FF
    Potato Bug Eats Leaves300BF91F 00FF
    Snow Firefly Nest300BF920 00FF
    Collect Snow Fireflies300BF921 00FF
    Too Dark to See300BF922 00FF
    Holy Tree300BF923 00FF
    Fatigue-Curing Spa300BF924 00FF
    A Rare Collection300BF925 00FF
    Taboo Fruit300BF926 00FF
    The Ultimate Sculpture300BF927 00FF
    Holy Pedestal300BF928 00FF
    Ready or Not! Here I Come300BF929 00FF
    Who's The Liar300BF92A 00FF
    Escaped Kujara300BF92B 00FF
    Kujara Washing Shed300BF92C 00FF
    Wash The Kujara300BF92D 00FF
    The Washing Machine Fuse300BF92E 00FF
    A Kujara Washing Expert300BF92F 00FF
    Ghost Sticker300BF930 00FF
    Baron Turned to Stone300BF931 00FF
    Switch with Donglin300BF932 00FF
    Secret of The Aquatic Plant300BF933 00FF
    Unmoving Blessed Priest300BF934 00FF
    Collect Ice Candy300BF935 00FF
    Ball to The Pigs300BF936 00FF
    Tiny Tomba, Mini Tomba300BF937 00FF
    Nishiki Bird Servants300BF938 00FF
    Precious Ring300BF939 00FF
    A Large Flower Seed300BF93A 00FF
    Invisible Mirror300BF93B 00FF
    Yan of The Hidden Village300BF93C 00FF
    100 Year Old Man300BF93D 00FF
    Crystal Panel Blocks a Hole300BF93E 00FF
    Have All 137 Events in Occur300BF8A8 0089
    Have All 137 Events in Clear300BF8AA 0089
    Have All Events Completed (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)300BF8A8 0087
    300BF8AA 0087
    50003E01 0000
    300BF8B5 00FF
    50004B01 0000
    300BF8F4 00FF
    Have Items
    Item Enabler (Must Be On)300BF8A1 00FF
    Turbo Pants300BFAC0 0001
    Bird Clothes300BFAC2 0001
    Squirrel Clothes300BFAC3 0001
    Pig Suit300BFAC4 0001
    Swimming Pig Suit300BFAC5 0001
    Evil Flame Pig Robe300BFAC6 0001
    Evil Ice Pig Robe300BFAC7 0001
    Evil Ghost Pig Robe300BFAC8 0001
    Evil Earth Pig Robe300BFAC9 0001
    Evil Water Pig Robe300BFACA 0001
    Last Pig Bag300BFAD0 0009
    Red Key300BFAD1 0009
    Green Key300BFAD2 0009
    Blue Key300BFAD3 0009
    White Key300BFAD4 0009
    Cold Powder300BFAD5 0009
    Hot Powder300BFAD6 0009
    Mermaid Scale300BFAD7 0009
    Star-Shaped Cog300BFAD8 0009
    Hexagon Gear300BFAD9 0009
    Triangle Gear300BFADA 0009
    Empty Bucket300BFADC 0009
    Golden Crab300BFADE 0009
    Bombs300BFADF 0009
    Trolley Rail300BFAE0 0009
    Big Sack300BFAE1 0009
    Mountain Peach300BFAE2 0009
    Traveler's Diary300BFAE3 0009
    Blue Fruit300BFAE4 0009
    Rock Crab300BFAE5 0009
    Paon Grass300BFAE6 0009
    Closet Key300BFAE7 0009
    Carpenter Book300BFAE8 0009
    Pig Nose Panel300BFAE9 0009
    Seeds of Strength300BFAEA 0009
    Golden Sun300BFAEB 0009
    Red Chick300BFAEC 0009
    Blue Chick300BFAED 0009
    Rare Fish300BFAEE 0009
    Rare Squid300BFAEF 0009
    Rare Crab300BFAF0 0009
    Rare Shrimp300BFAF1 0009
    Anemone's Hot Dregs300BFAF2 0009
    Anemone's Icey Dregs300BFAF3 0009
    Tiny Flying Pig300BFAF4 0009
    Tiny Flame Pig300BFAF5 0009
    Tiny Ice Pig300BFAF6 0009
    Tiny Ghost Pig300BFAF7 0009
    Tiny Water Pig300BFAF8 0009
    Gold Fishhook300BFAF9 0009
    Trolley Ticket300BFAFA 0009
    Power Coal300BFAFB 0009
    Light Alloy300BFAFC 0009
    Baked Banana300BFAFD 0009
    Clay300BFAFE 0009
    Clay Spatula300BFAFF 0009
    Master's Pot300BFB00 0009
    Chick Food300BFB01 0009
    Large Fuse300BFB02 0009
    Light Cutting Box300BFB03 0009
    Snow Firefly Box300BFB04 0009
    Getwell Plant300BFB05 0009
    Rucksack300BFB06 0009
    Spoon300BFB07 0009
    Nishiki's Wings300BFB08 0009
    Invisible Mirror300BFB0A 0009
    Golden Power300BFB0C 0009
    Healthy Lunch300BFB0D 0009
    Special Lunch300BFB0E 0009
    Large Lunch Box300BFB0F 0009
    Lunch Box300BFB10 0009
    Magic Juice300BFB11 0009
    Magic Water300BFB12 0009
    Baron300BFB13 0009
    Magic Wings300BFB14 0009
    Empty Bucket300BFB15 0009
    Mermaid Bucket300BFB16 0009
    Full Water Bucket300BFB17 0009
    Hot Water Bucket300BFB18 0009
    Holy Water Bucket300BFB19 0009
    Steak Sandwich300BFB1A 0009
    Dried Fish Sandwich300BFB1B 0009
    Hash Potato Sandwich300BFB1C 0009
    Toradako Oil Remover300BFB1D 0009
    Mystery Mushroom300BFB1E 0009
    Normal Fruit300BFB1F 0009
    Clear Fruit300BFB20 0009
    Minitta Mushroom300BFB21 0009
    Taboo Fruit300BFB22 0009
    Spell of Courage300BFB23 0009
    1/2 Spell of Courage300BFB24 0009
    Spell of Strength300BFB25 0009
    1/2 Spell of Strength300BFB26 0009
    Spell of Wisdom300BFB27 0009
    1/2 Spell of Wisdom300BFB28 0009
    Snow Firefly300BFB29 0009
    Ice Candy300BFB2A 0009
    Small Fish300BFB2B 0009
    Dried Fish300BFB2C 0009
    Big Piece of Meat300BFB2D 0009
    Underdone Meat300BFB2E 0009
    Big Steak300BFB2F 0009
    Potato300BFB30 0009
    1/2 Boiled Potato300BFB31 0009
    Boiled Potato300BFB32 0009
    Mudball300BFB33 0009
    Mudball Surprise300BFB34 0009
    Low-Purity Lightomite300BFB35 0009
    Low-Purity Hardonium300BFB36 0009
    Hi-Purity Lightomite300BFB37 0009
    Hi-Purity Hardonium300BFB38 0009
    Banana300BFB39 0009
    Itching Slave300BFB3A 0009
    Badge of Liars300BFB3B 0009
    Ice Statue300BFB3C 0009
    Small Mud Clump300BFB46 0009
    Miner's Ring300BFB47 0009
    Large Flower Seed300BFB48 0009
    Petit-Face Flower300BFB49 0009
    Dwarf's Proof300BFB4A 0009
    Mizuno's Proof300BFB4B 0009
    Minitta Bell300BFB4C 0009
    Yan's Proof300BFB4D 0009
    Old Man's Proof300BFB4E 0009
    Golden Moon300BFB4F 0009
    Golden Star300BFB50 0009
    Mystery Reflector300BFB51 0009
    Crystal300BFB52 0009
    Crystal Panel300BFB53 0009
    Harp's Right Side300BFB54 0009
    Harp's Left Side300BFB55 0009
    High Pitch Pearl300BFB56 0009
    Low Pitch Pearl300BFB57 0009
    Mermaid's Harp300BFB58 0009
    100 Year Amulet300BFB59 0009
    Coal Mine Bell300BFB5A 0009
    Donglin Bell300BFB5B 0009
    Have All Items (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50000502 0000
    800BFAD0 0909
    300BFADA 0009
    300BFADC 0009
    800BFADE 0909
    50001402 0000
    800BFAE0 0909
    300BFB08 0009
    300BFB0A 0009
    50000A02 0000
    800BFB0C 0909
    50000E02 0000
    800BFB20 0909
    300BFB3C 0009
    50000B02 0000
    800BFB46 0909

    Note: You must have a 2.41 or higher version of the Game Shark to use this code. If your version of the Game Shark meets that requirement, and the code still doesn't work, then add "C1000000 0000" to the code.

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