Theme Park

Strategy Guide

  • All rides, shops and attractions

    Enter "BOVINE" as a nickname.

  • Extra money

    Enter "BOVINE" as a nickname. Then while playing the game, press Circle + Square + X. This code may be repeated as needed.

  • Super park

    Enter "BUD" as a nickname. Then at the park selection screen, press Square. After the game begins, maximum prices may be charged for the concessions, games, and park entrance.

  • Clean park

    Save the game when the park becomes full. Then reload the save and all of the garbage will disappear, allowing a fresh start. -From:

    Game Shark Codes

    Joker CommandD00BD5FC ????
    Infinite Money801AF850 7840
    801AF852 017D
    Infinite Ice Cream800D5FB0 005A
    Infinite Fries800D5FBE 005A
    Infinite Cola800D5FCC 005A
    Infinite Burgers800D5FDA 005A
    Infinite Beer800D5FE8 005A
    Infinite Steaks800D5FF6 005A
    Infinite Research Juice800BE264 0054
    800D6A58 270F
    Time Does Not Progress (Always 1st of The Month)800BE604 0001
    Upgrade Ride Designs Research Juice Always at Max800D6A5C 7FFF
    New Ride Designs Research Juice Always at Max800D6A5E 7FFF
    New Shop Designs Research Juice Always at Max800D6A60 7FFF
    Staff Training Research Juice Always at Max800D6A62 7FFF
    New Features Research Juice Always at Max800D6A64 7FFF
    Upgrade Facilities Research Juice Always at Max800D6A66 7FFF
    Park is Always Open800D6948 0001
    Park is Always Closed800D6948 0000

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