Triple Play Baseball

  • EA Sports Dream team

    Select the "Single Game" option from the main menu. Then at the team selection screen, press [Left, Right] six times. If you entered the code correclty, the phrase "Triple Play Baseball" will be spoken. This team consist of the game's developers with super attributes.

  • Big glove

    Catch a ball that is going over the fence.

  • Huge glove

    Make two diving catches in a single game.

  • Pulsating glove

    Make three diving catches in a single game.

  • Big bat

    Hit two homeruns in a row.

  • Big baseball

    Throw six strikeouts in a row.

  • Huge baseball

    Throw nine strikeouts in a row.

  • Flaming baseball

    Throw twelve strikeouts in a row.

  • Small players

    Get more than eleven hits in a single game.

  • Fast players

    Steal three bases with the same player in a single game.

  • Power-up defense

    Make three double plays in a single game.

  • Big League Challenge power boost

    Hit ten consecutive homeruns in Big League Challenge mode to get a boost in power, which is noted with a flaming baseball. Hit seven more consecutive homeruns to receive another boost in power, which is noted by a pulsating bat.

  • Unlock cheats easily

    Begin a game in two player mode while using both controllers. Keep hitting homeruns, triples, and more off fastballs by pressing X(2) on controller two when pitching. Note: Make sure that you include ground ruled doubles and inside the park homeruns. Additionally, pitch a shutout or perfect game against player two in a 9-inning game. You can also unlock the codes in single game or exhibition modes.

  • Homerun sounds

    While running around the bases after hitting a homerun, press Triangle to hear a soft horn, Square to hear a loud horn, or Circle to hear a whistle.

  • Points list

    The game awards points for doing certain things in season mode. These points can be used in the season store to buy new stadiums, legendary players and better player attributes. The point system is as follows:

    Grand slam
    Stolen base
    Double play
    Triple play
    Strike out opponent

    Game Shark Codes

    Home Team Scores 03005F4D 0000
    Home Team Scores 503005F4D 0032
    Home Team Score Modifier3005F4D 00??
    Home Team Starts With 10E005FC4D 0000
    3005FC4D 000A
    Away Team Scores 03005FC41 0000
    Away Team Scores 503005FC41 0032
    Away Team Score Modifier3005FC41 00??
    Away Team Starts With 10E005FC41 0000
    3005FC41 000A
    No Balls (Both Teams)3005FF59 0000
    No Strikes (Both Teams)3005FF58 0000
    Press L2 to Reset OutsD0067E36 FEFF
    8005FF5A 0000
    Infinite Points Baltimore Orioles80197680 E0FF
    80197682 05F5
    Unlock All Rewards800542F0 FFFF
    800542F2 FFFF

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