Ultraman Fighting Evolution

  • Bonus characters

    Beat the game with any of the eight regular characters to unlock Zetton, Ace-Killer, Alien Magma, or Gomora. One of those four characters will become available each time the game is completed.

  • Special gallery

    Unlock all four bonus characters. Then, a "Special Gallery" selection will appear under the "Gallery" option with graphics and information about the bonus characters.

    Game Shark Codes

    Player 1 Codes
    Infinite Health800CEBE8 00C8
    Low Health800CEBE8 0001
    No Health800CEBE8 0000
    Player 2 Codes
    Infinite Health800D41D0 00C8
    Low Health800D41D0 0001
    No Health800D41D0 0000
    Misc Codes
    Have All Characters300355C8 000B
    800355D0 0001
    800355D2 0001
    800355D4 0001
    800355D6 0001
    800355D8 0001
    800355DA 0001
    800355DC 0001
    800355DE 0001
    800355E0 0001
    800355E2 0001
    800355E4 0001
    800355E6 0001
    Have Secret Character80035CD4 0001
    80035CD6 0001
    80035CE4 0001
    80035CE6 0001
    Infinite Time To Select Character80048856 0019

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