World Cup '98

  • Classic games

    Win the World Cup using any team, then select the "World Cup Classics" option from the main menu. Win the World Cup again using either classic team to unlock the next classic match. The classic games are unlocked in the following order:

      Uruguay vs. Argentina (1930)
      Italy vs. Hungary (1938)
      Uruguay vs. Brazil (1950)
      West Germany vs. Hungary (1954)
      England vs. West Germany (1966)
      Brazil vs. Italy (1970)
      West Germany vs. Holland (1974)
      Italy vs. West Germany (1982)

    Game Shark Codes

    Home Team Score 0801F7F50 0000
    Home Team Score 9801F7F50 0009
    Away Team Score 0801F7F54 0000
    Away Team Score 9801F7F54 0009

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