FIFA 2001: Major League Soccer

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Note: This game is also titled FIFA Soccer World Championship.

  • Bypass opposing players

    Pause the game, go to the options menu and choose "Side Select". Switch to the opposing team and resume the game. Get the ball with a defender or attacker, then hold R1 and shield it. Keep R1 held, and pause the game. Go to "Side Select" and switch back to your original team. Whenever that player gets the ball, he will shield it, allowing you to pass him and score.

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)ECB67348 1456E60A
    Top Team Scores 04CBCB8C0 1456E7A5
    Top Team Scores 94CBCB8C0 1456E79E
    Bottom Team Scores 04CBCB8C4 1456E7A5
    Bottom Team Scores 94CBCB8C4 1456E79E

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