Monster Rancher 3

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Automatic training

    After selecting the type of training (for example, trampoline in Morx Forest), rapidly press X. Your monster will perform the training process by itself, and most of the time will win if it is healthy.

  • Secret monsters

    Use the following CDs to create secret monsters:

    Ace Combat 4GameDesert Karakarakkung
    Armored Core 2GameRobot
    Chrono Cross (Disc 1 or 2)GameStrange Fenril
    Digimon WorldGameForest Hare
    Final Fantasy GamesGameFairies
    Front Mission 3GameSea Octipee
    Gungriffon blazeGameMoochi
    Lunar: The Complete Silver Story (Disc 1)GameDesert Hengar
    Lunar: The Complete Silver Story (Disc 2)GameLegendary monster
    Monster Rancher 3GameMoochi
    Spyro: Year Of The DragonGameIce Gitan
    Suikoden 2GameForest Raiden
    Tekken Tag TournamentGameWrestling Moochi
    Fantasia 2000DVDJoker
    Men Of HonorDVDMerman
    Bob Dylan: Greatest HitsMusic CDMarin
    Kenny G: The MomentMusic CDSomething mysterious [Note]
    Dave GrusinMusic CDKoronit
    Train: Drops Of JupiterMusic CDRobot train

    Note: Grampa Bragman will have to do research on the monster before you can get it.

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)ECBCA14C 14318EDC
    Infinite Money1CA24054 144F25CC
    Player 1 Codes
    Infinite HP4CA2CCC8 1456E404
    4CA2CCCE 1456E404
    No HP4CA2CCC8 1456E7D7
    4CA2CCCE 1456E7A5
    Max Def4CA2CCD0 1456E404
    Max Int4CA2CCCC 1456E404
    Max Pow4CA2CCC6 1456E404
    Max Spd4CA2CCCA 1456E404
    Player 2 Codes
    Infinite HP4CA2D1A0 1456E404
    4CA2D1A6 1456E404
    No HP4CA2D1A0 1456E7D7
    4CA2D1A6 1456E7A5
    Max Def4CA2D1A8 1456E404
    Low Def4CA2D1A8 1456E7A6
    Max Int4CA2D1A4 1456E404
    Low Int4CA2D1A4 1456E7A6
    Max Pow4CA2D19E 1456E404
    Low Pow4CA2D19E 1456E7A6
    Max Spd4CA2D1A2 1456E404
    Low Spd4CA2D1A2 1456E7A6

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