NFL GameDay 2003


  • Bonus teams

    At the team selection screen, press Circle for a Super Bowl team. Press Circle(2) at the team selection screen for an All-Star team.

  • Revealing codes

    Win a game in championship mode to reveal a code.

  • Announced player names

    Create a player with a last name of someone already in the game. His name will be announced during the game.

  • Easy sacks

    Get one of your linebackers between two of the defensive tackles at the line of scrimmage. Get back a few steps behind the tackles and wait until the quarterback calls the first hike. Charge your player right up into the line of scrimmage and try not to get offsides.

  • QB Ratings

    The QB ratings range from 158 to 19.

  • Easy points

    Go for the onside kick every chance you get. You almost always recover it. Do not change your kick formation to onside middle, left, or right. The CPU will also change theirs. Once you recover the ball, use the shotgun plays rapidly. This should amount to a lot of quick and easy points.

  • Getting great players

    Select the "Create Player" option, and choose "Super Player". Give him the same position as the person that you want on your team and maximize the necessary stats to give that player a high rating. For example, making a linebacker and giving it Ray Lewis' tackle stat and the highest pass rush will give him a very high rating. Trade the created player to a team with about the same rating or close to it. If you get the person you want, you can go back to the "Create Player" option and select "Delete Player". You can also delete the other teams' player, thereby taking away a great player from them and making that team weaker while you enjoy your new addition. You can also trade two super players to get a player of higher rating.

  • Recommended defensive plays

    There are three very good defensive plays that can shutdown even the most potent of offenses. Choose the Nickle-Prevent, 4-4 Special, or the 4-6 Corner Blitz.

  • Recommended offense plays

    There are quite a bit of good offensive plays but the ones that are recommended for a blowout are the Shotgun-Deep Post, 24 Hit running play, and the 4-4 Hail Mary. Use these plays carefully. When you hit them, they can do wonders for your team.

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
    EE820C4E BCC2701A
    Infinite Play TimeDE47FB1A BDBBA095
    Infinite Creation PointsCE5B3D04 BCA99BFB
    Low Created SalariesCE5BBB8A BCA99B84
    Infinite Time Outs Home TeamCE4704D6 BCA99B86
    No Time Outs Home TeamCE4704D6 BCA99B83
    Home Team Scores 0CE4704C6 BCA99B83
    Home Team Scores 50CE4704C6 BCA99BB5
    Press L1 + L2 For Home Team Win0EA8ED38 BCA99582
    CE4704C6 BCA99BB5
    0EA8ED38 BCA99582
    CE4704CE BCA99B83
    Infinite Time Outs Away TeamCE4704D0 BCA99B86
    No Time Outs Away TeamCE4704D0 BCA99B83
    Away Team Scores 0CE4704CE BCA99B83
    Away Team Scores 50CE4704CE BCA99BB5
    Press R1 + R2 For Away Team Win0EA8ED38 BCA99082
    CE4704C6 BCA99B83
    0EA8ED38 BCA99082
    CE4704CE BCA99BB5
    Press Select For No Play Time0EA8ED38 BCA99A81

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