Rugby 2002


  • British Lions squad

    Play the England vs. Australia match with all the settings at default. Win as England with a score of 50 to 0.

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)ECA6E5A0 14446E84
    Press L2 + Up For More Time0CD74CA6 1456B1FC
    4CD8F35A 1456E7A5
    Press L2 + Down to End Half0CD74CA6 1456B14C
    4CD8F35A 14562457
    Home Team Scores 04CC6FD54 1456E7A5
    Home Team Scores 994CC6FD54 1456E788
    Away Team Scores 04CC6FEA0 1456E7A5
    Away Team Scores 994CC6FEA0 1456E788

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