Wild Arms 4

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Note: This game is also titled Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator.

  • Ex File Key 1

    Defeat Ragu O Ragla to unlock Ex File Key 1.

  • Ex File Key 2

    Get at least 1500 Gella in Single Acc mode to unlock Ex File Key 2.

  • Ex File Key 3

    Accumulate a total of at least 24 hours of game play time to unlock Ex File Key 3.

  • Ex File Key 4

    Successfully complete all 30 Coliseum challenges to unlock Ex File Key 4.

  • Ex File Key 5

    Successfully complete the game to unlock Ex File Key 5.

  • Ex File Key 6

    Damage a single enemy with at least 50,000 points to unlock Ex File Key 6.

  • Ex File Key 7

    Defeat all 235 opponents in the Monster Picture Book to unlock Ex File Key 7.

  • Ex File Key 8

    Win at least 200 battles to unlock Ex File Key 8.

  • Ex File Key 9

    Get a "Gold Star" rank in all twelve ROM Extra Challenges to unlock Ex File Key 9.

  • Character Encyclopedia

    Unlock EX File Keys 7, 8 and 9 to unlock the Character Encyclopedia.

  • Character Voice Library

    Unlock EX File Keys 1, 4 and 7 to unlock the Character Voice Library.

  • Monster Encyclopedia

    Unlock EX File Keys 1, 2 and 3 to unlock the Monster Encyclopedia.

  • EX New Game

    Unlock EX File Keys 2, 5 and 8 to unlock the EX New Game.

  • EX Status View

    Unlock EX File Keys 3, 6 and 9 to unlock the EX Status View.

  • Opening and ending movies

    Unlock EX File Keys 4, 5 and 6 to unlock the opening and ending movies.

  • Alternate Ex Files menu music

    Successfully complete the game and save when prompted. Load the cleared game file and open the Ex Files menu to hear new music.

  • Easy experience

    There is an enemy in the game called Grow Apple (or Super Grow Apple). If you find one and have Arnaud leveled up enough with the move "Shut Out", use it immediately at the enemy HEX. This prevents the Apple from running away. If you have Yulie's "Quicken" ability, then use it on Arnaud as soon as possible so that he can use more abilities. Have Arnaud lower the Apple's speed with "Slow Down", and resistance and defense with "Fragile". If you have the "Extent" ability, then use it so the effects will not go away for another twenty turns. You must then use Yulie's "Quicken" ability to increase a HEX near the Apple so Jude can move to it. Also remember to use Jude's "Mystic" ability, and to use a Lucky Card on everyone to double experience. Finally, if you have enough time remaining and are leveled up enough, use Arnaud's "Hyper" ability on Jude to double his attack. Jude's HEX should now have WPN up and RFX up. The Apple's HEX should have RFX down, RES down, DEF down, and also Extent and Lock. Now, use Jude's Assault Buster (the most important attack you can use) to defeat the Apple. This will result in massive damage (sometimes about 300,000 and up, depending on your level). The Grow Apples give you an amount of experience equal to the damage you do to them minus 1. You also will get more experience if you gave Jude a few Growth Egg Badges, and Jude will get about 0.7 more experience for defeating the enemy. If you defeat a Super Grow Apple, the results are doubled (which can add up to over 2 million experience points). Note: This has the exact same effect with the Melchoms and Melchom Lichs to give you a large amount of Gella. These monsters can be found in three floor mini-dungeons around the game.

    During your journey, you will sometimes encounter a creature named "Grow Apple". It's a level 1 enemy with 1 HP and has resistances on all attributes (fire, wind, water, earth). Kill him with a normal attack (non-magic) or else he will flee. If you kill him, he will give you an experience point equivalent to the amount of damage that you inflicted him. Note: The experience is doubled for the character used to kill him.

    In Mim'krilu Skyway, you will encounter an enemy named "Flauros". It is a level 25 silver tiger-like creature that has an attribute "Soft". This means it is vulnerable to normal or physical attacks. Kill the other enemies, leaving Flauros alone. Then, surround him with your characters and hit him with normal attacks to give him a small amount of damage. Flauros will respond with a counterattack, but it will not do any damage to you. Instead, he will divide into two. Continuously hit him with normal attacks, killing one Flauros and repeat the process, making him divide into two. You can repeat this as many times as desired. Just make sure you do not kill them both. Note: For best results use Jude's Mystic with Lucky Card to gain more experience.

  • Quad Flauros

    In Mim'krilu Skyway, after the save point, walk further until you see a big boulder of thick walls and two switches. The first is on the big floating brick and second is down next to it. Stomp on the second switch. You will see a wall that is blocking in some way rise up. Stomp on the first switch. The floating brick will move and it will bring you to an isolated place. Walk around to find some battles. If you encounter Flauros, four will appear instead of two. Note: There is a pink diamond in the middle of that isolated place. That crystal contains a very strong monster (level 90). If you find the key for the activation of that crystal, save the game first or you may lose your progress. The key is located two stages before the Boss fight with the Twin Dolls (Fior and Asia).

  • Unlockable Force Abilities (Combination Arts)

    Combination Arts are learned randomly. However there are a number of necessary conditions that must first be fulfilled. First, the characters that take part in the combination must be in the same hex. Next, sufficient FP to perform the art must also be available. Additionally, the characters cannot be under the influence of a negative status effect.

    Single Character (25 FP or 1 Bar)

      Mystic: Jude
      Material: Yulie
      Jump: Arnaud
      Intrude: Raquel

    Dual Character (50 FP or 2 Bars)

      Rousing Strike: Jude, Yulie
      Blade Driver: Jude, Arnaud
      Dual Brand: Jude, Raquel
      Sorcery Grenade: Yulie, Arnaud
      Mind Recovery: Yulie, Raquel
      Genocide: Arnaud, Raquel

    Triple Character (75 FP or 3 Bars)

      Magus Canon: Jude, Yulie, Raquel
      Cyclone Wheel: Jude, Yulie, Raquel
      Riot Fencer: Jude, Arnaud, Raquel
      Retreat Wave: Yulie, Arnaud, Raquel
      Quadruple Character (100 FP or Full Bar)
      Hi: Material: All four characters
      Arc Impulse: All four characters

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