Bleach: Versus Crusade


  • Bonus characters

    Defeat one of the following characters in the indicated chapter in Story mode to unlock them:

      Aaroniero: Defeat in Chapter 27
      Aizen: Defeat in Chapter 49
      Grimmjaw: Defeat in Chapter 10
      Ichimaru Gin: Defeat in Chapter 47
      Nel (Adult): Defeat in Chapter 41
      Noitora: Defeat in Chapter 26
      Shinji: Defeat in Chapter 3
      Szayel: Defeat in Chapter 32
      Ulquiorra: Defeat in Chapter 29
      Yami: Defeat in Chapter 6
      Zomari: Defeat in Chapter 36

    To unlock Filler Captain Amagai, earn money in Story mode, Survival mode, and Two Player Versus mode. He can then be purchased at Urahara's shop at random.

  • Moves

      Dash or Shunpo: Press C.
      Counter: Press Z.
      Strong attack: Press B.
      Weak attack: Press A.
      Slash combos: Shake Wii-mote.
      Special strong attack: Press Z + B.
      Special Weak attack: Press Z + A.
      Bankai: Press Z + shake Nunchuck.

    Additionally, the following moves can be done in Team Battle mode on the Wii-mote.

      Switch with your partner: Press Up.
      Summon your partner to attack briefly: Down.
      Summon CPU-controlled partner to fight with you: Z + Down.

    Some characters can also do a special move by pressing Z + shake Nunchuck twice:

      Ichigo: Hollow Mask
      Byakuya: White Imperial Sword
      Grimmjow: Death Gallon

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