Super Paper Mario Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Wii

Super Paper Mario Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Wii

Super Paper Mario


Flipside’s Pit Of 100 Trials

Successfully complete Chapter 1 and unlock the outskirt in Flipside to unlock Flipside’s Pit Of 100 Trials.

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Flopside’s Pit Of 100 Trials

Successfully complete Flipside’s Pit Of 100 Trials to unlock Flopside’s Pit Of 100 Trials.

Pit Of 100 Trials bonuses

Successfully complete the Pit Of 100 Trials in Flopside twice to get the Bowser, Dark Bowser, Luigi, Dark Luigi, Mario, Dark Mario, Peach, and Dark Peach cards.

Hidden mini-games

While in the coffee shop in Flipside B1, enter 3-D mode to access a gold pipe that will take you to an arcade with three mini-games that use different functions of the Wii-mote. You can win prizes for top scores. A fourth game can be unlocked if you have a Gold Card.

Flipside’s Basement extra mini-game

Get the Golden card to unlock Flipside’s Basement extra mini-game.

Inifinite 3-D mode with Mario

Successfully complete the Pit Of 100 Trials in Flopside twice to get Mario’s card. This card allows you to enable 3-D mode for an unlimited amount of time.

Easy experience

After you complete Chapter 5, go back to Chapter 5-4. Go to the pipe that Sapiens keep coming out of, then jump on the block next to it and use Bowser’s flame. He will keep killing all the Sapiens that come out. You can get 7,500 to 10,000 experience points every minute.

Get 500 Coins, then go to the Flopside and buy a special item that is 500 Coins and gives 10,000 experience points. Do not use it yet. Go to a world with a Slow Mo or Speed Up Flower and get one. Then, use it. You will get 30,000 experience points instead of 10,000 experience points.

Easy Rubees

Buy a lot of Catch-Cards; SPs are optional. Go to a level with Amazee Dazees (the flowers that shoot music notes). Catch as many as you can. Each Amazee Dazee card is worth 300 Coins.

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Buy a lot of Life Shrooms in World 1-2. Cook them, then sell them in Flipside for 96 Coins each.

While in the VIP room, start spinning on the gerbil wheel, then jump to the right and run to the left. If you are still on the side, hold Down. If done correctly, you should be sliding and moving faster. This is helpful to getting a lot of Rubees.

Dashell Pixl

After completing the Pit Of 100 Trials in Flipside, you will fight a dragon, Wrecktail. This is a new version of the first Boss, with the same attacks and same way to defeat it. Once you defeat Wrecktail, you will get a new Pixl, Dashell, who allows you to run at very high speeds.

Piccolo Pixl

To get the Piccolo Pixl, you first must be able to visit Flopside. Visit Merlee on the second floor of Flopside and talk to her on the opposite side of the crystal ball. Next, talk to Merluvee in Flipside. Talk to Bestovious in Lineland. Talk to Watchitt in Yold. Then, give what Watchitt gave you to Bestovious. Give what Bestovious gave you to Merluvee. Give what Merluvee gave you to Merlee to get a key. Finally, go to the first floor of Flipside and open the locked door near the card shop. Go inside the house and open the treasure chest to get the Piccolo Pixl. Piccolo puts enemies to sleep. There are also special walls with a drawing of him engraved on it; you can use him to make the walls disappear, revealing secret items.

Pixl abilities

Get the indicated Pixl to unlock the corresponding special ability:

    Barry: Shield yourself from enemy attacks and also counterattack.
    Boomer: Blow up objects.
    Carrie: Platform that can get you across dangerous areas.
    Cudge: Use a hammer.
    Dashell: Run fast.
    Dottie: Shrink yourself.
    Fleep: Flip objects that are stuck in the wrong dimension.
    Piccolo: Play special music that disintegrates certain objects.
    Slim: Turn sideways and squeeze through very narrow spaces.
    Thoreau: Pick up objects then toss them.
    Thudley: Shake the ground.
    Tippi: Use the your Wii-mote sensor to scan objects to learn about them and reveal hidden things.

Free hints

Whenever you get stuck, save the game near your current location. Then, take the return pipe back to Flipside and go to the fortune teller. Once you have your hint, press Home and reset the game. You will return to your save where you were stuck and the price of the fortune teller’s services will never go up.

Style moves

After landing on an enemy to do damage, you can twist the Wii-mote in your hands and shake it to execute Style moves. Holding Jump during this attack will cause you to jump higher, thus giving you more time to shake and line up for a follow up attack. The more Style moves you do in a row, the higher your multiplier will be. This will greatly increase the pace at which you gain levels.


At the end of the game, you will not have Tippi anymore. If you want a robotic version of Tippi, go to Chapter 3-4 (Fort Francis), and buy Tiptron for 999 Coins. Tiptron has the same advantages as Tippi. You can use him the same way and shows you the same things.

Throw Boomer

You must first have the exploding Pixl, Boomer. Set him down, then quickly go to the menu, and select the hand Pixl, Thoreau. Pick up Boomer, and you will be able to throw him at enemies or anything that looks like it could be blown up.

Shortcut in Chapter 3-1

In Chapter 3-1, there is an underground portion. Near the end, there are elevators going up. Ride them up and walk along the top. You will come to an area with three warp pipes. Take the middle one to end up much closer to Bowser’s castle.

Getting the Space Helmet in Chapter 4-1

When you first enter the door to Chapter 4-1, you will not be able to breathe and need to find a Space Helmet. Exit and see Merlon. He will tell you he has something, but realizes he gave it away. Go to the third floor in Flipside to find a kid holding a fishbowl. Speak to him and he will give it to you, but you must first find a place to release the fish. Go to Flipside B1. Go to the right until you find a body of water. A dialogue will appear, asking if you want to release him. Say “Yes” and he will be released. Go back to Chapter 4-1 and you will be asked if want to use the helmet. Say “Yes” and you can continue.

Locked room in Merlee’s mansion

When you have to pay 1,000,000 Rubees, earn 100 Rubees then find a man in red. Give him the 100 Rubees to get the code to get in the VIP room. Then, get 10,000 Rubees and give it to another person in red. Note: You must flip to find this one. He will give you the code to the safe, but you will need a certain Pixl to get to it. To save money, the code to the VIP room is ” 5963 ” and the safe is ” 41262816 “.

Guessing the real Merlee

When you have to choose between the two Merlees, the real one will have a fly going around it from hiding in the toilet.

Defeating Mr. L

When fighting Mr. L, if you lose too much HP and do not have any healing items, use Thoreau as your Pixl, and wait for Mr. L to use a Shroom Shake. Just when he holds it over his head, use Thoreau on Mr. L. If timed correctly, you will steal the shake from him. This can be repeated times as desired.

Mario series reference

Enter Room 2828 in the Castle Of Francis to find action figures and posters from other Mario games.

Wii reference

When you enter Francis’ room (with the password ” 2828 “), turn 3-D and look at the far wall and the television. Look to the left, and you will see a Nintendo Wii system with a few games. It even has the sensor bar at the top of the television.

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