Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


Note: This game is also titled Paper Mario RPG .

Luigi clothes

To get Luigi’s clothes, go to where you get the sixth crystal star. From here, do a spring jump up to a pole on the left side. Do another spring jump to reach a ledge with the Luigi Emblem.

Waluigi clothes

Equip both the Luigi Emblem and the Wario Emblem at the same time. Your clothes will be exactly like Waluigi’s.

Wario clothes

To get Wario’s clothes, go to the central area of Rougeport with 360 Coins. There should be a merchant with a large mustache. He sells something called a Wario Emblem from time to time. It is a badge that requires no badge points to wear.

Select Yoshi’s color

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Start a new game and enter the name of a color as a name. When Yoshi joins your party during the game, he will appear as that color.

Easy Star points in Creepy Steeple

In the forest before the Creepy Steeple, make sure you can inflict 20 points worth of damage on one turn (Mario and partner). When you face a Crayzee Dayzee (on the field), sometimes an Amazee Dayzee appears. It has 20 HP and 20 attack, and induces sleep after the first turn. When defeated, they give about 50 Star points. Defeat two for an instant level up. Additionally, Super Hammer the Boos’ when they get on you. The Atomic Boo will give you some points.

Easy Star points in Glitz Pit

When you get into the Glitz Pit, fight until you are near rank 7 or 8. You should now be fighting “the fuzz”. Kill the black Fuzzie that has 3 HP then kill the Flower Fuzzy (pinky). Next, keep the green one near 1 HP remaining. He will split in two. Kill one of them (always leave one alive). It also helps when you have Koops out for a partner. Just leave Mario in front and Koops in back and use his Shell Shield (new attack when you upgrade him). Every time that it breaks, put a new one on. It helps to have some Happy Heart or Happy Flower badges equipped. Keep doing this and you can get 50 Star points in about five minutes. Additionally, to get more Star Points, go to the Glitz Pit and battle your way up and face Rawk Hawk again.

Get Yoshi in Glitz Pit

Whenever you fight Iron Clefts you will lose. Go outside the Glitz Pitz and you will see a egg hopping get it. Fight Iron Clefts again and you will lose. Go back and your egg will have hatched. It is a Yoshi and you will get to name it.

Fight Rawk Hawk multiple times and a free bed in Glitz Pit

After completing Chapter 3 (in Glitzville), you will be reset in the rankings for the Glitz Pit. Fight your way all the way to the top again and defeat Rawk Hawk. You will then have access to the Champion’s Room as long as you do not lose another fight. If you make a challenge, you will fight Rawk Hawk and be instructed to use a special attack in every battle (however, it does not matter if you do not). You will be given 20 coins in prize money every time that you win. Also, in the Champion’s Room there is a bed that restores you completely (HP, FP, and Star Points).

X and d-e-a-d-m-e-a-t in Glitz Pit

In the Glitz Pit, Rawk Hawk will enter into the minor league. Your partner will notice a fake crystal star on his belt. He or she will wonder where the real crystal star is. Soon, scary music will play. It is your Mailbox SP. Someone named X will give you a star, if you follow X’s instructions. After a few instructions, a man will e-mail you, saying to keep your nose out of things or you are d-e-a-d-m-e-a-t. He will then say to stop collecting crystal stars or you will disappear. First, talk to the juice bar manager to get a Super Hammer. All instructions are obvious and easy until you get a key for the storage room. Use Flurrie to blow the covers off the blocks. The blocks are vulnerable to your hammer. Break them to find a switch. Pull it and climb the stairs. Fall in the vent after talking to King K and Bandit. Then, go to the right and look in the hole.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong reference in Glitz Pit

Go to the main backstage hallway, near the ceiling. You will see a blue and yellow present in a metal box connected to a pipe.

Second cake in Glitzville

In Glitzville (Chapter 3), when you get to rank 6 someone will leave you cake. Eat it and it will heal you. However, when you get to rank 3, do not eat the cake that is waiting for you. It is poisonous, and if you eat it your party members will not be able to fight with you during the next round.

Defeating the two Iron Clefts in Glitzville

In Glitzville (Chapter 3), when you get to rank 11 you will face two unbeatable clefts. Without the Yoshi in your party, you must run away. However after that match, when you get Yoshi, face them again. Use Yoshi’s Gulp attack to defeat them. Additionally, go to the badge shop in Rougueport. You may find be a badge called Piercing Blow. It automatically goes through the enemy’s defense and will help you defeat the Iron Clefts.

Easy upgrade in Hooktail’s Castle

To upgrade your party members twice, go to Hooktail’s Castle. At the room where the ceiling closes in on you with spikes, at the end it there is a wall that can be blown up. Use Admiral Bobery to blow up the wall. Inside is an Up Crystal. Give it to Merlin and then you will be able to upgrade your partners twice.

Paper Mario reference in Hooktail Castle

The corpse in Hooktail Castle has the name Kolorado in it. He was a Koopa in the original Paper Mario.

Easy HP and FP in Keelhaul Key

Once you reach Keelhaul Key, go behind the mountain near the harbor. A blue mole (Whakka) should appear. Hit him once with your hammer, Koops, or Admiral Bobbery. He should make a remark like, “OW! That hurts!” or something similar. He will leave an item that heals 25 HP and FP called the Whakka Bump. Keep going into town (or in the cave nearby when you blow a hole into it) and return. Whakka will reappea. You can keep hitting him for more items. However, be careful. Once he starts singing, that will be the last time you will see him after he is hit.

Easy Star Points in Keelhaul Key

Battle the Fuzzy Guys and leave one left. They should multiply. Then, kill them and you get Star Points, thus making you level up faster.

Extra Defense Badges in Palace Of Shadow

In the Palace of Shadow (Chapter 8), you will enter a big room with two Black Chomps guarding a Recover and Save Block. If you fight the one on the right, you will discover a Black Chomp with a Defend Plus badge. Use Ms. Mowz’s Kiss Thief ability to acquire it. Then, leave the Palace Of Shadow entirely (by exiting the Thousand Year Door) and re-enter. Both Black Chomps will have respawned, and the one on the right has a Defend Plus P for your partner.

Infinite Coins in Petalburg

Go to the Rougeport store and buy as many Sleep Sheep as you can (8 Coins each). Then, go to Petalburg. Go to there store and sell all of your Sleep Sheep for 10 Coins. This process takes awhile, but is well worth it.

Infinite Turtly Leaves in Petalburg

After plucking one leaf in front of the pink house, go left across the bridge. Return to the pink house and pluck more. Keep doing this to get unlimited Turtly leaves. Take the Turtly Leaves to Zess T.’s house in Rogueport to the left of the item shop. He will turn the leaves into Koopa Tea, which is better than Turtly Leaves. Koopa Tea gives you 7 FP and Turtly Leaves only give you 3 FP.

Get a prize in Pinta Parlor

When you gamble in the slot machine, listen to the music on it. When you hear the end of the jingle and it starts again, press A. Do this two more times and you will get a prize of some kind.

Easy money in Pit Of 100 Trials

With Ms. Mowz in your party and in the Pit Of 100 Trials, after about level 40, enemies will start to hold badges every so often. If you steal them with Ms. Mowz’s Kiss Thief, you can sell them for about 100 to 250 coins.

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Easy completion in Pit Of 100 Trials

You must get more than 600 coins (try to sell badges that requires 3 or more BP to get large amounts of coins), two Jamming Jellies and two Ultra Shrooms. You can buy them in the west side in Rogueport. Convert in paper mode and then fall to the sewers. Both items cost 200 coins. Then, get two Fire Flower and two Cake Mix. Next, buy two Life Shroom, four Super Shroom, and four Maple Syrup. Cook the two Jamming Jellies with Ultra Shrooms, the Fire Flowers with the Cake Mix, and the Super Shroom with the Maple Syrup. You will get:

    Ultra Jelly: Recovers 50 HP and 50 FP (x2).
    Fire Pop: Recovers 20 FP (x2).
    Life Shroom (the two you buy): Recovers your HP by 10 when you fall (x2).
    Super Maple: Recovers 10 HP and 10 FP (x4).

With this equipment, it is difficult to lose. It is recommended that you first defeat the Shadow Queen before completing the Pit Of 100 Trails.

Awards in Pit Of 100 Trials

    Sleepy Stomp Badge: Levels 1 to 10
    Fire Drive Badge: Levels 11 to 20
    Zap Tap Badge: Levels 21 to 30
    Pity Flower Badge: Levels 31 to 40
    Strange Sack: Levels 41 to 50
    Double Dip Badge: Levels 51 to 60
    Double Dip P Badge: Levels 61 to 70
    Bump Attack Badge: Levels 71 to 80
    Lucky Day Badge: Levels 81 to 90
    Return Postage Badge: Levels 91 to 100

Enemy tattle log information in Professor Frankly’s House

If you defeat a Boss or enemy that you fight once (for example, Hooktail, Red Bones, Gus, etc.), and you do not tattle on them, you can get their information by looking in the yellow trash can in Professor Frankly’s house.

Infinite Mystic Eggs in Rogueport

Once you have the Super Hammer go to Rugeport Sewers. Enter the sewers on the east side of Rougeport. Enter the tube to the right of you, with the gate in front of it. Then, walk down the stairs or go through the gate using Paper mode. Go left and move through the door . Smash the big yellow block and jump on the elevator. Take a left and jump into the blue tube. You should appear at the Great Tree. Go inside and talk to the girl Punie with the pink dot on its head. She will want to play a game. You will be asked to make up an easy question. Select “Mario likes which person the most?” She will say “Oh that’s easy. It’s Princess Peach. Thanks for playing.” She will give you a Mystic Egg. Exit the Great Tree and go back in the tube. Then, go back in the tube and return to the Great Tree. Do the same thing again. You can repeat going through the tubes as many times as desired. However, she will only play if you have left the tree and went inside the tube. If you just stand there talking to her, she will only say “Thanks for playing come again!”. Mystic Eggs only give you 5 HP, but they make great recipes. Note: If she did not say that she wanted to play a game, you probably need to get farther in the game.

Hidden crystal star in Rogueport

Go in front of Franky’s house and do a Power Bomb. Note: You must get the new shoe from Chapter 2.

Secret door in Rogueport

In Rougeport, go east to where the bandit stole your coins. Go up and through the wall.

Free entry in Rogueport

Just outside of Rogueport Plaza, a Robbo named Gus will be blocking a doorway. He will ask you for ten coins. Tell him that you can take him. He will want to battle you. He will be carrying a spear; do not jump on him or you will take damage. If you defeat him, he will run away and you will be able to get in for free for the rest of the game.

Classic Mario reference in Shadow Palace

Listen carefully to the music inside the Shadow Palace, you will notice that it is a slower remix of the classic Mario “pipe” theme (like the one in Super Mario Sunshine inside the pipes, or in Super Mario 64 in Hazy Maze Cave).

Ms. Mowz in Trouble Center

In story mode, you will get six characters (Goombella, Koops, Madame Flurrie, Yoshi, Vivian, and Admiral Bobbery). However after Chapter 4, go to the Trouble Center and take the chore of the mystery person. You will figure out that it is the mouse thief and when the mission is over you get the partner Ms. Mowz. Also after Chapter 4, a trouble in the Trouble Center that has the recipient, ???. It is Ms. Mowz. She needs a badge in Hooktail Castle. In the room where you fought her, in the middle is an invisible chest. Use Flurrie. Give the badge to her, and she will join your party.

Secret Ultra shroom in Twilight Town

Once you get through the gate, there will be a yellow box to smash. Smash the box, then jump on top of it. Once on top of it, jump again. You will find another yellow box with a super shroom in it.

Letter “p” in Twilight Town

The person who stole Body’s name is Doopliss, but there is no lower case “p”. Go to the creepy steeple outside the place. Go down the well. Go as far as you can until you reach a gate-like object. Push it, then use Vivian’s ability to go under it. Slide down the hill and get the letter “p”. Guess his name and he will run away. Go to where you first met him, then defeat him. Do not bother attacking his partners. Defeat him to get your body back. Get the crystal star to complete Chapter 4.

Easy Amayzee Dayzee in Twilight Town

Go to the area where you first enter the woods in Twilight Town (where you see your first Crazee Dayzee, at the area just after you take the warp pipe). The first Crayzee Dayzee is special — do not kill it. Enter a battle with him. Most likely, there will not be an Amayzee Dayzee in the battle. If there is not, run away from him and go back towards the warp pipe, leaving the area. Turn back around after leaving the woods and go back in. The Crazee Dayzee will still be there (if you did not kill him). Enter a battle with him again. Repeat this until you find an Amayzee Dayzee. They are worth about 50 Star points.

To get started, increase your jump power as much as possible, by equipping badges such as Power Plus, P-Up, D-Down, Jumpman, and All or Nothing. It is vital that Mario’s jump attack in particular is as powerful as possible. Just in case it is not enough by itself, you might may to think of equipping a few Power Plus P and a P-Up, D-Down P badges. The Amayzee Dayzee is quite fond of avoiding the spotlight, and will often escape after one turn of Mario and his partner. Another few optionals are Lucky Start, Flower Saver, and Spike Shield (for spiky Goombas). The former will often recover Mario’s FP, helping to further diminish the need of any recovery items. A good choice of partners is Yoshi, who makes a good back-up in the event that you cannot take out 20 HP by Mario alone. Enter the Twilight Forest and try to avoid the first Dayzee you encounter. Instead, initiate combat with the Dayzee in the background and towards the left by jumping or ground stomping. Assuming there is not an Amayzee Dayzee sparkling in the furthest back row (which is likely), run away and exit to the left. There is another Dayzee here, making this an ideal “hunting” location. Basically, go back and forth entering battle and running away if you do not see a sparkling golden Dayzee. When you finally do, which should not take much time, use Mario’s Spring Jump on the Amayzee in the back row and, especially if you have All Or Nothing equipped, make sure to time your action commands correctly. With Ultra Boots and badges, Mario can do 20 damage (10 for the first jump, and 10 on the rebound), instantly killing the Dayzee. If Mario is not strong enough, use Yoshi’s Ground Pound, which will hopefully make up enough damage with any partner badges you have equipped. Finish off any other enemies and reap the benefits. The Amayzee Dayzee gives about 50 Star Points at level 25, and over 30 after Mario levels beyond 30. Basically, if you have already gone through the Pit Of 100 Trials (which also features a few Amayzee Dayzees), this is the best method to level up. After you have found and defeated the two Amayzee Dayzees, you can go after the Dayzee near the entrance to Twilight Forest. Also, do not forget that you can find one grouped with the Hyper Cleft (mean green rock) on the way to Creepy Steeple. There may be an Amayzee Dayzee in the back when it is encountered. Note: You can make the Dayzees respawn by walking two rooms away then going back. For example, use the path to walk toward Creepy Steeple, which is two rooms away from the closest Dayzee. Repeat the above strategy to level up quickly.

Easy Star Points in Twilight Trail

After Chapter 8, it is difficult to get Star Points. Go to the Twilight Trail and kill everything there until you find an Amazing Dazy. Then, use everything you have to kill it. If you make a mistake, it will run away or hit you for 20 points. To defeat it, try using Art Attack or Supernova. After defeating it, you will get about 38 Star Points.

Classic Mario in X-Naut Fortress

To turn yourself into the Mario from Super Mario Bros. , go to the X-Naut Fortress and go to the room where you have to Spring-Jump through the air vent. Spring-Jump up there, then move to the right. Go into paper mode by holding R and fall through the vent. You will land in the second changing curtain. When you open it, Mario and all of his partners will be NES characters. The Mario theme will also play. When you exit the room, the music will stop and you and your partners will revert back to normal.

Reverse scrolling for dialogue

While someone is speaking, press Z to review what they said earlier in the conversation.

Easy money

Sleep over fifty times at the inns to get 200 Coins from a photographer.

Star pieces

In the main area, use Ground Pound in front of the gallows. If done correctly, you will either see a plate form jump up or a Star piece will come out of the ground. Additionally, go behind any pipe in the game and you will usually find a Star piece.

Jump on spiked enemies

Normally, you will hurt yourself when jumping on spiked enemies. When you get Vivian go into the sewers and have Flurrie. Reveal the hidden pipe and go down it. You will enter a room where the floor has spikes going up and down. Change Flurrie to Vivian and go on the floor when the spikes are down. When you think the spikes will come up, press X and Vivian will take you under the spikes, then come up when they go down. At the end of the room is a chest with the badge that lets you jump attack spiked enemies and not get hurt. Unfortunately it does not help you get across the spiked floor. Repeat the previous technique to get back out.

Mario’s maze

When underground in the Thousand Year Door level, you will reach a part where if you make a wrong move you will end-up at the beginning. There are four doors. Never go back, so there are really only two to choose from. First, take the one straight across the room, then again in the next room. In the third room, go upstairs to the door facing the right-hand side. In the fourth room, do the same thing. Then in room 5, take the bottom right-hand door. In room 6 take the top right-hand door. Finally, in room 7 take the bottom right-hand door. Quickly save the game, as you will face four Bosses. Stock up on health supplies and thunder items. Additionally, an easy way to get through the maze is when you see candle lights on the wall. The real door will have a candlelight lighten up. It will either be the top right or bottom left. If the bottom left does not have any candle light up, it will be the top one and vice-versa.


Sometimes the audience can be an enemy or a friend. For example, your audience in the first chapter would most likely be Goombas, Koopas, one of the people from the village, or Dry Bones because they are in your first chapter.

Ghost’s name

In Chapter 4, the ghost that you fought and that takes over Mario asks you to guess his name. His name is Doopliss.

Keep clothes

Get the L Emblem and go to Rogueport to the badge shop. Sell the badge. After you sell it, you will still be wearing Luigi’s clothes. If you pause game play, you will change into Mario’s clothes again. This also works with the W Emblem.

No snow prints

Go to Fahr Outpost. Get in the snow and hop on Yoshi. Yoshi will not make any snow prints when he runs around. Alternately, jump around. However, you have to press Jump before you move the Analog-stick.

Do not read the diary

In Chapter 6 (when you are on the train), when you find the ghost in room 004 he will ask you to get his diary and warn you not to read it. When you get the diary, do not read it. If you do, the game will end and you have to start at the last save point.

Do not become the Shadow Queen’s servant

In the last chapter when you are going to fight the Shadow Queen, she will ask if you want to become her servant. Answer “No”. If you answer “Yes”, the game will automatically end.

Map completed by Professor Frankly

Every time Mario gets new star information on his map, he will go to Professor Frankly. The first few times, he will ask to see your map. During your first time, when you get information for Petal Meadows, Frankly will ask for your map, but then talk more and more. He will keep talking for a bit until he gives your map back. In this time, he puts down your map face up. This allows you to see the map. You can see the moon very clearly, and notice the revealing spot for the X-Naut Fortress. The map is already completed and Mario just started.

Paper Mario references

After you defeat the Shadow Queen, go to the town where the train from Rougeport takes you. Go in the area outside of the building where you obtained the Crystal Star. In that area you will see Bow and Bootler from the original Paper Mario . Also, after your ordeal on the train, you will receive an e-mail from the real Zip Toad. If you look closely at the image he sends you, you will notice that Jr. Troopa from the original Paper Mario is in it, flying outside the window.

Go on the train after beating Smorg. There will be a little Toad in one of the cabins. Talk to him and he will ask you a question from the first Paper Mario , such as “What did Bowser steal in the first Paper Mario?”

Defeating Bonetail

In the Tattle Log, you will notice there an empty space between Gloomtail and Rawk Hawk. This is the space for Bonetail. Bonetail is the oldest of the dragons. To fight him, you must go to the very bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials. You must be very strong, as he is the strongest Boss in the game, and has about 90 battles beaten on you as well. He has 200 HP. If you defeat him, you will get the Return Postage Badge.

Defeating Gloomtail

You should have a Zap Zip Badge and at least 45 Health, 35 Flower Points, and about 30 Badge Power. You should only use Star Power for Sweat Treat. Use a strong party member and keep an even pace with your attacks. Additionally, Gloomtail, Hooktail’s older brother, has 80 HP and 6 ATT power . Use Power Smash (equip many if you have more than one) and use Admiral Bobbery to bomb him . This should not take long. Note: If you have a Feeling Fine Badge, put it on to avoid Poison . After five to eight turns, Gloomtail will be defeated and you will get the Star Stone.

Defeating Hooktail

Before fighting Hooktail, get the Sound Changing Badge in the jail cell. The sound is a cricket noise, and is Hooktail’s weakness.

Defeating Jabbies

Use the following trick if you have trouble defeating the Jabbies in Chapter 2. Use Flurrie as your partner. As soon as the Jabbies come for you, use Flurrie’s ability and blow them into the wall. This will stun some of them (indicated by a star above them). The Punies should be able to defeat the Jabbies easily if this is done correctly.

Defeating the Shadow Queen

Make sure that you have 60 HP, 60 FP, and 30 BP. When you fight her just as Peach use Vivian as your partner. Then. use the spinning jump and Vivian’s Shade Fist until the Shadow Queen turns into her other form. Then switch to Koops. Use his power shell to attack the hands and the body. Then, use the Power Smash badge. Also, when she adds 7 more to her next attack, use either Koops’ Shell Shield or Vivians Veil. Make sure both Koops’ and Vivian’s level is at the highest. Repeat this and you should be able to win. Do not forget to heal and make sure you have a lot of Life Shrooms.

This Boss has a maximum HP of 150. In her first form, she has a max attack of 7 and defense of 0. Use HP and FP Plus Badges and Power and Defense Plus Badges to have a better chance. When she reaches 70 to 80 HP, she turns into her regular form. She is invincible for four turns, then recovers all health. Then, a very long intermission sequence will begin and she will be attackable. Use emergency Sweet Feasts and Supernovas. Her hands are a force to be reckoned with; try using Admiral Bobbery’s Bob-ombast or Vivian’s Fiery Jynx if either is leveled enough. It may require a few short turns to learn to dodge her attacks. After some steady battling, you will defeat her.

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This trick requires some attacking items, some recovery items for backup, Badges of any kind (Close Call, Mega and Power Rushes, and any others that are powerful and that can make your opponents miss more recommended), and Vivian. At the beginning, use up your attacks because your power will recover. When the Shadow Queen changes into her true form, use anything except items. After the intermission sequence and Peach giving Mario her power, do the following. If the Shadow Queen has her big hands, when it is Mario’s turn use Power Smash or Spring Jump (recommended) on the Shadow Queen, and not the Hands. When it is Vivian’s turnm use Fiery Jynx and that will kill the Hands. When the Shadow Queen uses her Dead Hands, have Mario either use Fire Drive, an item that attacks all enemies, Earth Tremor, or Art Attack. When it is Vivian’s turn, have her use Fiery Jynx. This will finish off the Dead Hands. When the Shadow Queen boosts her attack and defense by three, have Mario use Power Smash. When it is Vivian’s turn, have her use Fiery Jynx unless there are no Hands of some kind, then use Shade Fist. When the Shadow Queen does a Super Charge, have Mario use Power Smash, Spring Jump, an attacking item, or an attacking Crystal Star Ability. When it is Vivian’s turn, have her use Veil. If Mario has low HP, then use an item or Sweet Feast. If Vivian is low, give her a weaker item such as Super Shroom or give her Sweet Feast or Sweet Treat. When the Shadow Queen gets low HP, have Mario use attacking items. Vivian should either attack, or use an attacking item, unless the Shadow Queen does a Super Charge. If that happens, use Veil. After all that, use Supernova and do a good job of it. Have Vivian attack then finish her off.

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