Soulcalibur Legends



  • Play as Lloyd Irving (Tales Of Symphonia)

    In Quest mode when you have Ivy, Taki, Astaroth, Mitzurugi, and Sophitia in Chapter 3, you will see a scene featuring Lloyd Irving from Tales Of Symphonia. When the scene ends, a fight will start. After some time, it will stop, and a new fight will begin. If you win, Lloyd Irving will join your group.

  • Use any character in any mission

    Successfully complete the game to use any character in any mission.

  • Third weapon

    Successfully complete the quests that are given in Chapter 5 to unlock your character's third weapon.

  • Fourth weapon

    Earn the "Paladin", "Master", and final rank in your quest to unlock your character's fourth weapon.

  • Weapons

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon:

    Astaroth Alpha

      Great Maul: Earn the "Diamond Paladin" title.
      Terror Moon: Successfully complete the "Return Of Guardian Ammon" quest.


      Black Widow: Earn the "Garnet Paladin" title.
      Valentine: Successfully complete the "Imperial Army Headquarters" quest.


      Angel's Tear: Earn the "Edgemaster" title.
      Shiden: Successfully complete the "Guardian Cervantes' Revenge" quest.


      Pandemonium: Earn the "Ultimate Master" title.
      Shishi-Oh: Successfully complete the "Defense Line In The Wilderness" quest.


      Requiem: Successfully complete the "Seal Soul Edge's Power" quest.
      Soul Calibur: Earn the "Legendary Hero" title.
      Soul Edge Omega: Defeat Guardians Fafnir, Ammon, Geki and Maki, and Cervantes.


      Hyperion: Earn the "Ruby Paladin" title.
      Omega Sword: Successfully complete the "Beyond The White Darkness" quest.


      Fu-Ma Kugi: Earn the "Sword Master" title.
      Mekki-Maru: Successfully complete the "Return Of Guardians Geki and Maki" quest.

  • Alternate costumes

    Successfully complete the game to unlock all alternate costume colors for all characters.

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