Soul Edge/Blaze Cheats & Cheat Codes for Arcade, PlayStation, Windows, and More

The cast of Soul Edge

Soul Edge/Blaze Cheats & Cheat Codes for Arcade, PlayStation, Windows, and More

Soul Edge Summary

Welcome to the stage of history!

The cast of Soul Edge

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The very first, in fact. Soul Edge was first released in 1995 for the arcade (as in arcade cabinets), and then for the PlayStation 1 in 1996. It is the first video game to use motion capture for player movements and animations. Developed by Namco to see how players would react to weapon-based fighting games, Soul Edge laid out the groundwork for many 3D fighting games to follow, such as Virtua Fighter, and Tekken.

The gameplay, for those not in the know, has two players face off against each other in an arena. The objective is simple, use your character’s unique style to defeat the other. But, unlike fighting games at the time, the players had the option of using full 3D movement to maneuver around an opponent, and many fighters (such as Taki), took full advantage of this. When it was released onto the arcade cabinets, it got successful, though not peerless, reviews. While it earned great acclaim both in the U.S. and Japan, it wasn’t until Soul Edge was released onto the Playstation did it received the praise it deserved. In turn, this game managed to start an entire franchise, which includes no shortage of guest fighters, such as Link from Legend of Zelda, Spawn from Spawn, and even Geralt of Rivia from Witcher. 

Soul Edge Premise.

Taking place in the year 1583, which, for reference, is around the time the British Empire began to form. There have been tales of a “Hero’s Sword,” a blade that has been known by many names throughout history. But, there is one name it is known by above all else: Soul Edge. Many have sought out this legendary blade to use its power for their own ends or to serve their country. But, this blade is no savior. Even the smallest scratch from the blade can turn a person into a monster, to say nothing of what it does to those with the strongest bodies, as the warrior Siegfried discovers. The warrior Sophita, alongside the ninja Taki, has set out to destroy this vile blade before it can destroy any more lives.

Will they succeed, or will another claim this monstrous blade?

<H2> [VIDEO GAME TITLE] Main Characters <H2>

Each character you see here has their backstory and their own in-game story. Depending upon your actions in the game, and performing, or failing, button prompts, you may find their story changing.

  •  Heishiro Mitsurugi. Video Game’s most combative samurai and that’s saying something. He’s on a mission to perfect his skills and to beat the dreaded Tanegashima rifle. He wields a katana, a single-edged blade.
  •  Taki. Not quite as…distracting as her later entries. But Taki is on a mission to stop Soul Edge. The character, not the game. She wields two small daggers or tanto.
  •  Siegfried Schtauffen. Before he became the wielder of the not-so-holy sword, Siegfried was a greatsword-wielding man who wanted to please his father.
  •   Sophitia Alexandra. A warrior from Greece blessed by the God, Hepeathes. She’s the main ‘heroine’ of the saga. She wields a short sword and shield.
  •   Voldo. A strange man with katars on his hands. There’s not much known about him, save that he lives underground, and is a guardian of treasures.
  •   Seong Mi-na. A pretty girl who’s better with weapons than most people in her town. Wishing to prove herself, she sets out to find Soul Edge. She wields a guando, a bladed staff.
  •  Hwang Seong-gyeong. A duty-bound man who wishes to find Soul Edge to better serve his country. He uses the Chinese style Dao.
  •  Nathaniel William “Rock” Adams. He’s from Briitian, and has a Rhino on his head, walks around shirtless, and carries a giant mace.
  •   Li Long. The Nunchuck wielder before Maxi.
  •   Cervantes de Leon. A pirate, and the father of a certain woman. He wields two swords, the shorter of which has a pistol built into the handle. Which actually has some historical precedence.
  •   Inferno. The spirit inside the sword itself. It acts as a “defense mechanism” should the current Nightmare be defeated.
  •  Soul Edge. The sword itself. It can corrupt good men into bad and lust for nothing but destruction. Remember, a sword is, above all else, a tool for killing.

Soul Edge Titles of Video Games in the Series 

Does your soul still burn? To cover the bases, this will include both the main games, and the spin offs.


  • Soul Edge / Soul Blade (1995/1996)
  •  Soulcalibur (1998)
  •  Soulcalibur II (2002)
  •  Soulcalibur III (2005)
  •  Soulcalibur IV (2008)
  •  Soulcalibur V (2012)
  •  Soulcalibur VI (2018) 

Spin Offs.

  • Soulcalibur Legends (2007)
  •  Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny (2009)
  •  Soulcalibur: Lost Swords (2014)
  •  Soulcalibur: Unbreakable Soul (2014)
  •  Soulcalibur Pachislot (2017 ) 

Soul Edge Cheat Codes 

Alright, let’s cover some cheats! Also, just so you know, this will be covering Soul Blade cheats. It’s still the same game, mind you, but the difference is that Soul Edge came out on the Arcade, and Soul Blade is the Playstation Verison.

Select the Alternate Costume

To select a character’s alternate outfit. Just hold guard and an attack button while your desired character is highlighted.

Press and hold guard then any button while selecting your characterSelect Alternate Costume

Ending Camera Control

Just for fun, during an ending do the following for the corresponding effect:

A = A attack
B = B attack

Hold A – Zoom in
Hold B – Zoom out
Up – Top view
Down – Horizontal view
Left – Spin counter-clockwise
Right – Spin clockwise

Namco Voice Trick

At the beginning of the game you will hear a voice say “Namco”. Hold L1 + L2 and then press Up for Sueng Mina’s voice, Down for a quick voice, or Back for a normal voice.

Alternate Endings

To view an alternate ending, do the following for each character when the black lines disappear from the top and bottom of the ending cinema:

B AttackCervantes de Leon
A AttackHwang Sung Kyung
Press A Attack then B Attack repeatedlyLi Long
Beat Tanegashima by pressing Left or Right to avoid the bullet, then run forward and attack with B before he reloadsMitsurugi Heijiroh
B AttackRock Adams
Quickly press down then up to make her dodgeSeung Mina
B AttackSiegfried
Move RightSophitia Alexander
Press Guard to block Soul Edge’s attackTaki
Quickly press up then down until Soul Edge breaksVoldo

Alternate Costumes

At the character select screen, press the following buttons for the corresponding costume:

At the character select screen press B AttackAlternate default color costume
At the character select screen press B Attack + GuardAlternate guard color costume
Beat the game with all ten charactersAlternate title screen
At the character select screen press A AttackDefault costume
At the character select screen press A Attack + GuardGuard costume
Unlock Soul Edge, then complete the game with Hwang, then again with Seung MinaHan Myong
At the character select screen press KickNew Soul Blade
Obtain Siegfried’s 8th weapon.Siegfried!
Obtain Sophitia’s 8th weaponSophitia!
Get every weapon for every characterSophitia!!
Play the game for 20 hours without pausing, resetting or turning off the powerSoul Edge
Finish arcade mode with all ten standard characters.Soul Edge

Soul Edge Cheat Code FAQs

Alright, let’s cover some FAQs!

  • How do you unlock Soul Edge in Soul bladeThough the game is on the PS1, let’s cover it. To play as Soul Edge, beat Arcade Mode with each character, OR leave the game running for 12 hours. If you pause mid-game, this ‘timer’ will continue to run. So, you know, go get some dinner or something.
  •  When did Soul Edge come out? December 1995, specifically on the arcade. Soul Blade came out in June 1996.
  •  Where can I play Soul BladeThe arcade version, Soul Edge, can only be found in Arcades that specialize in old games, or if you’re lucky, you can find it in an arcade cabinet. But, if you want to play Soul Blade, the PS1 version, you can find it on Steam.

And that’s all for now folks, stay safe!

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