Battlefield: Hardline



Dinosaur Mask and Wolf Mask

Save $10 million in the bank to unlock the Dinosaur Mask for criminals or Wolf Mask for the law enforcement.

Expert Level unlockables

Earn the indicated number of points to reach the corresponding Expert Level and unlock the corresponding bonuses:

Expert Level
2,000CZ-75 Pistol, M1911A1 Heavy Pistol
3,00037 Stakeout Shotgun
3,000Ammo Box, Armored Insert, First Aid Pack, Gas Mask
4,000New attachments for Cop primary weapon
5,000R700 LTR Sniper Bolt Action, SOCOM16 Sniper Semi Auto, SR-25 ECC Sniper Semi-Auto
5,000New attachments for Cop secondary weapon
6,000.40 Pro Heavy Pistol, .410 Jury Revolver, .44 Magnum Revolver, Bald Eagle Heavy Pistol
6,000Breaching Charge, Laser Tripmine
6,000New attachments for Criminal primary weapon
6,000Baseball Bat Melee, Blackjack Melee, Golf Club Melee, Lead Pipe Melee, TEC-9 Machine Pistol
7,000Double-Barrel Shotgun, SPAS-12 Shotgun
7,000New attachments for Criminal secondary weapon
7,000AKS-74U Carbine, G36C Carbine
7,000300 Knockout Sniper Bolt Action, AWM Sniper Bolt Action, PTR-91 Sniper Semi-Auto, SAIGA .308 Sniper Semi Auto

Case file unlockables

Scan enough evidence to complete the indicated case file and get the corresponding bonuses:

    The Hot Shot File: .357 RS Revolver, .38 Snub Revolver, Silver Battlepack
    Hot Shot Supply Chain: HCAR Battle Rifle, SCAR-H Battle Rifle, Silver Battlepack
    The Elmore Hotel Investigation: 93R Machine Pistol, G18C Machine Pistol, Silver Battlepack
    Internal Affairs: M416 Assault Rifle, R0933 Carbine, SG533 Carbine, Silver Battlepack
    Power Play: HK51 Battle Rifle, SA-58 OSW Battle Rifle, Silver Battlepack
    The Boomer Connection: FMG-9 SMG, K10 SMG, Silver Battlepack, UZI SMG
    Preferred Outcomes: M240B LMG, Silver Battlepack

Episode unlockables

Successfully complete the indicated episode to unlock the corresponding camouflage:

    Episode 1 - Back To School: Solid Camos (Black, FDE, Green, Grey, Navy, Olive, Tan)
    Episode 2 - Checking Out: Forest Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
    Episode 3 - Gator Bait: Aviator Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
    Episode 4 - Case Closed: Snow Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
    Episode 6 - Out Of Business: Hunter Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
    Episode 7 - Glass Houses: Desert Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
    Episode 8 - Sovereign Land: Urban Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
    Episode 9 - Independence Day: Jungle Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
    Episode 10 - Legacy: Exotic Camos (Splinter, Digital, ERDL, Hexagon, Spray, Tiger)
    All episodes on Cadet difficulty: Bronze Plated
    All episodes on Officer difficulty: Silver Plated
    All episodes on Veteran difficulty: Gold Plated

Weapon and item drops

Kill the indicated enemies or search the listed location to collect the corresponding weapon or item:

    870P Magnum Shotgun: Enemies in Episode 1: Back To School; or on a table in a silo in Episode 8: Sovereign Land.
    45T Heavy Pistol: Enemies in Episode 3: Gator Bait.
    AKM Assault Rifle: Enemies in Episode 3: Gator Bait.
    G17 Pistol: Enemies in Episode 1: Back To School; or near a truck in a trailer park in Episode 8: Sovereign Land.
    M16A3 Assault Rifle: In the Domo Roboto basement in Episode 4: Case Closed; or on a couch on top of a trailer in Episode 8: Sovereign Land.
    M/45 SMG: At the Gator Farm in Episode 3: Gator Bait, get into the airboat and travel southwest to a dock, then climb on a tower with the grappling hook. Look southeast and zipline to another platform.
    MAC-10 Machine Pistol: Enemies in Episode 2: Checking Out.
    Scout Elite Sniper Bolt Action: From the Nature Reserve in Episode 3: Gator Bait, use the airboat to travel south to the dock near the small island. Use the Grappling Hook to reach the ledge, then zipline to another platform to the east to find the rifle on a table.
    UMP-45 SMG: In the basement of Domo Roboto warehouse in Episode 4: Case Closed.
    Grappling Hook: In Episode 3: Gator Bait.
    Zipline: In Episode 3: Gator Bait.

Evidence locations

Search the indicated locations to find the corresponding evidence to complete the Case Files:

Episode 1: Back To School

    Ledger and Money (The Hot Shot File): When you get the "Investigate The Room" objective, use the scanner to analyze the document on the desk.

    Surveillance Photo of Stoddard (The Hot Shot File): In the same room, scan the photo on the counter near a printer.

    Box of Hot Shot (The Hot Shot File): In the next room, scan the trace evidence on the table.

Episode 2: Checking Out

    Box of Hot Shot (Hot Shot Supply Chain): In the laundry room, go to the rear right corner to find the Box of Hot Shot near some steps.

    Care Instructions Memo (The Elmore Hotel Investigation): At the entrance to the laundry room, look to the left to see a Hawaiian shirt hanging from the shelves. Scan the shirt.

    Drug Purchase List (The Elmore Hotel Investigation): In the laundry room, enter the break room to the right to find the Drug Purchase List on a table.

    Vial of Hot Shot (The Elmore Hotel Investigation): In the hotel lobby, scan the thug named Javier Rosado who is guarding its entrance. Neutralize him with a non-lethal method, then search his body for a Vial of Hot Shot.

    Tablet with IM Client (The Elmore Hotel Investigation): In the hotel lobby, look behind the reception desk. Scan the Tablet with IM Client on top of the multi-purpose copier.

    Answering Machine (The Elmore Hotel Investigation): Enter the office next to the reception desk. Search the desks in the room to find the Answering Machine.

Episode 3: Gator Bait

    Exploded Drug Bale (Hot Shot Supply Chain): During the "Investigate The Boathouse" objective, after using the zipline and taking out the three enemies, you can find the Exploded Drug Bale on the ground.

    Toxic Barrel (Internal Affairs): The Toxic Barrel Evidence can be found on the way to the boathouse. It is located in the water at the corner of the dock. Use the scanner to analyze it.

    Regional Zoning Map (Internal Affairs): After boarding the airboat, travel north, then go to the right when a dock appears. Use the grappling hook to climb the tower, then use the zipline to reach a lower platform with the Regional Zoning Map. Use the scanner to analyze it.

    Chemical Barrel (Internal Affairs): Go south of the gator farm and east of the nature reserve. Look for a group of huts, then another structure past them. Scan the Chemical Barrel that can be found nearby.

    Kilo of Cocaine (Internal Affairs): Go to the south end of the lake, near a sawmill. Exit the airboat, and use the grappling hook to climb a tower. Scan the Kilo of Cocaine on the table.

    Newspaper Story (Internal Affairs): Find the group of criminals in the middle of the gator farm. Scan them to locate Thomas Bell, then take him down using non-lethal methods. Search him afterwards to get the Newspaper Story.

    Torture Traces (Internal Affairs): Enter the longer building on the right side of the gator farm, and scan the pair of boots on the floor.

    Dead Gator (Internal Affairs): Go to the gator farm at the north side of the lake. Look for a Dead Gator in the middle of a boardwalk.

    Stained Fanboat (Internal Affairs): The Stained Fanboat is beneath a shelter near the sawmill. You can use the scanner to analyze it from the tower.

    Water Sampling Equipment (Internal Affairs): Go to the sawmill. Leave the large barn through a door on the left, then search for a shack with a workbench. Scan the Water Sampling Equipment on top of it.

    Note Pinned with Switchblade (Internal Affairs): Go east from the big barn to find a log pile. Scan the Note Pinned with a Switchblade on the end.

    Manila Envelope (Internal Affairs): At the sawmill, search a desk inside the makeshift office found in a cargo container. Use the scanner to analyze it.

Episode 4: Case Closed

    Barrels of Dye (Internal Affairs): Look on the first floor of the warehouse, along the back wall. Use the scanner to analyze it.

    Gym Bag of Money (Hot Shot Supply Chain): Enter the office on the first floor of the warehouse. Scan the Gym Bag of Money on a table.

    Burner Cellphones (Internal Affairs): Go to the third floor of the Neltz's warehouse. Reach the central corridor, then enter an office on the middle-left. Scan the Burner Cellphones in the garbage can.

    Talking Tamu-Tamu Stuffy (Internal Affairs): Enter the office next to the break room on the third floor of the warehouse. Scan the Talking Tamu-Tamu Stuffy in a corner.

    Elmore Plaza Business Card (The Elmore Hotel Investigation): Get near the break room on the third floor of the warehouse. Go up the stairs to the manager's office to find the Elmore Plaza Business Card on the desk. Use the scanner to analyze it.

    Poster for Tamu-Tamu (Internal Affairs): Shortly after entering the Domo Roboto warehouse, you can find the Poster for Tamu-Tamu under the Tactical Gear. Use the scanner to analyze it.

    Tamu-Tamu DVDs (Internal Affairs): Exit of the upstairs office, and search for a shelf in the center of the Domo Roboto warehouse. Use the scanner to find and analyze the DVDs.

    Letter from Neltz's Business Manager (Internal Affairs): Below where you entered the Domo Roboto warehouse is a large office. Enter it and search the desk at the rear of the room.

    Flyer for Tamu-Tamu (Internal Affairs): Enter the downstairs office of the warehouse, and search the bookshelf next to a water cooler.

    Crate of Hot Shot (Hot Shot Supply Chain): Enter the basement of the Domo Roboto warehouse. Neutralize the guard controlling the camera, then look in the back corner to find the Crate of Hot Shot. Use the scanner to analyze it.

Episode 5: Gauntlet

    There is no evidence in this episode.

Episode 6: Out Of Business

    Purchase Order for Bianchi (Power Play): In the dealership, search for the Purchase Order for Bianchi on a desk near the front. Use the scanner to analyze it.

    Letter from Kang's Wife (Power Play): Enter the back office to find a desk with an unconnected computer. Scan the Letter from Kang's Wife on the opposite side.

    Boomer Photo (Power Play): Search for a thug named James Mun behind the garage in the salvage yard. Neutralize him using a non-lethal method, then search his body to find the Boomer Photo.

    Designer Luggage (Power Play): Neutralize all the criminals inside and outside of the salvage yard, then search the garage to find the Designer Luggage on a table.

    K-Pop Album (Power Play): In the warehouse, go to the corner opposite the office. Look for a boom box nearby, then use the scanner to examine the case and insert.

    Remote Detonator (Power Play): In the salvage yard warehouse, scan the Remote Detonator that is on a workbench close to a car.

    Photo of Lily Kang and Roark (Power Play): Go to the rear of the chop shop, and pass through the door next to the tracks. Scan the Photo of Lily Kang and Roark that is on the left desk in an office.

    Bomb Under Kang's Bianchi (Power Play): In the chop shop, locate the white vehicle with open doors. Scan the device attached to the underside of the car.

    Pallet of Hot Shot (Hot Shot Supply Chain): Scan the Pallet of Hot Shot found against a wall under a walkway in the chop shop.

Episode 7: Glass Houses

    White Van (Power Play): Locate the garage near the utility room with a white van inside. Scan the label on the side.

    Shipping Labels (Power Play): In the office near the dining room on the first floor of the mansion, scan the Shipping Labels on the desk.

    Wall of Photos (Power Play): Go to the opposite side of the mansion from the garage, and enter the gymnasium. Look at the right wall, and open the panel to discover a secret door. Scan the Wall of Photos that are pinned to a corkboard.

    Safe Combination (Power Play): After a meeting, two men will be in the downstairs living room. Identify one as Cameron Briller, then neutralize him using a non-lethal method, and search his body to find the Safe Combination.

    Tanks of Tear Gas (Power Play): Neutralize the single enemy in the greenhouse, then search for a closet with the Tanks of Tear Gas. Use the scanner to analyze them.

    Box of SS190 Cartridges (Power Play): At the shooting range, search for the Box of SS190 Cartridges on the shelf at the booth of the only shooter.

    Rifle Suppressors (Power Play): The Rifle Suppressors are one booth over from shooter at the shooting range.

    SWAT Flak Jackets (Power Play): Enter the small room in the shooting range behind the mansion. The SWAT Flak Jackets are on a shelf.

    File Inside the Safe (Power Play): Before planting a phone, open the safe in Roark's pool house to find the File Inside Safe.

Episode 8: Sovereign Land

    Bomb Blueprint (The Boomer Connection): Meet with Boomer inside the communication trailer outside the compound to find The Bomb Blueprint.

    Hot Shot Lab (Hot Shot Supply Chain): Enter a trailer left of where you disable the alarm. Search the stove and cabinet to find the Hot Shot Lab.

    ATF Agent's Badge (The Boomer Connection): Neutralize Jim Preston in the trailer park using a non-lethal method. Search his body to find the ATF Agent's badge.

    Torture Room (The Boomer Connection): Use your gear as a starting point, then exit to the interior of the compound. Locate the ladder on the side of a trailer. Climb onto it, and enter another home ahead. Use the scanner to analyze the table, chair, and other torture equipment.

    Cell Phone (The Boomer Connection): While inside the trailer that contains the torture equipment, scan the Cell Phone next to a boom box in one of the corners.

    Boomer Dossier (The Boomer Connection): Enter a trailer in the southeast corner of the compound. Scan the Boomer Dossier on a table near the front.

    License Plate (The Boomer Connection): After the assault on the gas station, go around the building to find a four-door sedan. Scan its License Plate.

    ATF Agent's Grave (The Boomer Connection): From the gas station, cross the street toward a burned out house. Scan the ATF Agent's Grave that is on the left side.

    Ricin Bomb (The Boomer Connection): Enter the hanger at the airfield, and turn left. Locate the workbench with the Ricin Bomb in the corner.

Episode 9: Independence Day

    Box of Books (Preferred Outcomes): Neutralize both guards in the alley, then scan the Box of Books in front of a dumpster.

    Staffing Chart (Preferred Outcomes): Enter the high-rise through the loading dock to find a security office. Neutralize the guard, then look on the desk next to the calendar and lamp to find the Staffing Chart. Use the scanner to analyze it.

    Letter from Chicago Politician (Preferred Outcomes): Go to floor 20 of the building, then sneak into the office near the reception desk. Scan the Letter from Chicago Politician that is on the desk.

    Revenue Sketch (Preferred Outcomes): On floor 20, find the meeting room with some fruit on the table and a whiteboard in the corner. Use the scanner to analyze the Revenue Sketch on the whiteboard.

    Notice of Transfer (Preferred Outcomes): From the floor 20, go down to the 19th floor, and search for John Starnes. Arrest him, then search him to find the Notice of Transfer.

    Email from Dawes's Computer (Power Play): Enter the main office on floor 21. Look at the monitor on the desk to read the Email from Dawes's Computer.

    Photograph of Dawes' Wife (Preferred Outcomes): Go to the elevator in the office on floor 21. Look on top of the wood cabinet to the right to find the Photograph of Dawes' Wife.

    Bank Website (Preferred Outcomes): Go to the penthouse level, and enter the office to the left of the vault. Inside a laptop is the Bank Website. Use the scanner to analyze it.

    Photo of Dawes' Dying Wife (Preferred Outcomes): While in the office on the penthouse level, use the stairs to reach a bedroom. At the foot of the bed, look to the right to find a nightstand with the Photo of Dawes' Dying Wife. Use the scanner to analyze it.

Episode 10: Legacy

    Fax from Neil Roark (Preferred Outcomes): From the roadblock, move to the building at the back where the alarm is found. Enter it to find a Fax from Neil Roark on the fax machine. Use the scanner to analyze it.

    Summons from the IRS (Preferred Outcomes): Enter the hut close to the second alarm box. Walk behind the bar, and search for the Summons from the IRS on a shelf. Use the scanner to analyze it.

    Dossier on Cpt. Hector Mendoza (Preferred Outcomes): Enter the southeast building in the utility complex. Search through the papers on the desk to find the Dossier on Cpt. Hector Mendoza. Use the scanner to analyze it.

    Surveillance Log (Preferred Outcomes): Go to the north side of the mansion, and use the grappling hook to reach the rooftop. Enter the glass doors and the room ahead to find the Surveillance Log on the coffee table. Use the scanner to analyze it.

Warrant suspect locations

Search the indicated locations to find the listed suspects. Use the handcuffs or T62-CEW to arrest the suspects.

Episode 1: Back To School

    Lawrence Kent: Two vehicles will enter the schoolyard. Scan the front seat of the first car to identify him. After exiting the vehicle, he will begin guarding the schoolyard, where you can arrest him.

Episode 2: Checking Out

    Javier Rosado: In the hotel lobby, neutralize the two security guards patrolling inside. Farther in, there are two security guards near the exit. Javier Rosado is the one dressed in black, standing on the right.

    Gary Volker: Locate Leo on the second floor of hotel lobby, then wait until armed men enter the area. Remain hidden while scanning them to find Gary Volker. Use non-lethal methods to neutralize the men and arrest Volko to complete this mission.

Episode 3: Gator Bait

    Luis Minguez: Travel towards the Everglades Nature Preserve, and use the grappling hook to reach the other side of the fenced area. Then, use the scanner to identify the group of three men that include Luis Minguez. Use non-lethal methods to arrest them.

    Thomas Bell: Go near the central area of the gator farm. He can be found with other criminals. Use non-lethal methods to reach him.

    Nathan Brown: He can be found wandering near the large barn near the lumber mill.

Episode 4: Case Closed

    Philip Evans: Locate the alarm box opposite of the Domo Roboto Warehouse. Philip Evans patrols near that box. Tag him, then neutralize him with a non-lethal method before arresting him.

    Leonard Miller: He walks around the area in front of the mall with other criminals. Scan for him from the parking garage, then neutralize him with a non-lethal method before arresting him.

    Frankie Diaz: While in the mall, go to the first floor to find him. Clear the first floor of enemies before moving in to arrest Diaz.

    Xavier Gonzalez: Go to the mall's food court. Tag him from the balcony, then quickly neutralize him with the T62-CEW.

Episode 6: Out Of Business

    Edgar Kwok: At the salvage yard warehouse, climb the stairs on the right side to reach the upper office. Then, use the scanner to tag Edgar Kwok, and arrest him.

    James Mun: Go behind the salvage yard garage. He can be tagged from any side and neutralize with a non-lethal method.

    Ji-hun Oh: He patrols the area near the alarm box in the chop shop. Neutralize his accomplices, then lure him outside before arresting him.

Episode 7: Glass Houses

    Cameron Briller: He is sitting in the first floor living room, after the meeting ends. Use the scanner to tag both targets, then neutralize them with non-lethal methods before arresting him.

    Marvin Thomas: Go to the tennis court to find him in that area. Move in quietly, and use non-lethal methods to arrest him.

Episode 8: Sovereign Land

    Jim Preston: Immediately before entering the compound, use the scanner to identify and tag the enemies inside. Jim Preston will be patrolling the inner circle of the trailers. Lure him out, and handcuff him.

Episode 9: Independence Day

    Derek Kelly: He can be found inside the lobby. Either lure him away from his companions with distractions or sneak directly behind him to arrest him.

    John Starnes: Take the elevator to floor 20, and turn to your right. Then, tag the people standing on the floor below. Take out all his companions before sneaking in to arrest him.

Episode 10: Legacy

    Howard White: He is one of the men standing by the roadblock, near the alarm box. Move in while using distractions, and stealthily neutralize his companions. Tag him before arresting him using a non-lethal method.

    Lyle Feldman: He is one of the criminals in the central area of the cabanas. Start by neutralizing the men in the outskirts, then move to the ones standing in the middle with Feldman.

    Craig Foster: He is roaming near the northeast edge of the utility complex. Tag him from behind the fenced area, then lure him out of the compound before neutralizing him with a non-lethal method.

Couch vehicle

In the "Dustbowl" map, go to the MG36 battle pickup in the northwest area of the map near the water tower to find a couch named "The American Dream." It is actually a drivable vehicle that can hold up to four players.

Weapons and items

The following weapons and items are available for the indicated price or requirement:



    870P Magnum: $0
    37 Stakeout: $6,000, Law Enforcement only
    SPAS-12: $50,000, Criminals only
    Double-Barrel Shotgun: Enforcer Syndicate

Battle Rifles

    SCAR-H: $26,400, Law Enforcement only
    HCAR: $37,200, Law Enforcement only
    SA-58 OSW: $25,000, Criminals only
    HK51: $34,800, Criminals only


    45T: $0
    M1911A1: $13,200, Law Enforcement only
    .40 Pro: $7,200, Criminals only
    Bald Eagle: Enforcer Assignment 2


    Ammo Box: $0
    Ballistic Shield: $18,000
    Breaching Charge: $23,400


Bolt-Action Rifles

    Scout Elite: $0
    R700 Ltr: $48,000, Law Enforcement only
    AWM: $51,000, Criminals only
    .300 Knockout: Operator Assignment 2, Professional Syndicate

Semi-Automatic Rifles

    Socom 16: $24,000, Law Enforcement only
    SR-25 ecc: $40,200, Law Enforcement only
    PTR-91: $39,000, Criminals only
    Saiga .308: $22,800, Criminals only

Machine Pistols

    G18C: $0
    93R: $10,800
    Tec-9: $19,200
    Mac-10: Professional Assignment 2


    Laser Tripmine: $0
    Camera: $6,000
    Decoy: $25,800
    Stealth Training: $48,000


Submachine Guns

    MP5K: $0
    UMP-45: $10,200. Criminals only
    MPX: $19,800, Law Enforcement only
    K10: $33,000, Law Enforcement only
    Uzi: $18,000, Criminals only
    P90: $30,000, Criminals only
    M/45: $9,000, Law Enforcement only
    FMG9: Enforcer Syndicate


    .38 Snub: $0
    .357 RS: $16,800
    .44 Magnum: $16,800
    .410 Jury: Mechanic Assignment 2


    M320 HE: $0
    M79: $0
    Repair Tool: $5,400
    Satellite Phone: $27,000
    Sabotage: $30,000
    Armored Insert: $33,000

Reputation perks

The following perks are available:


Level 1

    Fast Throw: Keeps your grenade accessible.
    Reduced Fall: Allows you to survive falling longer distances.

Level 2

    Fast Ready: Bring your weapons to bear faster after sprinting.
    Upgraded Ammo Box: Carry two ammo boxes into battle.

Level 3

    Fast Aim: Bring your weapon to bear faster when aiming down sights.
    Extra Charges: Carry and deploy more breaching charges at once.

Level 4

    Increased Suppression: Increases the effect of suppression on opponents.
    Reduced Suppression: Reduces the effects of suppression on you.


Level 1

    Fast Climb: Climb ropes, ladders, and walls faster.
    Reduced Fall: Survive falling longer distances.

Level 2

    Advanced Spot: Targets remain spotted for a longer duration.
    Fast Unspot: Reduces the time you stay spotted by opponents.

Level 3

    Hold Breath: Hold your breath for longer, giving you a longer window of time to steady your scope.
    Low Profile: Undetected by cameras and security cameras, except when sprinting.

Level 4

    Fast Reload: Reload your weapons much faster.
    Delayed Trigger: Laser tripmines and Sabotage have an extra delay before triggering, giving you a chance to avoid them.


Level 1

    Extra Grenade: You can carry an additional grenade.
    Flak Jacket: Reduces explosive damage, allowing the wearer to survive an otherwise lethal blast.

Level 2

    Extra 40mm Grenades: Increases the amount of carried 40mm grenade launcher ammunition.
    Fast Repair: Increases the effectiveness of the Repair Tool.

Level 3

    Fast Aim: You can bring your weapon to bear faster when aiming down sights.
    Delayed Trigger: Tripmines and Sabotage have an extra delay before triggering, giving you a chance to avoid them.

Level 4

    Fast Reload: Practice makes perfect—you can reload your weapons much faster.
    Fast Swap: Rapidly swap between weapons and gadgets.

Dead Space reference

In the "High Tension" map, go to the second floor of the shopping mall. One of the stores is named "Ishimura", which is a reference to the "USG Ishimura" mining spaceship in Dead Space.

The Simpsons reference

In the "High Tension" map, go the police station to find a few pink donut boxes on a folding table in the garage bay. While looking at the boxes, press [Spot] to shout "donuts spotted!".


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    On the Job (20 points): Complete the Prologue in single-player.
    Pressure Applied (20 points): Complete Ep. 1: Back to School.
    Bumpy Ride (20 points): Complete Ep. 2: Checking Out.
    Deal? What Deal? (20 points): Complete Ep. 3: Gator Bait.
    Good Guys (20 points): Complete Ep. 4: Case Closed.
    You Probably Have Questions (20 points): Complete Ep. 5: Gauntlet.
    Snow Blind (20 points): Complete Ep. 6: Out of Business.
    Hollyweird (20 points): Complete Ep. 7: Glass Houses.
    From Their Cold, Dead Hands (20 points): Complete Ep. 8: Sovereign Land.
    Some Damn Fine Fireworks (20 points): Complete Ep. 9: Independence Day.
    Served Cold (20 points): Complete Ep. 10: Legacy.
    Keep Digging, Detective (20 points): Complete any case file in single-player.
    By the Book (20 points): Do a Non-Lethal takedown on 10 criminals in single-player.
    You Tazed Him, Bro! (20 points): Stun 5 criminals with the T62 CEW in single-player.
    Watched, Dawg (20 points): Identify 10 warrants with the scanner in single-player.
    You're Getting Good at This (25 points): Reach Expert Level 5 in single-player.
    Damn Thing Doesn't Work (25 points): Disarm 2 alarm boxes in single-player.
    Cape and Ears Not Included (25 points): Climb a total of 10 meters with the grapple gun in single-player.
    Fast Rope Expert (25 points): Travel a total of 90 meters with the zipline crossbow in single-player.
    Almost an Expert (25 points): Reach Expert Level 10 in single-player.
    True Detective (25 points): Complete 3 case files in single-player.
    Motley Crew (25 points): Tag all criminals visible from the rooftop in Ep. 1: Back to School.
    Real Action Hero (25 points): Kill a criminal in Independence Day from mid-air after escaping the penthouse.
    Their Own Medicine (25 points): Steal a T62 CEW from the back of a police cruiser in Ep. 5: Gauntlet.
    Graceful Exit (25 points): Don't get spotted in the Ep. 5: Gauntlet.
    Knock Knock (25 points): Blow up the meth lab in Ep. 5: Gauntlet.
    A Craftsman's Tools (25 points): Find your weapons in Sovereign Land before instigating combat in the trailer park.
    Hollywood Hideaway (25 points): Find Roark's hidden room in Ep. 7: Glass Houses.
    BYOB (25 points): Use the BBQ to take out the chef in Ep. 7: Glass Houses.
    Social Climber (25 points): Find the hidden access to the mansion grounds in Ep. 10: Legacy.
    Case Closed (25 points): Complete all single-player episodes on Officer difficulty.
    Super Cop (25 points): Complete all single-player episodes on Veteran difficulty.
    Blue Eagle (50 points): Complete all single-player episodes on Hardline difficulty.
    Bring 'em to Justice (25 points): Capture all warrants alive in single-player.
    Dare Devil (25 points): Jump the dirt bike into the mansion grounds in Ep. 10: Legacy.
    One Good Cop (25 points): Reach Expert Level 15 in single-player.
    World's Greatest Detective (50 points): Complete all case files in single-player.
    The Big Score (25 points): Win 5 Heist and 5 Blood Money matches in multiplayer.
    Electric Company (25 points): Take down 25 enemies with the T62 CEW in multiplayer.
    Menz in the Hood (50 points): Kill 25 enemies with a MAC-10 and 25 with a Double-Barrel Shotgun in multiplayer.
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