The Hip Hop Dance Experience



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Welcome! (10 points): Play The Hip Hop Dance Experience.
    First Steps (10 points): Play 1 song on any difficulty.
    Keep It Rockin' (40 points): Play 50 songs in total on any difficulty.
    Rock It Harder! (60 points): Play 200 songs in total on any difficulty.
    Risin' Up! (20 points): Play 1 song on Go Hard.
    Paid Your Dues (10 points): Earn SWAG! on Newbie difficulty in Dance Party.
    Mad Mack Skills (20 points): Earn SWAG! on Mack Skills difficulty in Dance Party.
    Goin' All Out (30 points): Earn SWAG! on Go Hard difficulty in Dance Party.
    Silver Triple A (30 points): Earn SWAG! on 3 Mack Skills songs consecutively in Dance Party.
    Gold Triple A (50 points): Earn SWAG! on 3 Go Hard songs consecutively in Dance Party.
    Find Your Turf (20 points): Dance at all 6 venues in Dance Party.
    Wear Out The Record (30 points): Dance all 40 songs.
    Tough Guy (10 points): Challenge Dance Marathon for the first time.
    Tough Enough (30 points): Clear 100 dances in Dance Marathon.
    Stupid Tough (60 points): Clear 250 dances in Dance Marathon.
    I Work Out (30 points): Cumulatively burn 250 kcal or more in Dance Marathon.
    Sexy And Ya Know It (60 points): Cumulatively burn 500 kcal or more in Dance Marathon.
    Rewind! Rewind! (20 points): Play the same song 5 times on any difficulty.
    That's My Jam (40 points): Play the same song 20 times on any difficulty.
    It Takes Two (10 points): Play a song with another player for the first time.
    Meet My Homies (20 points): Encounter all reference dancers in single and multiplayer modes.
    Warp Speed Ahead! (10 points): Trigger Star Drive before the other player's Star Drive runs out in Dance Party or Dance Battle.
    Got The Swag (30 points): Both players earn SWAG! on the same song together in Dance Party.
    Hype Up The Crowd (10 points): Both players earn HYPE!! on a dance at the same time in Dance Party.
    B-Boy Stance (20 points): Both players strike the final pose together.
    Hype It Harder! (50 points): Earn 20 HYPE!! In 1 song.
    Get Schooled (10 points): Practice 1 dance in Power Skooling.
    Slow It Down (10 points): Activate Slow Tempo Mode in Power Skooling.
    Knowledge Me (20 points): Practice 5 songs in Power Skooling.
    You Know My Steez (10 points): Customize and save the player avatar for the first time in the Wardrobe.
    Original Flavor (20 points): Customize all of your avatar features and styles in the Wardrobe.
    Many Styles (30 points): Customize and save features or styles 20 times in the Wardrobe.
    Dress To Impress (10 points): Customize and save both male and female avatars in the Wardrobe.
    Look At Me Now (50 points): Successfully perform 10 final poses consecutively.
    Everybody In The House! (10 points): Watch the Credits to the end.
    Step Up! (10 points): Battle someone for the first time in Dance Battle.
    Beat Down! (10 points): Win for the first time in Dance Battle.
    Bring It! (40 points): Win 20 times in Dance Battle.
    Ain't No Stoppin' Me (20 points): Win 3 consecutive times in Dance Battle.
    What Handicap? (20 points): Win a Dance Battle on a higher difficulty level than your opponent.
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