Hole In The Wall: Deluxe Edition


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Champion (30 points): Beat 1 Final Round.
      Halfway (30 points): Beat 5 Final Rounds.
      Super dry (60 points): Beat 10 Final Rounds.
      Polystyrene King (100 points): Beat 20 Final Rounds.
      All in the whole (30 points): Play a 4-player game.
      Teamwork (30 points): Win 1 show with a teammate.
      Rock Team (40 points): Win 10 shows with a teammate.
      Working team (50 points): Win every show with a teammate.
      Perfectionist (30 points): Finish a Final Round with no strikes.
      Contortionist (100 points): Successfully pass all walls in the game at least once.
      Want a rubber ring? (30 points): Win 10 shows against a human team.
      Best Team (60 points): Win 20 shows against human teams.
      I will survive (20 points): Play a Quick Survival.
      Give me five (5 points): Pass 5 walls in Quick Survival mode.
      Give me ten (10 points): Pass 10 walls in Quick Survival mode.
      Give me Twenty one (21 points): Pass 21 walls in Quick Survival mode.
      Blue side of the Force (20 points): Win a Battle on blue side.
      Red side of the Force (20 points): Win a Battle on red side.
      Flawless Victory (30 points): Win a Battle by filling your gauge faster than the opponent on every wall.
      Last Man Standing (20 points): Win a Last Man Standing with less than 9 players.
      Rambo (40 points): Win a 10 players Last Man Standing.
      Olympic Swimmer (10 points): Be the fastest in the pool on a Last Man Standing game.
      Narcisse (10 points): Watch a same saved picture 3 times in the Extra within 1 access to Gallery.
      Photograph (25 points): Save 20 pictures.
      Movie goer (20 points): Watch a Funny Video.
      Fat (30 points): Fill a hole at 100%.
      Red Button (19 points): Cancel a skyrocket launch.
      Vitruvian Men (25 points): Be perfect.
      Skilled Photograph (25 points): Take a picture of the Invisible Man.
      12 in 1 (30 points): Fill 12 holes at the same time.
      Rebel (30 points): See your shadow make a guide gesture with its right arm instead of left.

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