• Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Top Dog (50 points): Reach Rank 50 after going Elite for the 5th time.
      To Victory (40 points): Win a Season.
      The Next Level (25 points): Unlock Rank 1 Elite.
      The Long Road (25 points): Complete a Season.
      Just Taking Orders (20 points): Complete 50 Missions.
      Ultimate Sacrifice (20 points): Achieve 3 kills at once inside the King Zone using Core Breach.
      Strafing Run (20 points): Achieve 3 consecutive kills without landing at a Cover.
      Get ALL the Tiers (20 points): Reach Tier 5 in all Specializations.
      Pineapple Surprise (20 points): Achieve 3 kills at once using a single Grenade.
      There Can Be Only One (10 points): Win a game of Overlord as the Overlord at the end of the Match.
      Fatal Fog (10 points): Achieve a kill while inside a Smoke-Chaff cloud.
      Clutch (10 points): Win a round of Tactics after being the only player left on your team.
      Specialist Tier (10 points): Reach Tier 5 in a single Specialization.
      Snappy Dresser (10 points): Equip a different helmet for your character.
      Master at Arms (10 points): Unlock a weapon from each category.
      Collateral Damage (10 points): Achieve 2 kills with a single shotgun blast.
      Cool Story Bro (10 points): Get executed by an enemy Preyon while using Taunt.
      Return to Sender (10 points): Squad Hack a Preyon to kill its original owner.
      Half Way There (10 points): Reach Rank 25.
      Rock n' Roll (10 points): Achieve 50 total kills with your Stalker.
      Lock n' Load (10 points): Achieve 50 total kills with your Warbringer.
      Slice n' Dice (10 points): Achieve 50 total kills with your Preyon.
      Mission Accomplished (10 points): Complete a Mission.
      Power House (10 points): Achieve 15 kills in a single Match.
      Basic Training (10 points): Complete the Tutorial.

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