• Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Lesson Complete (5 points): Clear all stages in "A New Morning".
      Veteran Player (5 points): Clear all stages in "High Noon".
      Thanks for the Memories! (10 points): Clear all stages in "A Sleepless Night".
      The More the Merrier! (10 points): Clear a multiplayer stage.
      Every Day's a Party! (10 points): Clear all multiplayer stages.
      SSSSSSS! (20 points): Clear 7 or more stages with Rank S.
      Gold Stamp (20 points): Clear all the stages in a world (except for "A New Morning") with Rank S.
      World Domination (20 points): Clear all singleplayer stages with Rank S.
      Miracle Carnival (20 points): Clear all multiplayer stages with Rank S.
      Five-Star Restaurant (20 points): Lead 5 Leedmees with stars to the goal point simultaneously.
      The Destined Duo (30 points): Attain Rank S 5 times in a row in multiplayer stages.
      Savior of the Leedmees (30 points): Lead 2,000 Leedmees to goal points.

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