Motocross Madness


  • Avatar Awards

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:

      MX Helmet: Get a medal in all Race events.
      MX Pants: Get a medal in all Rivals events.
      MX Top: Get a medal in all Exploration events.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Training Wheels (5 points): Completed the tutorial.
      Rad Racer (10 points): You've won your first gold medal.
      You did it! (5 points): Reached skill level 2.
      Mad Skills (20 points): Reached skill level 20.
      Rebel Without a Cause (5 points): Bought your first new bike.
      Full Garage (20 points): Bought all bikes.
      Amateur (20 points): Unlocked all Egypt race tracks.
      Pro-Am (20 points): Unlocked all Australia race tracks.
      Pro (20 points): Unlocked all Iceland race tracks.
      Overachiever (15 points): Reached skill level 10.
      Rolling in the Dough (15 points): Earned $100,000 in cash.
      Social time (5 points): Played any splitscreen match.
      Rival Rookie (10 points): Scored first place in Rivals.
      Crash Test Dummy (5 points): Crashed while riding with at least 100 mph.
      Free Fall (10 points): Got at least 5 seconds of air time.
      Seriously? (5 points): Pulled a donut for at least 30 seconds.
      Eat my Dust (5 points): Drifted 400ft.
      Stalker (10 points): Slipstreamed for 800 or more feet.
      Squiddy (15 points): Pulled a wheelie for 1,200 or more feet.
      Trickster (15 points): Got high score during Trick Session.
      Daredevil (25 points): Landed a trick worth 20,000 or more points.
      No Pain No Gain (15 points): Scored a slingshot distance of 2000ft.
      Mechanical Prowess (10 points): Bought 1 new upgrade for any bike.
      Absolutely Fabulous (15 points): Completed 3 Avatar FameStar weekly challenges.
      Golden Boy (30 points): Got a gold medal in every event.
      Welcome to the club (10 points): Finished your first club task.
      Number One (20 points): Seized the top spot on one of the club walls.
      Teamwork (10 points): Finished 5 bike club tasks.

    Additionally, there are two secret achievements:

      Secret achievement (10 points): Unknown.
      Secret achievement (20 points): Unknown.

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