NCAA Football 12


  • Stopping clock from accelerating

    While playing Road To Glory mode on defense, hold Y after a completed pass or run, and the clock will not accelerate.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Take a Stab Downfield (15 points): Complete a pass for 50 or more yards in a Play Now, Dynasty, or Road to Glory game (excludes co-op).
      1st Option For 6 (10 points): Score a touchdown handing off to the fullback on a triple option play (excludes co-op).
      Speed Reader (10 points): Score a touchdown on a QB Choice run play (excludes co-op).
      Balanced Attack (15 points): Gain 200 rushing yards and 200 passing yards in the same game (excludes co-op and Road to Glory).
      Lock and Load (15 points): With Player Lock on, return an interception for a TD (excludes co-op).
      In Your Crosshairs (10 points): Spotlight a receiver and get an interception on him in a Play Now or Dynasty game (excludes co-op).
      Unstoppable (15 points): Win a game by 35+ points on Heisman difficulty (excludes co-op).
      Best Class Ever (15 points): Have the #1 ranked recruiting class in a season in single team Dynasty Mode.
      Point Some Fingers (20 points): In a single phone call, take 250 points away from one school by downplaying pitches.
      High School Champ (15 points): Play and win the High School Championship Game in any state.
      Best in Class (15 points): Finish High School as a 5 star prospect in Road to Glory.
      Taking the Snaps (15 points): Become a starter in Road to Glory Mode.
      Strike the Pose (15 points): Win the Heisman Memorial Trophy in single team Dynasty Mode or Road to Glory Mode.
      Campus Legend (15 points): In Road to Glory Mode, earn a spot on your team's All-Time leaderboard.
      Conference King (40 points): In Road to Glory Mode, earn a spot on your conference's All-Time leaderboard.
      Best of All Time (90 points): In Road to Glory Mode, earn a spot on the NCAA All-Time leaderboard.
      Ironman Performance (20 points): Score an offensive and defensive touchdown in a Road To Glory high school game.
      Ultimate Ironman (40 points): Finish High School as a 5 star prospect in Road to Glory on both offense and defense.
      Battle Tested (20 points): Win a position battle in Road To Glory.
      Earn My Trust (25 points): Reach the max coach trust in Road to Glory.
      My Conference Is Super (10 points): Create a 16 team super conference in Dynasty.
      One Of The Big Boys (10 points): Edit the BCS tie-ins to grant a BCS tie-in to a non-AQ conference.
      On Second Thought (10 points): Edit a division name of a conference in Dynasty.
      Leaders Of Legends (20 points): Play and win the inaugural Big Ten Championship game in Dynasty.
      Head Of The PAC (20 points): Play and win the inaugural PAC-12 Championship game in Dynasty.
      Independence Day (40 points): Play and win the National Championship game with BYU in the first year of Dynasty.
      Hometown Hero (50 points): Lead your alma mater to a National Championship as a head coach in Dynasty (Coach Contracts on).
      Changing The Landscape (20 points): Edit a conference's members in a Dynasty off-season.
      Let's Do It Again (20 points): As a head coach in Dynasty, sign an extension to stay at the same school (Coach Contracts on).
      Dream Job (35 points): Become the head coach of your alma mater in Dynasty (Coach Contracts on).
      Cool Off The Hot Seat (25 points): Escape the hot seat (less than 30% security) to keep your job for next Season (Coach Contracts on).
      Dual Threat Coach (160 points): Win the BCS Championship & have the #1 recruiting class in a single season as head coach in Dynasty.
      Living Legend (50 points): Reach a coach prestige of A+ with a created coach in Dynasty (Coach Contracts on).
      My Two Cents (10 points): In Online Dynasty, write a comment on a Dynasty Wire story.
      A Legend Is Born (15 points): Defeat a rival using your backup QB. Minimum 15 pass attempts (excludes co-op).
      Tire Fire Offense (30 points): Win the game without scoring an offensive touchdown and gaining less than 200 total yards.
      Take What You Want (10 points): Create a custom playbook.
      Check This Out (10 points): Upload a photo or video to
      Happy 20th EA SPORTS! (20 points): Break off a 20 yard run to celebrate 20 years of EA SPORTS!

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