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Easy cardio

At the start of a new game, go to the "safe zone" of the Ranger Station (the circle on the map where zombies cannot spawn/respawn). When you are in the parking lot of the Ranger Station, either run to the left or right while turning the camera in the direction you are running. When stamina is depleted, stop and rest until it completely refills. Repeat this process to continue to increase your cardio level. This process takes a while, but since the opening section of the game does not contain any tough zombies (plus day cycles do not occur until after you reach the church), this is a great time to build up the cardio stat. Having a high cardio level will give you more stamina for things such as running, climbing walls, and melee fighting.

Exceeding maximum number of outposts

If you move to a large home base (County Fair or Snyder Truck Warehouse) with eight outposts, you can set them all up around whichever base you plan to move to before you actually move. If you are moving into a base with a low maximum outpost count (usually for scavenging purposes), just make sure you have all eight in place where you want them before moving, then move to a place with a lower maximum outpost count, and you will still have all eight outposts. Note: This glitch only works on the unpatched version of the game. You can delete all patches for the game by using the "Clear hard drive cache" code for the Xbox 360.

Bonus Gamerpics

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Gamerpic:

    Feral: Kill a Feral zombie-type.
    Juggernaut: Kill a Juggernaut zombie-type.

Dawn Of The Dead references

The Savini residence is a reference to Tom Savini, who was responsible for the make-up and special effects in Dawn Of The Dead and its sequels. The Snyder Trucking business is a reference to Zack Snyder, who remade Dawn Of The Dead.

Evil Dead series reference

The Campbell Used Autos business is a reference to Bruce Campbell, who starred as Ash in the Evil Dead series.

Plants vs. Zombies reference

One of the houses west of the Ascension Church has a line of sunflowers in front of a row of lawnmowers in its back yard.

Shaun Of The Dead reference

The "Simon & Nick Landscaping" signs that can be found throughout the game are a reference to Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who play the main characters in Shaun Of The Dead.

The Simpson's reference

Sam and other survivors occasionally say "Everything's coming up Milhouse!", which is a reference to an episode of The Simpsons where Milhouse says that line during a flood.

The Walking Dead references

You can find a campaign sign reading "Richard Grimes for sheriff" on a front lawn. This is a reference to Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. You can also find the Kirkman residence, which is a reference to Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead graphic novels.

Xbox 360 reference

Enter the house with the Plants vs. Zombies yard to find an Xbox 360 slim in the bedroom.

Zombieland reference

The "Rule #1" achievement, awarded for reaching 7-stars in the Cardio attribute, is a reference to the Zombieland's main character's "#1 Rule", which was "Cardio".

Avatar Awards

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:

    Shark Hoodie: Train another enclave at your dojo.
    Swine and Bovine Mask: Build an outpost in a Swine & Bovine.
    Zombie Mask: Visit the cabins by Tanner Lake.

Easy "Ya Always Were An A-Hole Gorman" achievement

Have a grenade, firebomb, or other explosive device in your enventory. Equip it, then keep tapping the button to activate it as you are being taken down to get the "Ya Always Were An A-Hole Gorman" achievement.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Cannibal Family Picnic (5 points): Got to the Mt. Tanner Ranger Station.
    Holy Rolling (10 points): Escaped Mt. Tanner and found the survivors at the church.
    Survivor (20 points): Escaped Trumbull County.
    It Was Just a Police Action (10 points): Found out what the Army was up to.
    Home on the Grange (10 points): Played matchmaker for Quentin and Becca.
    Arrested Developments (10 points): Saw things through at the courthouse.
    Gun Thugs (10 points): Helped the Wilkersons resolve their differences.
    Pest Control (20 points): Destroyed 5 infestations in one day.
    Watch the Birdie! (10 points): Distracted zombies to complete an objective.
    I Can See My House From Here (10 points): Completed a survey activity.
    Land Usage (20 points): Built one of every type of facility.
    Home Improvement (10 points): Built a facility.
    I'll Be There For You (10 points): Earned 500 Fame.
    Mercy Shot (10 points): Killed a member of your community to prevent them from turning.
    Come and Knock On Our Door (10 points): Convinced another enclave to join your community.
    Manifest Destiny (15 points): Built 8 outposts.
    Everywhere You Look (20 points): Got 15 people in your community.
    Movin' On Up! (15 points): Relocated your home base.
    Rule #1 (10 points): Maxed out a community member's Cardio skill.
    Trust Me, I'm an Expert (15 points): Earned a skill specialization for one of your community members.
    Horde Hoard (20 points): Destroyed 10 hordes in one day.
    Ya Always Were An A-Hole Gorman (10 points): Sacrificed your life in a blaze of glory.
    Torn Apart (10 points): Got killed by zombies.
    Get Yo' Freak On (10 points): Killed one of each freak zombie type.
    The Bruce (15 points): Killed 3 zombies with an exploding propane tank.
    Double Dead (15 points): Performed a hand to hand double kill special attack.
    Gotta Enjoy the Little Things (10 points): Used a car door to kill a zombie.
    Get Outta My Dreams (10 points): Killed one of each freak zombie type with your car.
    Vehicular Zombicide (20 points): Ran over 250 zombies.
    Badass (30 points): Completed 50 missions or activities with the same character.

The following achievements require the "Breakdown" bonus downloadable content:

    The Sacrifice (10 points): Go Out in a Blaze of Glory (Breakdown Level 1 or Higher).
    The Dead Man (10 points): Kill 5 Bloaters (Breakdown Level 2 or Higher).
    The Judge (10 points): Perform 50 Zombie Executions (Breakdown Level 3 or Higher).
    The Survivor (10 points): Collect 150 Resources (Breakdown Level 4 or Higher).
    The Mercenary (10 points): Destroy 5 Juggernauts (Breakdown Level 5 or Higher).
    The Ninja (10 points): Execute 50 Stealth Kills (Breakdown Level 5 or Higher).
    The Scientist (15 points): Reach Breakdown Level 6.
    The Rescuer (25 points): Unlock All Heroes.

The following achievements require the "Lifeline" bonus downloadable content:

    Wired for War (10 points): Killed 100 zombies with Drone Strikes.
    Rucks in Trucks (10 points): Delivered 6 rucksacks to your base in the back of a single vehicle.
    Under Siege (10 points): Survived 10 sieges on your base in a single playthrough.
    Maverick (10 points): Survived 2 minutes within a Danger Zone.
    Flugtag (10 points): Sent an energy drink flying.
    Freak Hunt (10 points): Completed all hunting missions with Sasquatch.

Additionally, there are two secret achievements with the "Lifeline" bonus downloadable content:

    War Never Changes (20 points): Survived detonating a nuclear device in Danforth.
    Last Voice of Danforth (20 points): Escaped Danforth with Vienna Cho in your community.
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