• Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Knowledge Is Power (10 points): Learn the ropes.
      Smack My Switch Up (10 points): Step 1: Switch goes left. Step 2: Switch goes right. Step 3: Profit!
      Over The Hill (15 points): Complete the majority of the levels.
      Mastermind (20 points): Complete all levels.
      Robot Controller (10 points): Become comfortable with controlling Tinker.
      Robot Master (15 points): Meld your mind with that of Tinker's.
      A Strong Start (10 points): Conquer the Tutorial Set.
      Stamina (10 points): Conquer one Set.
      Endurance (10 points): Conquer two Sets.
      Determination (15 points): Conquer three Sets.
      Resilience (20 points): Conquer five Sets.
      Perfection Achieved (25 points): Conquer everything.
      Speedy Robot (10 points): Beat a few levels with a time well below par.
      Dance Tinker, Dance! (10 points): Make Tinker dance!

    Additionally, there is one secret achievement:

      Close Call (10 points): Complete a level on your last step.

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