Iron Brigade


Note: This game was originally titled Trenched and later re-released as Iron Brigade.

  • Near-instant reload

    When using tripod legs that have quickload, press A to activate the leg special. When you need a faster reload, press [Reload], then immediately press A again. Your ammo should be re-filled as soon as your trench is up and able to move again.

  • Avatar Awards

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:

      Trenched T-shirt: Successfully complete the Mobile Trench certification.
      Trenchie: Wrest control of Europe back from the Northern Pylon.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Bandolier of Brothers (5 points): Completed a mission with 4 players.
      Scrap Snatcher (10 points): Collected 10,000 Scrap.
      Battle Buds (20 points): Completed 10 Missions with 2 or more players.
      African Allies (5 points): Defeated the Guardian of the Southern Terminal with 2 or more players.
      European Entourage (5 points): Defeated the Northern Pylon with 2 or more players.
      Pylon Pillager (10 points): Defeated the Northern Pylon.
      Mobile Trench Recruit (5 points): Completed Mobile Trench training.
      Terminal Terminator (10 points): Defeated the Guardian of the Southern Terminal.
      Rainmaker (10 points): Earned $20,000 from mission completion rewards.
      Farnsworth Finisher (10 points): Defeated Vlad.
      Medal of Honor (30 points): Earned a Gold Medal on every mission.
      Silver Star (20 points): Earned a Silver Medal on every mission.
      Big Spender (5 points): Purchased an item in the store.
      Conscientious Objector (5 points): Completed a solo mission without firing a shot.
      Razputin (5 points): Completed a mission while wearing the uniform of an elite PSI agent.
      Monovision Massacre (15 points): Defeated 3500 Monovisions.
      Pacific Partnership (5 points): Defeated Vlad with 2 or more players.
      Trickshooter (5 points): Killed an enemy with a ricochet sniper shot after 4 bounces.
      Bronze Star (15 points): Earned a Bronze Medal on every mission.
      Pounder (5 points): Destroyed 5 Enemies with a single explosion.

    The following achievements require the "Rise Of The Martian Bear" bonus downloadable content:

      Bear Buster (25 points): Defeat the Martian Bear.
      Swamp Survivor (10 points): Complete Wave 20 on Survival: Swamp.
      Settlement Savior (15 points): Complete Wave 30 on Survival: Settlement.

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